BloodyNightCon: Fundraising Campaign for the IS Foundation

A trio of amazing young women, Alex, Erika and Laura, emailed me today about a really cool idea they came up with. They will be attending the BloodyNightCon Vampire Diaries convention in Barcelona, Spain, and decided to create an initiative to raise money for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. They are planning to present Ian with the donation at the convention, and have gotten the permission from BloodyNightCon and the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to make their idea a reality. So with that said, if you are going to BloodyNightCon (you don’t have to be going, anyone can donate) and would like to participate in this really cool initiative, please head on over to their donation site and make a donation. They will be including all the names of the donors in a letter to be given to Ian during the presentation. Click the banner below to be a part of their efforts! The site is available in English or Español.


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  1. I Believe in your foundation and I am happy to help you make this a better world for the future. I Have a beautiful sweet little girl who thinks her favorite Vampire. Character. cares. for our world and although he is famous he dedicates his time to be a Global Citizen. …She just turned six and attends a Catholic School so she see’s first hand what a Global Citizen does. Thank You for being the example.

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