Kat Graham is Down For Bonnie Becoming a Villain

TV Guide continues to treat us with yet another video interview from the CW Upfronts. Here Kat Graham talks about her hopes for The Vampire Diaries season 4.

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  1. speaking of Joseph Morgan where has he been….there are no interviews………no one asking his opinion on any of the season finally…..does this mean the demise of the actor????? if so it sucks………

  2. He was in Hungary filming a movie during all of this, so he couldn’t make it. Julie Plec has already said he’ll be back for Season 4 and he is still listed as a series regular, so he’s good to go for season 4. :)

  3. thanks VDO for your response!!!!! good to know Joseph Morgan will be back I loved him….
    AND SPEAKING OF AN ORIGINAL did anyone see Daniel Gillies last night in saving hope??????
    Oh my god he is fantastic I love that I can get a fill of him in this long hiatus of summer …………………..
    gorgeouse as ever and he has his original accent and he is a DOCTOR SAVING LIVES INSTEAD OF KILLING THEM…………………….and rumour has it he will also be back in season four!!!!!!!! now we just have to keep a look out for other member of VD to get through till Oct ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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