Vampire Wars – Best Heroine Poll – Show Elena Some Love!!!

WWK has a poll up for Vampire Wars: Who’s the Best Heroine?  And thanks to Joselito4390 for alerting us to it!  Elena needs your help you guys.  She’s currently in 3rd place, so get on over there and vote!!


We had an epiphany earlier this week: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vampire Diaries and True Blood are all the same show (structurally speaking). All three vampire series are about an impossibly attractive and moderately magical heroine from small-town America who must balance the demands of friends and family with her problematic feelings for not one, but two, sexy local vampires: a broody good one with an itchy conscience and a snarky bad one who likes to, um, eat women.

So, between now and Halloween, we’ll be pitting the casts of our three favorite vampire shows (sorry Moonlight) against each other in a little fan challenge we’re calling Vampire Wars. We’re setting up fights between characters from BTVS, TVD and TB in five competitions over the coming days, and the best out of five wins. You have to vote early and often in all five categories if you want your show to take home the trophy.

First up, tell us which vampire-show leading lady is tops: Buffy, Elena or “Sookeh” Stackhouse…



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  1. Okay.. now this is freaking hard,, I loved Buffy, I grew up with Buffy,, True Blood is okay and I am totally loving Vampire Diaries right now but I can’t choose between Buffy and Elena, cause I don’t know all about Elena

  2. err!!


    buffy is my fav all time!

  3. I just realized that most of the vampire heroines are blondes. Maybe that’s why CW wants Elena to be a brunette instead :x

    Elena atw.

  4. I read the books, so I know Elena.
    Sorry eventhough I love TVD, I had to go with Buffy. I voted honestly. Buffy Rocks even now. Even over Bella.

  5. yeah but I wouldn’t call her heroine who has to choose between 2 vamps,, inless of which one is evil,, in less I missed the book in whick Aro is hitting on her and she i tempted xD

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