Eyecon Update: Lauren Cohan Cancels – Possible VDO Meetup

Due to Lauren Cohan just landing the lead role on the new CW pilot “Heavenly”, she will unfortunately, not be able to attend Eyecon this weekend. She will be in Vancouver shooting her new show. First, we would like to say that Lauren will be greatly missed. I know many of you, including myself, were looking forward to meeting her. Second, a HUGE congrats to Lauren!! We wish you all the best, and couldn’t be happier for you.

Also, I’m going to plan an impromptu VDO meetup while I’m there at Eyecon. I have so many people I want to meet, that I may not get to meet at the Cocktail Carnival Friday night or any other time, so I will be scheduling a little meetup sometime during the event. I have not decided when or where. It will definitely be on the premises of the hotel. (No worries, it will not be conflicting with anything else on the schedule) This may or may not happen. It just depends on how things go. Hopefully, I will get some free time to do this! I want to be able to meet everyone! So, please make sure you are following me on tiwtter, because I will be be giving everyone a heads up as to when and where it is, and set your phone to receive “mobile updates” from @tvdfansonline! :)


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  1. I feel bad for the people who really wanted to meet her, and now can’t. If I were going I would be upset, that I wouldn’t be able to meet her. Well I’m sure you will get to meet her some other time. For all the people going to Eyecon, hope you have a good time.

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