Julie Plec Interview With Zap2It Part 2

Wow…we have more from Zap2It‘s interview with Julie Plec. This time Julie discusses that epic monologue by Damon at the end of “The Descent” and will Elena be able to forgive Stefan’s past?

“We just sort of added it in,” Plec says. “Kevin [Williamson] wrote his speech at the end, which was just brilliance in action. It changed everything. It really reinvigorated all of us for that character because Damon is all about how deliciously bad he can be and how epically¬†goodhe can be, and how the two are always at odds with each other.”

Somerhalder has his work cut out for him on Damon’s journey this season. Somerhalder has told us several times that Damon’s more vulnerable scenes take a toll on him. Things are only going to get more difficult for him.

“It’s no secret that having to play emotional Damon makes Ian really uncomfortable as a person, as an actor,” Plec says. “It’s hard, because you have to tap into your own emotional stuff, and now we keep challenging him. We’re going to keep making him dig deeper and deeper.”

Read the rest of the interview at Zap2It.

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  1. Awesome interview!!! I was wondering when we’d hear from Julie or Kevin next :P I’m so excited for whats to come — and kind of dreading all the stuff I won’t like :( lol…such a good show!

  2. Ahhh….acting looks to be such fun & demanding….Give me a spot on TVD!!! It would be awesome.
    I can play a crazed vampire (female) that wreaks havoc in mystic falls, & meets her doom that
    very same episode. Too good :)
    Ian, u are an awesome actor, a nice person (very important) & of course steaming HOT.
    Love the cheekyness that comes out in ur acting!!! All hail the greatest!!
    I asked the guys at the dvd shop here in Australia when series two dvds coming out, they said
    July 2011. Gaaaaah….too long!!!!

  3. cant wait to see stefan’s dark past come to light. hopefully this will put stefan in a whole new light for elena and open her eyes to see he’s not as perfect as she might have thought. how could she ever keep him on the pedestal she seems to have him propt up on knowing whatever bad things stefan might have done in the past make him no better than damon. if she is so in love with stefan knowing all this, maybe whatever feelings she has for damon wont seem so wrong. she cant say to herself i wont let myself have feelings for someone who has done so many terrible things if stefan himself has done those same terrible things. i really hope this info opens her eyes to who both brothers really are and what they are both capable of. i hope it’s the first real baby steps to delena. nice and slow and showing the love developing more realistically. the complete opposite of stelena in my opinoin.

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