Ian Somerhalder Talks About What Makes Him Fearless

ENews caught up with Ian Somerhalder last night at Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Males Awards in NYC. Check out what Ian says makes him fearless. Thanks to @awolfinarcadia for the heads up! Oops! Forgot to mention that Ian’s segment is at the 7:33 minute mark.


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  1. Okay I must say that I was having a hard time listening to Ian. If the man behind him is his publicist, he is HI-LA-RIOUS!! I’ve never seen someone looking like that; it’s between intense boringness and totally annoyed. LoL

  2. @Ruthie
    I tend to look at things that I shouldn’t be looking at and point them out… The guy was hilarious! But seriously, at first, I looked at him because I thought he was too close to Ian and it was bugging me. Then I kept looking at his face and totally forgot to listen to whatever was being said!!! lololol

  3. Wow that story about the dogs was HORRIBLE. Animal Cruelty just hits me hard, if only they knew what the dogs went through. Switch places and see what happens, yeaah. Anywhoo, MILAAA!! :)) She looked really pretty.

  4. Ian Somerhalder seems so genuinely thoughtful and kind. (Russel Brand is haha. “And DNA, and spirituality.”)

  5. LOL, Awesome XD Though I couldn’t pay attention to anything Mila said; Ian was in the backround and I kind of got distracted…

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