Ian Somerhalder on HuffPost Live Tomorrow 3/14 at 3PM EST

39th Annual People's Choice Awards - ArrivalsTomorrow afternoon, March 14th Ian Somerhalder will be interviewed by Huffington Post Live via Live Stream at 3PM EST. Fans will have a chance to participate in the livestream via texting, tweeting, commenting or leaving a video comment HERE. And you may be selected as an on-air guest to chat with Ian via webcam!

Again, to participate, leave your comments over at Huffington Post Live!

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  1. Hey Ian, I am a huge fan but I have a couple of questions for you that have more importance than the status of my fanship for you. Sorry, but the earth is taking precedence today. So what is going on with that keystone pipeline?! Is Obama seriously considering allowing it?! Does he understand the ramifications?!? Also, when can we see time framed? And where can we see it!

  2. When did you start dating Nina Dobrev? And what do you like about her?

  3. Hello Ian, have you given any thought about creating a more nutritious meal plan for the schools in the US? We have so many kids that don’t enjoy a healthy meal at home. If I had the means to do something like this, I would. We need healthy conscious people so they can help preserve our environment in the future. Many blessings from Chicago.

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