Vampire Diaries Episode Still From Upcoming Episode

Thanks to Judy Yam for tweeting and teasing us with this new episode still from an upcoming episode. Express your thoughts in the comments! ;)


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  1. Iluv it. Deman is probably upset about the whole Rose drama & Elena’s just there 4 him. Damon/ Elena r wierd 2gether. Stefan’s a better fit. & Rose’s a perfect fit 4 Demon. Wat do u think?

  2. I´m thinking that Rose died and Elena is just comforting him, she looks sad and Damon too because his not hugging her back, soo I think somethings up with him (like Roses death)
    -ow and I really hope that that is Stefan´s shirt Elena is wearing!!

  3. my first thought was, Is that elena hugging Damon, my second thought it is! OH MY GOD! My third thought is OKay what could this mean, Damon is upset that Rose died becuz of that bitch w.e her name is. and elena is Comforting Him.
    I love Stefan and Elena , but Come on Damon is so charming , and when he talks to elena , it makes me go crazy about them !!

  4. Cant wait for Delena. I’m kinda sad for rose- poor vamp girl :(

  5. Is it Damon or Jeremy? The jacket doesn’t look like something Damon would wear.

  6. It looks like Damon had to kill Rose to save Elena. It looks VERY sad!

  7. It is definitely damon! – I can see it on the shape of hes head and his hair.. I think Rose is after Elena and elena is about to stake but isn’t strong enough so Rose takes the stake and is about to bite elena when Damon stakes her and she dies!!

  8. ***Warning Contains Spoilers**

    I agree with Georgia Peach I was just about to post that. We see Rose running through the house in the previews and coming after Elena. We see her open the window and grab a stake. Would Damon let it come to that? If he is anywhere near the house there is no way in hell is going to let anyone attack Elena, even Rose. So either Elena kills her (doubtful, but possible) or Damon has to do it (probably so). My big question where is Stefan when all this is happening? Hmm?

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  10. @Claire, I think I read that Stefan and Alaric are trying to track down Isobel for help in dealing with Klaus. Katherine had told Stefan that Isobel (a researcher) might be able to help them.

  11. Thanks Georgia Peach. That makes sense, I remember that from the last episode. All the better, raise the tension between Damon and Elena when Stefan isn’t around.

  12. Claire !, do you remember a episode when a vampire was after elena in the school and she stabbed him in the chest. i remember… i think elena could be a bad ass like damon ahha !!

  13. I think they are comforting each other after Rose dies. It is two friends being there for each other in difficult circumstances.

  14. yeah that doesn’t look like Jeremy at all, definitely Damon.
    Can’t wait for this episode, I really liked Rose– no matter what.

  15. I always keep myself updated on the next episode – And do any of you know where i can read about the next episode?

  16. WHAOOOOOOO *SHOCK* Damon and Elena look soo cute. I LOVE THEM. :)

  17. i dont really care if thats stefans shirt she is wearing cuz its always damon saving her ass but somehow stefan getting credit for it. maybe it is only 2 friends comforting each other right now but it will be so much more soon enough but not soon enough for me. if damon did have to kill rose to save elena its just another sacrifice that damon has made for her.maybe then she’ll get a clue on all damon has done for her how its always him protecting her how he just had to kill rose for her how he told her he loved her but somehow saint stefan deserves her as if stefans lived some perfect squeaky clean life without harming others.perfect match my ass! if not being completely honest and only letting the person know and see what you want them to see translates to being perfect for each other, then s/e’s relationship is totally perfect. then there is damon who eventhough knowing telling elena that he really didnt know jeremy was wearing the ring when he snapped his neck decided to keep it real to be honest with her knowing it could end elenas friendship with him .i much prefer what you see is what you get instead of what you see is what i want you to see. stop saying s/e’s relationship is perfect cause in REALITY, no relationship is but then again stelena is not real to me. when elena finally opens her eyes and leaves stefan for damon, dont ever say he was second choice, elena will realize he was the ONLY choice.

  18. I really really hope they didn’t kill off Rose yet, she was a perfect fit for Damon and it’s about time that Damon gets a little loving, cause i’m not looking forward to Delana. Not At All

  19. @grace . I agree with you all the way. Is not only that stefan is not beeing himself, but they are getting boring, always the same thing. Damon makes a progress through the series and I’m starting to hate elena because she can’t realize that. Damon has changed so much for her. And (I’m not sure but) he never lied to elena like stefan did. Yes Stefan is pretty and caring and in the good side and all that. But Damon can offer so much more than that. Hope that if there are other seasons Damon gets Elena. (sorry if there are mistakes, I’m from Argentina)

  20. this is damon for sure! i cant wait till it comes back on. and it looks like hes actualy hugging elena back but only one armed! he might be upset about rose and he might be upset about katherine. we dont no! :)

  21. I really want it to be Delena but part of me is scared that it’s just Jeremy…

  22. m.j dont worry we completely understand each other. and for those of you not looking forward to d/e sorry get ready cause its coming. but brase yourselves cause if boring stale s/e excite you, you may not be able to handle the d/e passion and fireworks. watch with caution cause obviously you’re not use to intensity and chemistry in a relationship.

  23. (why can’t that be me?!?) could be Damon getting a sympathy hug from Elena because maybe Rose dies, or maybe because he has to make a choice (stake Rose?). I feel for Damon. He’s showing his soft side, falls in love, and
    everything crumbles around him.

  24. i really want delena to be! i think it would be alot more interesting!

  25. I don’t understand the people who think that Stefan and Elena should be together! Damon and Elena have SO much more chemistry, and they are definitely not WEIRD together. At the beginning he was the bad guy. He killed people and he used them, but now he’s trying to protect them. He CHANGED for Elena. He’s charming, funny, and way better looking than stefan. Don’t get me wrong, I like Stefan. But, face it, Damon is way better for Elena.

    DELENA! <3

  26. ANNA: To me, it looks like one arm of Damon’s is around Elena’s back, look closely, his right arm. And that shirt that she is wearing looks more like a jacket so I am not sure.
    Anyways, this is sooooooo cute!

    Stefan (Paul Wesley) has his own ideas about Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) new plan for the future. While Damon (Ian Somerhalder) tries to get the truth out of Jules (guest star Michaela McManus), he asks Elena to keep an eye on Rose (guest star Lauren Cohan), a situation that turns unexpectedly dangerous. Caroline (Candice Accola) and Matt (Zach Roerig) try to be honest about their feelings for one another, and Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) reaction to Caroline’s generosity comes as a surprise to her… Damon struggles to hide his true feelings when a life-and-death crisis hits him harder than he expected. Matt Davis also stars. Marcos Siega directed the episode written by Sarah Fain & Elizabeth Craft (##212).

    ^^ What i think is going to happen is that Rose i about to kill Elena because shes sucking the blood out of Elena, and Elena is about to die, when Damon comes in and KILLS Rose!! – Just a thought..

  28. It’s funny cause everyone thinks Damon will have to stake Rose to save Elena and then she’ll comfort him, and I think that too, but it’s the Vampire Diaries we’re talking about and for my part, almost every time I tried to read something into capture or a promo I was proved wrong when watching the episode so… The writers just don’t go with the easiest and the most logical solutions!

  29. To maya: That happens for me to – ALL THE TIME! – But i think it’s because we are looking so forward to the next episodes that we just have to think of what is maybe going to happen – You know like create our own little episode..

  30. Is Damon hugging Elena back?

    Look at his arm it looks like it is resting gently against either her back or her waist. I think but I am not completely sure it looks like Elena is wearing her long brown shoulder bag so it seems to me that this picture is taken right at the start of the hug.

    I think the picture is like this is because they dont want to give Delena fans to much home into thinking that Delena is going to become a big thing all of a sudden.

  31. for delena fans like me they already are a big thing. bigger than anything stelena could ever dream of being and they are not even an official couple yet but are shipped so much more. we dont need hope cause we’ve got patience. we know whats coming but do stelena fans. we dont need to be hopeful cuz we know its an inevitable reality. the only thing i will be hopeful for is that stelena fans get a reality check of their own.

  32. I have a feeling it’ll be Elena who kills Rose, as that would kind of equal out the whole Damon killing Jeremy thing (wow. that sounds awful haha) and allow her to have some sympathy for Damon.

  33. BTW… Katrina: Yes, I think he is hugging her back! But I don’t think that it is at the beginning of the hug, I have a feeling it is going to stay like that, him barely hugging her back because he is too sad! =(

  34. Anyone who said that this is jeremy is not a true DELENA fan. I mean really?
    I love Damon because he tells truth. I agree 100% with what Grace said. Stefan is weak and he without Damon he would not be able to protect Elena. I love Rose because she is the only one that made DAMON SAY “I THINK I LIKE YOU” that was the sweetest scene ever. Damon has never admitted his feelings like that before and that is all thanks to Rose. Im starting to hate elena for her blindness damon is way hotter. Plus Delena is a much more realistic relationship. What relationship have you see that the only conflicts are outside it and not part of the actual relationship. Damon is rough and he wont take crap from Elena. DAMON IS BADASS!! period.

  35. I totally agree with Grace! Damon’s been his true self since day one and doesn’t apologize for being who he really is. And that’s how I know that Elena loves Damon deep down because despite the many bad things he’s done in the past, Elena still cares for him, she said so herself. She’s seen every single side of damon: the dark twisted part, the funny sarcastic part, and the vulnerable hidden part, and guess what, she digs it lol!

  36. Elena was just making out w/ Stefan or a few hours ago because in the Wolf Extended Promo they are making out by Stefan’s bed so Elena left because she had to do something, or she left because Stefan got her upset, or she needed to comfort Damon. One of those three. Because she’s still wearing the same shirt.

  37. I think Rose will die and Elena will comfort Damon, because she cares for him.

  38. even if nothing happens here something will happen in the season finaly (between damon and elena ) shell probably become a vamp !?

  39. and something with her and damon heyy crazy tought what if he turns hur anywayy cute picture !?

  40. Grace i think you’re gathering fans here, jaja. We all loved what you wrote. (Delena fans of course)
    Just a doubt..it says “Stefan has his own ideas about Elena’s new plan for the future”, could it be that Stefan may try to decided elena’s future , control her, and Elena..well she doesn’t like that at all .. so.. she goes to Damon and.. Ouh damn, i hope it’s like that..
    And i think i will kill the producer or writers if that happens to be Jeremy (1% chance..but who knows) jajajaja

  41. mj maybe stefan does do something behind elena’s back cause he usually never really is up front with her. i hope elena opens her eyes and sees there is a different side of stefan. one she doesn’t see as being perfect. a secretive dishonest side. with stefan not looking flawless anymore maybe stefan and damon will seem more like equals. damon wont seem so impossible to love since stefan has a dark side to him too. hopefully this will even out the playing field for delena’s journey to the honest relationship they have always had and the happy ending we know they deserve.

  42. now that i think about it it kinda looks like JJJJ JJEERRMMYY !? NO I THINK ITS JEREMY DAMN IT

  43. I cant agree more with you grace you are great with the words! in the next episode i think damon’s going to kill rose to protect elena like he always do i hope that elena sees that he is the right one for her. stefen seems so good but i am sure he isn’t what he seems. and they (stelena) look so boring together its like their moment has pass out. their relationship its getting old. and i think that damon deserve, more he save elena’s life over and over again and stefan get all the credit for it.damon is soo much better in a lot of ways and elena seems to be blind. damon have changed for her a lot and she still be with stefan like if she couldn’t see him. she is soooooo wrong!!! if i were her i would have make the right choice.

  44. i really hope that its damon and elena hugging cause it ind of looks like jeremy but im hoping for the best. iam a true delena fan and i think damon and elena belong together. i just wish that elena would come to her sense and see that her and damon belong together

  45. Ok to anyone who thinks they know the ending of the series is wrong. All because there is alot of DE fans doesn’t mean they are going to be endgame. KW and JP said the show is about SE and how they are the true epic love story of the show.

    Nina said in an interview she knows her character could imagine kissing Damon but she isn’t a katherine and in the end she chooses Stefan. She loves Stefan.

    So.. Honestly if DE happens it will be temporary because no matter how many fans there.. and trust me alot of shows who have a major fanbase have lost. SE is strong and so are Bamon fans.

    Katerina already hinted Bamon and Bearemy as well as JP and KW said that they know there are alot of Bamon fans out there. All because DE fans post alot doesn’t mean there are more of them.

    Also, could you really see Elena being with a guy who killed her brother and hurting Stefan after she is the one who chases him?

    Alot to think about. SOmetimes I feel people forget the depth of the show and like the bad boys…

  46. @Elizabeth,

    Don’t forget that in episode… 8? Damon stood in front of Elijah, protecting Elena– knowing that Elijah could have snapped his neck… I’m not a Damon fan or a Stefan fan.. I’m one of those fans that loves the side characters more.. but still, just pointing out something

  47. I know he did and he has evolved a little .. I was just pointing out to some of the comments here on how they bash on Stefan and it seems they don’t fully grasp the show. I love the side characters alot too .. this isn’t the DE show. I was just making a point it doesn’t always matter about the fanbase. Nobody knows the ending and some fans just need to stop bashing SE or Bamon.. or wanting to boycott the writers if DE doesn’t happen.

    There is a quote by JP stating that SE are the epic love story of the show and Damon is the third in the triangle.

    KW said the show is about SE…

    People need to be prepared for their ship not being endgame.

  48. This picture is everything, well i’m a delena fan, but i have to agree with @Elizabeth, i mean it will be a long road until she forgives Damon, if i was her i dont know if i could, but damon showed how sorry he is and that he is changing for better.I guess when she will be able to forgive him nothing will stop them to be together.And about stefan, i dont have nothing against him, but i dont know, their relationship is very perfect and one day will get boring besides for now stefan means something safety while damon is the unknown, but now the he is showing his human side i hope she changes her mind and realizes that Damon can be(actually IS for me) better Stefan.
    And sorry for any mistake but im brazilian, and Delena has more fans than stelena here.

  49. To Elizabeth: If portraying Elena and Stefan as the true epic love story was the producers’ main objective, then I think they did a piss poor job at it because Stelena’s been stagnant this whole season. Just because the producers once said that TVD was all about SE, it doesn’t mean that it’s written in stone. And besides, they mentioned it really early in season 1 and they probably hadn’t anticipated such a large delena fanbase. And I recall Julie Plec once mentioning that TVD was about this “profound love triangle between Elena, Stefan, and DAMON (emphasis on Damon)” so its abit too soon to write Damon off don’t ya think? Characters evolve as the show progresses so Damon may not be good enough for Elena now, but the inevitable will happen and when it does, People need to be prepared for their ship not being endgame.

  50. To Chloe: I totally agree with you :) I hope DELENA will happen…

  51. It’s Damon, he has TO BE! lol
    But there is one thing that people forget, Elena tells Rosa that she is in love of both ( Damon and Stefan), well, that seems in the promo ( the first promo)and I thing that Rose don’t die yet, just get hurt and Damon saves Elena from her, or something like that.But well, I’m a Delena fan so it’s so cute to me one hug from that couple.Go DELENA!
    (Sorry for Lacks of spelling , I’m from Spain)

  52. noe, dont worry not everybody is gonna criticize your spelling ability here. some of us can understand what you are trying to say without being perfect. some people will agree and some people wont. oh well, thats life i guess. i have come to realize some love s/e and some people love d/e and as long as we all love tvd its all good. we can all give as good as we get so dont worry about anything and just say what you want to say. i sure as hell know i will.

  53. karina i’m glad you think i’m great with my words and understand what i’m trying to say i appreciate your kind words. i’m glad you understood me cause it was pointed out to me i misspell alot. i’m happy you focused on what i was saying and not on how i was spelling it. i wasnt aware there were grammer teachers posting here to correct us all. i guess tvd has all sorts of fans

  54. There is a difference about being prepared and DE fans trying to shove DE down people’s throats. Does anyone ever think that they know the ending? I am tired of seeing people wanting to boycott if DE doesn’t happen. It is not on here on this site but other sites.

    Yes it is about the profound love triangle but like any triangle.. it doesn’t always happen the same. For the person who said ELena admits her feelings for Damon in the preview is watching the wrong preview. Do you honestly think after what Damon has done to her she is in love with him? They have to become friends again. They have a long journey and Elena isn’t Katherine she isn’t going to go back and forth.

    Stefan will have to do something real bad or he leaves town for a long time or he just dumps Elena for her to run into Damon’s arms.

    Question is why can’t Damon be with someone else? It is okay for Stefan to be other women than Damon? Why should the man who killed Elena’s brother be Elena’s love. I believe ELena is in love with some things about Damon but in the end Elena is going to want something more stable and completes her. You can tell here on the show. She is the one who chased Stefan and is always the one who goes after him. I believe she will care about Damon but in the end it will be nothing more than deep friendship after they date.

    I advise read interviews from both Nina and Paul and JP and KW.

    I am sorry I know DE will happen but I believe it is SE in the end.

  55. BTW Grace it wasn’t just your spelling.. it was hard understanding you.. nothing against you. Just giving some advice when trying to make a point across… try to make it so people can understand you unless you are from out of the country.. are you?

    I assume you are from the states.

  56. Well, you can keep trying to convince die hard delena fans that stelena is endgame but you probably wont succeed. Just as you can list down reasons why damon and elena don’t belong together, we delena fans can do the same with Stefan and Elena. And like you said, nobody really truly knows the ending to the series yet, so you’re free to believe in Stelena or Bamon or whatever you want, just as delena fans will continue believing that Damon and Elena will eventually end up together. In truth, it all boils down to what the writers want, and they probably aren’t committed to any ship full-time because that would spell the end for the show if everything became one-dimensional.

    And for the record, Grace’s english is fine I understood her perfectly but I guess people just choose to perceive whatever they want to perceive. No need to go dissing people’s language, and their country of origin for that matter. This isn’t a spelling contest its all very unnecessary.

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