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Hey guys! The Vampire Diaries Official Convention in Chicago is just around the corner. April 22 – 24, 2016 to be exact! Thanks to Creation Entertainment, we will be giving away ONE pair of Gold Weekend Package Tickets, and 5 pairs of General Weekend Admission tickets. Rules for the giveaway are below. And stay tuned, we’ll be doing giveaways for other TVD Convention stops as well. You can view info about these ticket options HERE.


  1. Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post. Then go to the Rafflecopter widget below and click “Leave a blog post comment”, and click “I commented”.
  2. More options will then open up for more entries.
  3. Giveaway starts today and ends Friday, February 12th at midnight.
  4. A total of 6 winners will be selected randomly later that day. One grand prize winner will receive 2 Gold Weekend Package tickets and 5 winners will receive 2 General Weekend Admission Tickets.
  5. This Giveaway is open WORLDWIDE, but please enter only if you know that you’ll be able to make it.
  6. Transportation or hotel accommodations are NOT included and are the winners’ sole responsibility.

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  1. This would be an incredible gift to win because I have been a Vampire Diariea fan since the books and unfortunately never been able to attend a Vampire Diaries Convention

  2. I’ve had never watched TVD until 4 weeks ago.. I’m now fully up to season 7 in that time period and completely hooked, and thirsty for more!

  3. This will be an amazing price to win! I have been a TVD fan forever and I have never been able to attend a convention!

  4. This is awesome of u guys to do. I would love to win the golden package because I have never had that kind of opportunity but I would be happy to win the general one as well!!!

  5. This would be so fun to attend! I’ve always wanted to go to one!

  6. These conventions are the most fun I’ve ever had. So great to get up close to such talented actors.

  7. This is amazing! My best friend and I were just talking about how amazing it would be to see Ian Paul and the gang. We know that will never come to minnesota and we love the vampire diaries! Awesome giveaway! I commented!

  8. It’s always been a dream to go to a TVD convention. I’ve been a fan of TVD since the books and since the show started. I would love to go to a TVD convention one day

  9. I started really getting into TVD when my sister introduced me to the show. I would absolutely love to be able to attend such a wonderful convention with a show we both equally love.

  10. Oh My I would SO LOVE to attend this convention as it is the closest one to Iowa! I have watched TVD since it aired! I never even knew that these conventions even existed until my son told me about them! This would be the most AWESOME birthday present as my birthday is April 6th! Please please please pick me!!

  11. I have never had Gold tickets for the TVD convention so winning them would be Awesome! :)

  12. Tvd con would be amazing to attend I’ve never been before but here they’re lots of fun!

  13. This is something I have wanted to attend since its inception. Now it is in my home town, I’m available and I can’t wait to experience the Gold attendee treatment.

  14. This is a fantastic giveaway! I would love to attend the convention!

  15. It would be super cool to win these because I really want to go to this!

  16. This is a fabulous prize. I’m totally addicted to TVD and TO and would love the opportunity to meet this great cast and explore Chicago.Fingers crossed😍

  17. would love to go!! I don’t care what level I get lol my friends are trying to get me to go haha

  18. Tvd con would be absolutely amazing. I’ve never been but my friend Caitlyn and I have been talking about it and wishing we could afford to go for the longest time. I’ve heard they are super fun!

  19. Would love to win this! Had tickets to Atlanta before it got canceled.

  20. I have never been and I would love to go. I just turned 40 so this would be awesome.

  21. I’m a from the Philippines and it will be my very first time to go to America this April. Ever since I first watched TVD Season 1 last September of 2009, I’ve always been dreaming to see the cast in person but I know it was kinda impossible bec I live very far. When my mom told me that we’ll go to America this April to May for a vacation I felt very much excited because I know I have a chance to see them and now I saw this contest and I’m really hoping I could see Ian and Paul and the rest of the Cast.. This is a chance of a lifetime I don’t ever want to miss – to finally see them in person and not just always on screen. I wish someone would be able to read this and make my dreams come true. :) that would be awesome.


  22. This would be amazing! I’ve been wanting to go to a TVD con for so long

  23. would love to go!!!!! TVD and The Originals are my absolute favorite shows ever!!!!

  24. I’ve been looking at tickets but this will save me so much money!!

  25. Winning these gold tickets would be awesome, it would be my first TVD con ever!

  26. I love Chicago and TVD! This would be Amazing! I haven’t yet had the opportunity to attend a convention. *fingers crossed*

  27. Oh my goodness, I would love to take my niece to this , we are both fans of The Vampire Diaries . What a wonderful contest . Good luck to everyone.

  28. Would love to go to a convention! This is one of few series I have started watching from the very beginning and kept following after many seasons! Love the show and cast! (:

  29. I would love to take my 9 year old daughter here. She loves Paul!

  30. I would LOVE to win the GOLD, I’m not far from Chicago, please pick me!!!!

  31. OMG! I would so like to go! See Ian and Paul would be magical! <3 Love TVD so much! <3

  32. I hope I win! Me and my mom are huge TVD & TO fans! *crosses fingers*

  33. I would love to join my friends from different states for this awesome TVD con ! It’s not only the actors it’s enjoying it with friends.

  34. This seems like an awesome chance to attend something I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise!

  35. Im from Chicago and have never had the chance to go! This would be amazing

  36. This would be awesome! I live for TVD cons and would kill to go to this one! It has such a fabulous lineup, pretty pretty please. It would be an awesome gift for my moms 40th birthday!! She’s a big Paul fan!!

  37. OMG This would be totally amazeballs to go to :D Always wanted to go but never have been!

  38. This would be so amazing to win since i just got out of the hospital.

  39. I wanna surprise my cousin who loves the vampire diaries and she would love this.

  40. it’s in my hometown it would be so cool to go back and see TVD con

  41. I deserve to win this. I’m the biggest fan of all time! The vampire diaries is the most important show in my life.

  42. I really need these tickets for me and my sister.. She loves this show.. Plus we have not had quality time in 6 years.. This would be a true blessing..

  43. This would literally be the best thing in the world! Me and some of my friends have been watching the show from the begining! To go would mean the word to us!

  44. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win tickets! This would be a great way to get my mind off of the anniversary of the death of my father.

  45. I love the Vampire diaries and this will be my 1st convention. I have to pay for the entire convention by myself so winning this contest would be amazing! It’s my favorite show. My life would be made if I won tickets to the convention. I’ve never won anything like that so it’d be cool. Looking forward to the convention! :)

  46. I would adore this opportunity I have no money rn this would mean so much.

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