Ian Somerhalder Italian Vogue PhotoShoot Video

Huge thanks to @awolfinarcadia for the heads up on this video of Ian Somerhalder’s Italian Vogue Photoshoot he did back in 2010. This is the first I’ve seen of it.


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  1. I know the seriousness is probably for the shooting, but I find it adorable how bored he looks. Is that really his voice at the end, the high pitch sound?! So cute!!!

  2. Ian + Italian + eyewiggling of awesome = (ya know it’s gonna be) SMOKING HOT! He looked a bit nervous, bless his heart.

  3. wow this guy knows modeling!!, I don’t see him nervous at all, all the oposite, anyway he looks SUPER HOT!!.

  4. gorgeous pure perfection with the most beautiful intense eyes that can burn straight to your soul. i guess what i’m trying to say is i kinda like him. can you tell?

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