EW’s Ultimate Sexiest Beast: Final Showdown – Damon vs. Edward

Well…we are finally here. It’s time to vote again Vampire Diaries fans and Damon lovers! This time the final showdown for EW’s Ultimate Sexiest Beast: Damon vs. Edward. It’s going to be quite a fight, but we can do it!


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  2. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!!!! UGHHHHH! I AM SO FREAKIN PISSED OFF! WHO THE HELL IS VOTING FOR EDWARD FREAKIN CULLEN AS THE SEXIEST BEAST!!!!!! I CAN’T EVEN EXPRESS MYSELF PROPERLY! I JUST WANT TO DESTROY SOMETHING! ALRIGHT, I’M GONNA CALM DOWN NOW… Now, all of us need to vote for Damon Salvatore as the Sexiest Beast! Edward is SOOOOO ugly compared to Damon! Damon has an AMAZING body and he is just…UGH, HE IS JUST SO DAMN SEXY!!! WHOEVER CAN’T SEE THAT HAS SOME PROBLEMS AND NEEDS TO GO SEEK SOME PROFESSIONAL HELP…IMMEDIATELY!!!! Alright, I have a list on why Damon is the Sexiest Beast: He looks damn hot with that shirt off (even in that picture right there), he’s funny, sarcastic, charming, irresistible, hot, sexy, evil (But we all know that deep down he’s a sweetheart), his sexy dance is amazing, his pants are always right where they need to be (Though sometimes, when he’s shirtless, I wouldn’t mind them coming all the way off, lol), his eyes are so damn beautiful, his hair is hot and I think every girl can imagine running their fingers through it, his style is sexy (especially when he wears button downs and doesn’t button them all the way, haha), he looks really hot when he’s drinking some human blood, and there are a lot more things that I could list on why he is the Sexiest Beast, but I really don’t want to list all of them. Everybody, please vote Damon Salvatore for Sexiest Beast!!!!! Edward doesn’t deserve it, and quite frankly, when you compare Ian Somerhalder to Robert Pattinson, Ian is the obvious hot and sexy one. Just go up on Google and type up Ian Somerhalder and you will fall in love with him and his eyes. DAMON SALVATORE FOR SEXIEST BEAST!!!!!!!!!

  3. What the Hell is going on? Are you kidding me? No way Edward should beat Damon! There is no comparison. Damon is Sex on a Stick, complete Eye Candy and total BadAss! I mean Damon oozes hot sexiness. Come on Fans of the Vampire Diaries, put our guy over the top!

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  7. GO DAMON! we have to win!! let’s beat those stupid edward fans and show them who’s the boss!!!!!

  8. I just went to the library and voted for Damon from every computer that i found ;D i might visit other libraries, too…

  9. God bless this Ian guy, hope he won’t get hit by a brick on the street thrown by one of those team Edward.

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