Ian Somerhalder Teases Directed Episode Plus Michael Malarkey Music Featured!

Thanks to EW, who had a chance to chat with Ian Somerhalder about the next episode, in which he directed. Ian Talks about the bros, and what they will be dealing with, plus shares some scoop on a song that will be featured at the end from Michael Malarkey’s upcoming album.

“Stefan is taking the role that you would’ve typically seen Damon in,” says Somerhalder, who directed the playful hour. “Damon is finding his compassion, and he’s trying hard to battle the darkness inside of him.”


Although Damon isn’t having too much fun, the same can’t be said of Somerhalder, who loved the episode’s focus on relationships. “I really had a blast getting to see sides of the boys in a very season 1-like way,” he says. “[The episode] was about Stefan and Damon.


The other highlight of The Vampire Diaries‘ first episode of 2017 is that it gave Somerhalder an opportunity to use a song written by one of his castmates. During a production meeting, executive producer Julie Plec played “Scars” by Michael Malarkey for Somerhalder and the rest of the team, and they all realized that the song, from Malarkey’s forthcoming album, fit the mood they wanted for the episode.


“The song basically sums up a lot of what we’re seeing in the episode, and it timed up perfectly with the last five minutes of this episode, which is this really beautiful montage that interacts with and is sort of scored by this song,” says Somerhalder, who adds that Malarkey went back into the studio and created an extended version for the show to use. “It was really special getting to work with someone who is dear to me.”

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