Ian Somerhalder and Ashley Greene?

So, yeah, I’m posting gossip.  AND Paparazzi pics!  It’s a slow news day so sue me.

It seems that Ian Somerhalder was spotted with Ashley Greene (yes, Alice from the Twilight Saga) out and very much together at a 100 Monkey’s show in Vancouver last night. Talk about fandoms colliding!


Credit: Laineygossip.com and Gossipgirls.com

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  1. Hehe…only Damon would be charming enough to steal Alice away from Jasper, lol.

  2. Oh wow more excitement for the vampire world and they filming at the same time. He is filming vampire diaries and she is filming new moon

  3. Haha! How cool is that? LOL! I love Ashley! She made a good Alice in Twilight. Maybe she’s sharing pointers with Ian. Haha! JK!

  4. Ashley and Ian make a great looking couple. I just love all these vampires roaming about.

  5. nice one, i never imagined characters from 2 different vampire movies to intertwined… they look good together… i’m happy for the both of them, and 100 monkey is Jackson Rathbone’s band, oh, they watched it… really nice friends…

  6. They’re looking very cute together and I happy for them.

    Both have a very good taste in love. I mean look at they.. They are very beautiful, both of them. :D:D:D

  7. Aww..so cute! are they really together? i thought ashley was with jackson rathbone though. LOL

  8. Omg…lovin it..they look really good together…ian is uper hott an so is ashley

  9. omg!hot!they are such a cute couple ashley is so nice and kind she makes a great couple with jasper to!i think ashley can make any ugly guy look vute.Although if jasper is free i’m lookin for a vamp over here jasp! LOL

  10. Wow they both play Vampires in different things Tbh Ashley is pretty and Ian is fit as hell so u could say there a good match even though there is 8 years difference there still good together xx

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