Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: 2.5 Kill or Be Killed

This episode I only saw last night (The Vampire Diaries airs on Monday nights at 8:30pm on Channel GO! here in Australia, so I’m a couple days behind) but can I just say God bless the writers of this show for turning Caroline Forbes into a Vampire. This was a standout showcase of Candice Accola in this role – Caroline was fiercer, gutsier and more honest than ever, and she was a CHAMPION. She went from lightweight to lioness in this episode and she was fantastic.

There were other excellent moments: Tyler and Jeremy initiating a kind of friendship, at which point Jeremy reveals that he knows what Tyler is, and Tyler almost kills a girl in a silly freak accident – both Jeremy and Tyler now knowing that to do so would fully trigger the Were curse for the younger Lockwood. This friendship has been quietly building and it’s great to see – they co-exist on screen excellently, so I’m excited to see where that’ll go. Also we get to see how Mason officially inherited his family’s curse, twelve months before the current day by killing a jealous friend in a bar fight who seems to have the false impression that Mason’s stolen his girl.

Also, Damon made me adore him again. I am like a puppet on his egotistical vampire with a vulnerable and not-completely-lost-to-evil heart strings. If he’s the reason I end up in therapy, it’s now officially worth it.

So, the standout moments…

  • Caroline Forbes Finally Nails Her True Colours to The Mast

We begin this episode in much the same way in Caroline’s case. She’s Katherine’s puppet in helping cement a wedge between Stefan and Elena, who for the moment are getting away with faking a big crack in their relationship. Caroline of course has no idea at this point that Elena knows – and has known pretty much all along – exactly what her friend is up to. Elena is secretly angry, and rightly so. Her friend is lying to her face in order to help her arch enemy tear her relationship with the man she loves, apart. But the extra and cruelly lovely twist is that Elena has no idea how much Caroline is acting to protect the man she loves, as well as her mother, who we see from the outset she has a less than loving relationship with.

The story takes place in the context of the setting up of a new park on the old Lockwood estate, which (surprise, surprise) Mason Lockwood has a very great interest in, considering his full moon hidey hole is located smack bang in the middle of it’s forest land. With his new found hatred for Damon, Mason uses Sherriff Forbes – who, bless her, finally asked us to call her Liz – as a pawn in his plan to get back at both the Salvatores. By betraying their secret – and outing Damon as a vampire by lacing his drink with vervain in full view of Liz, with whom Damon was developing a great working relationship on the Founder’s Council – it was inevitable that by drawing the Sherriff into the mix, in order to kill off Stefan and Damon, Caroline would be roped in somehow.

Here in lies the three most character defining moments of Caroline to date. The first is after Elena and Stefan have faked another fight, knowing that Caroline is listening & that her job is to pass everything back to Katherine. Later, as Elena and Caroline are sitting by the river – Elena expecting another inevitable “Break up with Stefan, it’s better this way” talk – and Elena sarcastically thanks Caroline for being such a good friend, Caroline – despite her fear of the ramifications – finally comes clean. Elena is extremely surprised, but one can’t help but think that after all we’ve seen of the younger Miss Forbes, her good heart to be honest with the people she loves was always going to win out.

When Caroline sees her mother acting strangely, she knows immediately that something’s up. Damon and Stefan are missing, and Liz tells her daughter that something important has come up – again – and she has to leave. Now reconciled, Caroline and Elena head out into the woods. The absence of the brothers and her mum, the secret vampire executioner’s hasty exit from the park working bee – it’s soon clear that it’s all connected.

Which leads us to moment two, when they run into a decidedly victorious-feeling Mason Lockwood, whose left Liz alone in the Lockwood cellar to dispose of Stefan and Damon once and for all. When Elena and Caroline show up, he knows two things: that Elena knows the Salvatores are vampires, and that Caroline is a vampire. When the two girls try to push past him, Caroline in particular, Mason grabs Elena and tells her how easy it would be to snap her neck, and states that Caroline couldn’t take him if she wanted to. The words ‘Wanna Bet’ have never been more awesome: Caroline backs herself and runs at him, saving her friend, absolutely kicking Mason Lockwood’s ass in blistering style like a complete and utter pro, and she is marvellous.

It’s the moment that she follows Elena into the cellar however, to save Stefan and Damon – the only way of which is to reveal herself as a vampire to her mother by using her new super vamp powers to take out the other officers in the room – that your heart cracks for the position she’s been put in. The moment she sees that her daughter is now the very things she hates most, the look in Liz Forbes’s eyes tells Caroline that as of right now, her daughter is dead to her. Later, Liz reiterates this out loud and within earshot of her daughter, after the Salvatores abduct Liz and take her to their house as a prisoner until the vervain has left her system, enabling Damon to wipe her memory of the days events.

Broken by this one sentence, and the weight of all the sacrifices she’s made, Caroline moves into the Salvatore mansion. Shattered, she finally tells Elena when they’re alone, why she did what she did: it was all to save Matt from Katherine. Finally seeing the true nature of Caroline’s love and her want to protect the people she cherishes, Elena comforts her friend as best she can.

It’s as heartbreaking as it is lovely, so kudos to you, creative team. You’re amazing.

  • The Battle Begins & Damon Turns Over a New Leaf…Again

Two things are clear: Damon could care less about any kind of truce with Mason Lockwood – in truth, he wants a war – and Stefan wants to smooth things over and avoid a fight, despite being clear with Mason about his intentions to fight back should Mason decide to pick one.

Badass Stefan has not disappeared once this season, and truth be told, we are LOVING it. He’s cool and as sharp as his fangs when it comes to his ultimate goals: to protect Elena, defeat Katherine and maybe somehow try to save his brother from himself as much as from the enemies he’s made. Only difference now is that there is a big, fat “whatever it takes” attached to all of these aims.

Mason is a giant spanner in these works. He wants them taken out at all cost, shown nowhere more clearly than when he reveals what the Salvatores are to Sherriff Forbes. Liz immediately denies this – her friendship with Damon has been built and gotten stronger considering all they’ve been through, despite her being blissfully ignorant of his other hidden agendas. But now she has proof: the vervain makes Damon drop like a stone in a pond, and Stefan’s aid of him only confirms that he too is a vampire. She knows what she has to do and Mason thinks he has it made. The Salvatores follow him into the forest to take him out, not realising a) it’s a trap and b) he’s already exposed them to Liz. Incapacitated and on the floor of the cellar, Stefan and Damon lay defenceless as Mason disappears with a final ‘don’t take any chances’ to Liz as she points the gun straight at the Salvatores. While Mason disappears out into the forest (only to have Caroline spectacularly hand him his ass on a platter in a fight – did I mention that?), a betrayed Liz tortures Damon by shooting him in the legs, then a completely unconscious Stefan in the chest, telling him next time she wont miss: she can draw out the torture for as long as it takes until he reveals any other vampires that may be hidden in Mystic Falls…not realising that her daughter is just such a vampire now. Damon asks her why she’s doing this. They’re friends. Liz tells him all that was a lie.

After Caroline shows up and saves them from her mother, Damon sees clearly an opportunity. To kill Liz, who knows what he is now, or not to kill her. But as he walks to her, it’s odd; he almost hugs her: Damon spares her, and for the first time, you really see how much he seems to actually value this odd but strong relationship. Again, he says: they’re friends.

And it’s this leaf turning, this being a good man, that we see later has a profound effect on Elena. Where once all there was hate – for his betrayal, for his killing Jeremy while not knowing the Gilbert ring would save him – she tells him that the Damon who spared Liz’s life? That’s the Damon who was her friend. That being the case, he tells her a home truth as kindly as he can.

  • The Barbed Wire In The Blood: Stefan Realises What He Has To Do

The last time we saw Stefan drink human blood, it was a gruesome and pitiful sight to behold. Like a junkie, he was all cravings and giving in to all that he believed made him the monster with which he has warred his entire life. The monster he’s denied for over a century by living on animals as a substitute. Namely bunnies, which by now have probably formed a forest army to take him down at some point. Stefan versus Thumper – now there’s a smack down waiting to happen.

But his easy incapacitation when captured by Mason and the Sherriff makes it very clear: only human blood will make him strong enough to defeat Katherine. Without it, he will be no match for her strength, or her developed immunity to the effects of vervain.

Elena, when Stefan tells her this felt somewhat shocked and betrayed (anyone noticed that’s happen to her a lot lately), runs off to see Caroline. He’s torn, but he knows it’s the only way. But this is also the home truth that Damon imparts to her: it’s dangerous for him, but Stefan needs it, and that deep down she knows she knows that too.

So she comes to him, later and tells him that if this is what he needs to do, then she is right there to be with him every step of the way. Not just as moral support either: she slices her hand and offers him her own blood, saying they are a team in every way – including this – no matter what. Moved he drinks and somehow manages to restrain himself.

More and more it’s clear how it’s ultimately love and loyalty that staple this show together – each character, one for another in one way or another – and nowhere more so than that shown by these two. When he kisses her, the darkness of his vampire face still upon him, it’s more than passionate, more than intense: its love at it’s fiercest and brightest, and it’s ready to fight.

  • Dark Bedfellows: The Moment Nobody Saw Coming

All throughout this season, a tiny little thing in the form of a moonstone has sprinkled issues over Tyler’s relationship with his uncle, causing Tyler to distrust Mason no end. Secretly keeping it in his possession, it’s only after Mason reveals to Tyler the full nature of his inheriting the family curse that the younger Lockwood finally gives up the stone he has been hiding.

And so it is Mason goes out into the dark with what he’s been seeking…to a black car in the forest in the deep of the night. And there she’s been waiting for him: Katherine in all her conniving glory has gotten Mason – her lover, and the man who she consoled with a secret and evil smile the night his curse was triggered after killing his friend – to retrieve the stone she had given to his ancestors. A kiss fraught with cruel satisfaction in the dark between the two finally reveals Mason for what he is: two faced, and a vessel of betrayal to his family and friends.

What We’re Looking Forward To Next Episode

  • The return of Bonnie, another conflicted girl who has to pick a side.
  • The return of Matt, purely because it feels like a limb’s missing when I don’t see him of a Monday night; also, what’s in store for him and Caroline? Their love for each other says they have to get back together…but will they?
  • The developing relationship between Jeremy and Tyler
  • How Stefan will continue to cope with human blood now coursing through his system: will he have to become a monster to kill a bigger monster in Katherine?
  • How will Mason’s alliance with Katherine affect his ability to defeat the Salvatores, and will Katherine betray him too?

When not working, shopping, tweeting or trying to find her house keys, Erin Brown is a writer and blogger based in Sydney, Australia. She loves rain, thunderstorms; brooding vampires, reading, Coldplay, Bill Shakespeare, winter, red wine, killer heels, everything Bruce Springsteen, and has a clinically-proven penchant for chocolate, the supernatural and action movies. For more of her writing, you can visit her website @ www.mythconception.wordpress.com. If you’ve lost her, your best bet is to look in Borders or the shoe section.

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  1. Love your recaps! They’re so funny and blunt. I totally agree, the scene with Stefan and Elena, though weird.. fits this story and was the moving moment.<3 I can't wait! GO BONNIE and JEREMYYYY :) and Caroline,!

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