Poll: Who Would Win In A Fight: Damon or Katherine?

I want your opinion!! I’m in the process of answering questions for a book that the site will be featured in for The Vampire Diaries. And the very last question is “Who would win in a fight: Damon or Katherine?” I want to know what you guys think! So take the poll and leave your reasons why in the comments below!!


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  1. Definitely, Katherine. One reason only: she’s older than Damon and because of that, she’s stronger.

    • I know Katherine is older but Damon could win. I was reading about the books and I read that they were almost the same age(in the books) Damon and Stefan are also more than 500 years old. So if we’re getting our information from the books, then Damon has a chance but if we’re taking into consideration the show, then Katherine is definitely stronger.

  2. well katherine is older ut if damon plays his cards right he might have a shot

  3. Definitely Damon! He needs revenge for all the havoc and heartbreak Katherine caused! Plus, it will make his ego grow that he defeated a vampire wayyyyyy older than him… it’s exactly what we need! ;)

  4. Katherine of course much stronger than Damon, but Damon is now supported by his brother, Elena and may be Alaric. They will NOT leave him to the mercy of fate!!!

  5. Damon has already proven that he can get take on older and stronger – He strategizes and he doesn’t fight fair – He fights to win.

  6. Looks like I might have to soon, ha ha. :-)
    I see the re-post on my side bar. Hope everyone is ready for tonight’s epi.

  7. counting down to tonight epi… sadly i think Kat might win the fight as i am sure Damon learn to fight dirty from her…

  8. I secretly wish that he will one day have to fight and maybe kill Kat to save Elena or Stefan. Damon/Katherine/Elena is the other romantic triangle. He just hasn’t admitted yet.

  9. I think that if a fight between Katherine and Damon breaks out, Damon will win. He’s full of hate and vengence cause she left him and didn’t care about him. He’s smart and sneaky. He can use vervain, like he did with Lexi. Definitely, Damon.

  10. Katherine has already proven to be extremely cunning and tricky, plus she has the upper hand of age. We all saw what Pearl did to Damon. PLUS, the fact that he was head-over-heels for her for years.

    I’d like to say Damon..but it’s Katherine.

  11. I voted Damon.. but if you read the books, you know Katherine is a verrryyy strong vamp!

  12. I’d say Katherine, simply because she’s older. But Damon does strategize well, he would definatley have a shot.

  13. I’d like to say Damon, but probably Katherine. 1: Because she’s older. 2. Because Damon believes he loves her.

    Maybe if Elena and Stefan were on Damon’s side, it might come out differently, but that was not the question.

  14. In the end…Ultimately Damon will win bcoz he is the gud guy and good wins over the evil at the end of every story.

  15. Katherine is stronger AND Smarter than Damon, So duh Katherine will win

  16. plus kathrine is evila nd nast and minupaltive she can trick damon nto letting her win

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