Download Secret Circle Pilot FREE on iTunes BONUS Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek

OMG…I can’t believe after all the hype yesterday, I totally forgot to post this. That’s right, you read that title correctly, you can now download the entire Secret Circle Pilot on iTunes for FREE. But that’s not all, and mainly the reason I’m posting about this on here, you also get a BONUS clip from The Vampire Diaries season opener “The Birthday”. Let’s just say, you do NOT want to miss this, it’s a VERY intense scene between Damon and Elena. So what are you waiting for? GO!

Download The Secret Circle – Pilot & The Vampire Diaries – Sneak Peek – The Secret Circle, Season 1

And if you are just interested in seeing that TVD Sneak Peek, but we STRONGLY recommend you download The Secret Circle pilot, because it is just THAT amazing, you can head over to TV After Dark to view it!


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  1. REALLY? WTF IMDb thanks for lying to me and telling me it wasnt on until tomorow ):(. Well off to iTunes :).

  2. Guys come on owr dear Niki its right Wtf is this come on get over your selfs please ok call us when your are ready but not from the itunes ok please thank you

  3. sadly im irish so non way for me to download this! :( does anyone have a youtube link for the clip though? I know I’ll have to wait to see the Secret Circle.

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