TVD Nashville Convention: Day One Photos and Highlights

If you follow us on Twitter (@tvdfansonline), you know that the weekend was a buzz with the first Vampire Diaries convention by Creation Entertainment, that took place in Nashville, TN. Thanks to all that kept us updated from the event, @tvdnews, @TVAfterDark, and @vampireidiaries. And huge thanks to those that shared photos, especially @KYChelsMarie. I’ve posted a couple of her photos below but you can view the rest on her Twitpic profile in the link provided. Thanks to @TVAfterDark for the photo of David Anders.

On Saturday, Daniel Gillies (Elijah), David Anders (Unlce John) and Joseph Morgan (Klaus) appeared on stage for their Q&A panels. Here are some photos and highlights from their panels.

Highlights from Daniel Gillies panel via @tvdnews:

  • Elijah will be pissed when he wakes up.
  • On s3: nobility will have to take a backseat to revenge.
  • he’s learning about photography in his free time.
  • Daniel was “incredibly personable, asking questions, complementing fans, feels like we’re all at his place hanging out”.
  • on heart snatches, prop was latex spongy balls covered with fake blood.
  • not surprised by fan reaction to Elijah, on reading it, he knew that he’d grow on audience.

Highlights From David Anders panel via @TVAfterDark:

  • David Anders ia going to be on a zompire film. It’s dark & awesome. He had to wear contacts he couldn’t see through.
  • Will you be back on the show as a ghost? It’s a possibility.
  • What is your fave scene on TVD? Says the scene where he died for Elena.

Via @tvdnews:

  • First cut of finger cutting scene was too gruesome to use.
  • Asked if there is ad-libbing on TVD- yes, some. He and Ian ad libbed a lot.
  • What was he like in high school? Short, funny, class clown. Liked reading aloud in different voices.

Highlights From Joseph Morgan panel via @tvdnews:

  • Has been teased by producers that Klaus might be infatuated with someone season 3. Will keep asking for it.
  • Had to force Gillies. To be quiet during scenes where Elijah is daggered – Gillies would crack them up with comments.
  • They had him in the trunk for the whole scene before his first appearance.
  • This (his role on TVD) is the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Has always wanted to play a supernatural creature.
  • Last season his chair said “cast”, is happy to have one with his name. (Joseph is now a series regular on the show)
  • He loves playing the bad guy and causing the drama that the good guys must fix.
  • Favorite part of playing a vampire is the power and fearlessness, intimidating people as Klaus is fun.


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