New Elena & Damon Promo Poster

Check out this brand new promo poster with Elena and Damon! I’ll be honest, I’ve never been fond of these promotional photos they did at Greystone.  They just don’t reflect the characters of the show. It’s their clothes and hair…Elena just doesn’t dress like that. Is it just me? Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net for posting, and check out the textless version in their gallery.


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  1. lol i think they probably! i wish they were together instead of her and stefan do u think?

  2. oh i love her… but i rather see her with stefan.
    they just have great chemistry within eachother!

  3. Damon and Elena are growing closer, but I think it’s way to early in the series for this to happen yet, even though i really want it to

  4. Yes, I agree. They are doing this to TEASE us!! Wow. Gotta LOVE TVD…

    It’s going to be so sad when S1 is over :(

  5. god i love them together they are both gorgeous(mostly ian) icant wait for them to happen but it is a little soon for something to happen yet

  6. Awww…. I love them haha hey, I have a question
    well… I haven’t read the books -please don’t kill me ^^’ and you see… I want to know if Damon and Elena have REAL moments in the books… as a couple or so I mean :)

  7. omg i love them together! more than her and stefan…but i think its too soon and they re just teasing us! thought in a future theyll sure happen :D


  9. Love damon and elena, but I think it is to early for them to happen as a couple, but in season 2 …:p Can’t wait till then!

  10. Melanie Um well… In the books there are some moments that they are close. There is some physical interaction but way PG unlike the show. Even the interaction with Stefan is PG in the books, The last book that was released last month is all Damon and Elena basically. So there are moments, especially in book 6, but they aren’t really offical. She is supposed to choose who she really wants to be with in book 7 though.

  11. This is so exciting!
    I can’t wait to see something develop between the two.

    I agree with you [TS], though. I wish they would use more realistic pictures of the characters [ones that reflect them in-show]. I still swooned, though. >:3

  12. I hope this love doesn’t happen because then the entire story will have to change …. : O

  13. i dont think this is gonna happen in season 2 i heard it will happen in a couple more seasons but not anytime soon. besides i like elena and stefan together <3 and there either tricking us in this or thts katherine and im pretty sure its not xD…..

  14. I LOVEEEE THEM TOGETHER! they are hawwwt together. I used to like her with stefan but now he’s changing&he’s like a different person.

  15. I’m sort of disappointed.. even though I’ve started to like Damon a lot more lately.. but If Elena starts doubting.. that means Stefan isn’t her true love.. soulmate and .. everything that they are supposed to be.. How.. Is there something between them that will .. expire? I want a spoiler.. Is Stefan and Elena going to come to an end and Is Damon going to take his place.. ?

  16. I agree with the pictures. They resemble Damon and Stefan. However, as for the rest of the cast ecspecially Elena she dosen’t dress that way in the show so why don’t they dress her or the other girls the way they’re dressed in the show to make it realistic. I also hated Damon but he has changed so much and now I don’t know anymore. This whole love triangle may actually be pretty excited since I’m likeing both the boys.

  17. The books SUCK!!! Thank god for the writers of this show, they have made it awesome! Love the poster of these two but Damon has looked way hotter before, not a great photo of him. Oh well……..he’s still yummy.

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