Ian Somerhalder At Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Males Awards

Tonight Ian Somerhalder was invited to attend Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Males Awards being that he was named one last month in Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Males Issue. Here are a few shots courtesy of Wire Image. Hopefully, more will surface from the awards.


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  1. Have sweet mercy, Ian is a beautiful man no doubt. <3 And his trademark smirk is to die for. Thankyou so much for sharing – lovely!!

  2. is in deed, but that,s not what i m xpecting i m xpecting so much deeper like the news of the show of must that i m interested so deeply much is i like so very much to see is the vampire diaries SEASON 3 with the same characters Ian Sommerhalder Paul westley Nina and all the cast members so i m waiting for it thank u

  3. Thank you for posting this, Ruthie! I’m looking forward to a full article with lots more pictures–which I KNOW you will find! So much excitement leading up to Eyecon I can’t stand it! #YouRock

  4. what a beautiful man and a beautiful spirit. love his hair like that. wish they would do it like that for the show. looks so much better messy than perfect. and paul’s hair looks like a cartoon edward or a pokemon cartoon. they really need a new hair stylist on that show. i guess damon was right about the superhero hairdo they both have.

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