Win 2 Human Passes to Vienna’s Crimson Sky Vampire Diaries Convention!

Heads up my lovely Europeans! Do we have something for you! As many of you already know, The Vampire Diaries cast is heading to Austria this summer. Crimson Sky Con, the first Austrian Vampire Diaries Convention, will be held June 16 – 17, 2012 at the Gasometer, in Vienna, Austria.

The Programme includes:

  • Live panels with the star guests
  • Autograph sessions
  • Fotoshooting
  • Meet&Greet Sessions
  • Charity Event with star attendance
  • 60s Party Mystic Falls Style
  • Meet&Greet Raffle
  • further surprises!!

The following star guests have been confirmed to appear: Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Joseph Morgan, Matt Davis, Daniel Gillies and Torrey DeVitto. Also scheduled to appear is special guest, Kim Klingler (Director of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation).

For more information, visit the Crimson Sky website, Facebook Page and Group. And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter!

Right now, we have 3 sets of 2 Human passes to give away for this event. The Human Pass includes the following:

  • Access to the convention
  • Acces to all panels (3rd seat category)
  • Access to the charity event
  • Access to the merchandise zone
  • Eligibility for the purchase of up to three raffle tickets for the Meet&Greet raffle (while stocks last*)
  • Con-Pack

So…are you ready to win some tickets? All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. One comment per person please. The giveaway will be open until The Vampire Diaries season finale airs on May 10th, 5:59PM CST. Each TVD Thursday, starting this week, April 26th, 2012, a winner will be chosen via Random.org. We will have 3 winners, each receiving a pair of Human passes.

Please Note: The giveaway is open Worldwide, but please keep in mind, these passes do NOT include transportation or hotel accommodations. That will be the sole responsibility of the winner. Good luck!


Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever



  1. I would love to win!! Please pick me! I never won anything in my life…And plus my bday is May 13th..And that would be the best present ever!! I wanna meet everyone!!

  2. It will be a great event!!
    Thanks for bringing them to Wien!

  3. O M G this is an amazing opportunity :)
    Lets do this, good luck to everyone participating!

  4. Woohoo this is soooo kind of you guys!!! I would be extremely happy if I could be there :))
    Kepp up the good work!;)

  5. Please pick me!!! I love the show and all the actors (especially Paul Wesley), it would mean the world to me if I won :)

  6. Wow this would be amazing! Never thought such a great event would take place so close to me!

  7. Ahhh, I would LOVE to win those tickets & have that rare oportunity to meet Matt Davis, but with MY luck…. that’s bound to NEVER happen in my lifetime!!

  8. Omg.. I’d be so damn grestful if I win these human tickets. I’ve never won anything .. Omg.. I’m just freaking out right now.. A little chance to visit the con! Unfortunately I don’t have enough money to buy the ticket.. So it would be just awesome if I could win these tix :)

  9. I just love everything about vampire diaries and my favorite part is Ian somerhalder…. He
    Is just perfect in every way!!!!

  10. Hi, I am a huge fan of Vampire Diaries and I love your homepage. I live in Vienna and it would be such a great experience to be part of this convention, especially because I can’t afford the money for the tickets otherwise – so PLEASE, PLEASE pick me to win one of the tickets!!

  11. Please pick me, I’d be extremely grateful and the happiest girl in the world if I won these human tickets. I own every season on dvd, I’ve never missed an episode and all my friends at school tell me to shut up when I go rambling on about TVD lol. I’ve never met any of the cast and don’t have the money unfortunately so this is an amazing oppurtunity!

    what you guys are doing is incredible! thank you! much love xoxo

  12. Vienna is beautiful as this opportunity!!good luck to everyone

  13. In the words of my daughter, awesome! What an opportunity and a chance to visit a fantastic Country like Austria WOW …

  14. Hi, the first time that i watched Vampire diaries i didnt like because i thought it was going to be like other shows of vampires but after watching for a while this show I feel in love with the show . It gets really interesting every episode that you watch . It is not only because all the actors are cute , it is about the history between the characters, the passion that they have when they are acting.They are what make this show one of the best shows of vampires in these days. So i would be so grateful if i could participate in this convention and i could meet all of you in person.

  15. Since I have no money to buy my tickets and I’d absolutely LOVE to be there, I have to try it that way ;) Thanks for everything!

  16. We all deserve to win and enjoy this fantastic convention. I wish I could go and enjoy the experience with my friends. Good luck everyone!

  17. Hey hey heyyyyy!! Io vi avverto!!! Faró qualunque cosa per partecipare alla convention!! Aspetto ogni giovedì che arrivino le 2 am per vedere la intatta anche se non capisco una mazza..poi la riguardo ancora ed ancora per catturare tutti i dettagli e memorizzare lo sguardo irresistibile di Damon, la faccia da cucciolo di Stefan, l’etarna indecisa Elena, la dolce Bonnie, la sclerata Caroline, il tenebroso Klaus, il sexy Elijah, il masochista Alaric, il mio licantropo preferito Tyler, quella pazza di Rebekah e tutta la famiglia Mikaelson!! Mamma mia io me lo merito.. Li amooo!! Non potete far vincere qualche bambina che magari non si guarda nemmeno le puntate e scrive cavolate!! Io ho una pagina su di loro, passo il mio tempo a creare immagini a tema TVD e lo faccio con piacere perché Julie Plec ha creato una serie che pur essendo un po’ fantascientifica, riesce ad emozionare grazie alla realtà dei sentimenti che traspare da ogni scena.. Amore, felicità, dolore, frustrazione, desiderio, rabbia, vendetta, amicizia e tanto altro. Questo è TVD.

  18. WOW!!! I love TVD and would be very happy if I win the passes! =)

  19. I’ve been waiting for TVD convention since forever. I love the show, I am so addicted! In love with Ian Somerhalder <3

  20. OMG Wow, this is an amazing opportunity! That would be a dream come true and I really really hope that I’ll get picked, yippihayhe! Have a nice day!!!!
    lovely greetings, silvi :D

  21. If I win I would cryyy, faint and God knows whattt? I won’t need anything else in my life except for meeting the Vampire Diaries Cast! Everybody from my relatives and friends know how much I love The Vampire Diaries! This is an Amazing Oppurtunity for me! I will be sooooooooo happyy. I don’t have words to describe this! I have never missed an episode! – Sara Ali

  22. I hope to win! I want to meet Joseph, Daniel & Torrey *_* <3

  23. i love the tv show vampire diaries it’s sooooooooo good. when i watch it i get hooked this tv show has action & adventure, plus mystery. i hope to win the tickets so i can i see everyone that makes vampire diaries such a hit !.

  24. I wanna win this so badly! I’m a huge Fan of Torrey and I’d love to meet her and the others. <3

  25. Haha everyone is saying i want to have it .
    I just say it would be the greatest and best thing in the world for me to meet the best actors in the world. They are just amazing because they use their celebrity to make the world a better place for everyone. And that’s why i love them so much :)

  26. I would love to win the Package ! Because my best friend is a huge Joseph Morgan Fan and this is The only Convention with him in Europe … Thank you very much :-)

  27. OMG! This would be the best thing that has ever happend to me !

  28. Cool! I’m so happy that Ian and Co comes to Vienna, my birthplace! Hope to see them all, because Vienna is my only chance to meet them! Thanks for the chance to win 2 Human passes!

  29. I’d love to win tickets to meet the VD stars in Vienna. I have never been in Vienna before ;( I would be really grateful if I won because it has always be my big dream to see and maybe meet the VD stars personally. Please make my dream come true !


  30. I don’t think I’ll win ’cause I just don’t have luck like that.
    But I always try. Can’t win without trying.
    I already thought about bying a ticket but I hope that there is one again next year. And I hope Nina will be attending then with Ian and Paul…a girl can dream XD

  31. I wish I could win those passes, then I would make the trip across Europe and go and see them.

  32. OMG, This is a really good news, in specialy that Joseph Morgan is there .

  33. Would so love to win!! I’m not that far from Vienna so it’d be perfect!

  34. OH WOW. so overwhelmed by this that I cannot properly express myself. VD in VIENNA? we get almost no remotely famous people coming to this city and then there’s the super-hot male cast (plus Torrey obviously) coming to my hometown?!
    I must go and take a breath.
    I would love to win the tickets, but even if I don’t, I still have a chance of seeing any of them wander around town or taking the subway ! :-D I am so happy about this. Made my day.
    Thank you universe <3

  35. never thought there’s ever gonna be an event like that in austria! :) don’t really think I’m gonna win, cuz I never win, but I can still give it a try :) [living in austria makes it easy for me to get there, just in case that I win ;D ]

  36. Wow this is my daughter´s favourite serial. We want to buy tickets but it is very expensive. So it will be amazing if i win it:)

  37. I am going to be 50 in July 2012, and this would take the “sting” out of this particular birthday,.,

  38. You guys are incredible! I would love to go there and I’d be beyond grateful if I could go!! :) :)

  39. That’s lovely! Would be a great present for my daughter.
    No matter who wins ,this is a nice idea!

  40. I’m not able to pay a ticket so it’d be unbelievably awesome if I would win won. :)

  41. It would be a big pleasure and a great opportunity to get this ticket.
    I know, that I would fulfill a really big desire of a big friend of mine, if you would choose me.
    we have both no chance to buy those tickets, but it would make me – us – so happy to be with all of you in Vienna!

  42. Gahhhh It would be the best thing that have ever happend to me!!

  43. This would be an amazing opportunity to go to! It would be awesome to go the convention, especially in another country. It would be a great way to start off the summer for me :) I love the vampire diaries and I really hope I win :)

  44. A friend of mine forced me to to comment here because she really wants to win the tickets

  45. HELLO!!!!!
    It would be an EXTRAORDINARY GIFT for my best friend and me to see the vampire diaries cast in Vienna!!!!
    We are huge fans and really hope to win the tickets!!!!! So we will wait and pray :-)

  46. I love TVD and I would be very happy if I win the passes!

  47. Hello vampirediariesonline!
    First of all your site is awesome. You always have the latest news.
    Well, as I read that the only thing you have to do to win is to leave a comment, I was a bot sceptical because of my English and my expression.
    I’m not really that good on expressing myself. We all know that TVD has something special and that’s the reason why we watch it. Of course lots of girls are watching that outstanding serie (compliments to Julie and Kevin and the entire cast and the fans) because of goregeous Damon and Stefan. But I also watch it because… Elena has such a mysterious and adventurous life and so many people love her, she has a brilliant life (with lots of problems.) But even though she manages every day due to her remarkably strong personality. I would kill to have her life and her look. Even though I know it’s impossible I always get so much motivation and optimism after each episode that it’s worth watching TVD. No other serie or movie gives me that feeling that everybody of us has something special. TVD has changed my life and it has a new sense. Therefore I’ m thankful. I’d love to meet the cast personally because it has been always me dream- of every girl. Besides My birthday is a few days before and to get a congratulation from
    Ian and Payl etc would be unbeliavable!!!!!!!! 
    It was just today as I went to the supermarket and found TVD bedlinen. My father knows that I’m actually obssessed with TVD so he sacrificed ten Euros (an awesome offer!!) and bought it for me I immediately opened the bag and used it. 
    You know in Germany there will be also a convention but my parents don’t have enough money cuz they had to pay the driver licence for my sister. It would be a fulfilled dream and mean everything to me if I’d get that ticket and my would be thankful, too. Just one time where it’s not about my bigger sister but about me getting a dream fulfilled I have for years. Just think about what I read.
    Greetings, Anna-Maria.
    P.S I need to see Ian’s eyes from close up to ensure they’re really that mesmerizing and deep blue…!!

  48. Me and my friend love the show and the convention is taking place near us…We just don´t have the money to pay for the tickets so it would be awesome to win them!! :) …so excited…..I´ve never won anything before, nor did my friend…. THANKS! :))

  49. OMG amazing i would looooove to win!!!!!!!
    I am a big big big fan of TVD and I am not a teenager :-)
    So please pick me to have also some mums on the convention :-)

  50. Hey! I watch this show all the time, it’s like a passion. I don’t know what I’d do without it because it helps me get through so much.

  51. The possibility to meet Ernesto Riley alias Matt Davis would be the nearly biggest wish I can imagine right now. It would be incredibly awesome to win those tickets. I keep my fingers crossed. :D

  52. Wow, that would be dream…I’m living in Vienna but can’t afford going to the convention… But I would not begrudge anyone who will win :) So good luck to everyone!

  53. Tickets sound great! Over gere in england and could use a chance to escape the rain! Also huge tvd fan even though im 30 cough 6x

  54. OMG! Please give me the chance to meet the cast! Would be my greatest day ever!

  55. I’d love to win tickets for the Crimson Sky Vampire Diaries Convention in Vienna! :-)

  56. I have dreamed of his day!! Would you please let my biggest wish come true?!

  57. i actually live in Vienna, Huge fan, so it would be nice to win.

  58. I love love love TVD!!!
    The greatest show of the 21th century!!!
    LOVE <3 <3 <3

  59. Hi everybody!

    Fortuna may bless me! I need these 2 tickets so very.

  60. I really want to be a part of this experience. winning this ticket woud be the greatest gift given to me :)

  61. my first comment didn´t work :(
    i really want to win the two tickets!!!! :) please please pick me!!!!

  62. I love TVD and the actors are great! It´s not easy to play such a role and the actors is playing it incredibly well. you would not only me make a huge joy also my kids would be happy because they will have more money.
    so please give me the tickets to make one mum and two children happy.

  63. I love The Vampire Diaries, and my best friend too. Unfortunately she can not pay the full ticket. I would like to surprise her with this on her birthday. So please, please, please, make her to be happy.

  64. I love the Vampire Diaries, I’ve been hooked since it started, watch every Thursdaynight, 2AM (Friday, xD) and I love the cast! I was going to an convention, but I had to cancel last minute because of lack of money.. So to win the tickets would be awesome!
    It would also be nice to have a break from a few crappy years. I’ve been diagnosed with a fatigue disease and been bullied out of school, and threatened and stuff. I would really love to have a break, and meet with the people I love to watch everyday..
    I hope I win, but since I never do.. Still; fingers crossed!

  65. It would really mean the world to me if I win this passes!!!!
    We can’t effort that much, but my children really wanna go, because they are in love with this show!

  66. Since I simply can’t afford to buy tickets to the convention but I’d really like to go, this is my only chance of seeing all the actors! Otherwise I’d have to stalk them and follow them around the city and you know, that would be criminal ;)

  67. TVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3
    My biggest wish is to go to this event!!!!!!!!!

  68. I would love to go see The vampier Diaries. I love the show and I’am a true fan and willing to do what ever it takes to meet Ian. I love him and this would be the best birthday present I ever got ..PLEASE choose me.

  69. Dear God if I win this contest I might have a heart attack and pass out at the same time. Is that even possible? Not sure, but with TVD anything is possible :) Good luck to everyone else though!

  70. i hope i’ll win this time, it would be a dream!!!!! congrats to laura schmidt!!! :D

  71. I love vampire diaries. And it would be the best thing in my life now!! I live in Vienna and so can’t wait I’m soo exiting and it would be the greatest and best thing when I won some tickets!!!

  72. Hey Ruthie !
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway !!! <3
    Of course I'd love to win !! haha :)
    xoxo from France !

  73. First at all thanks for the possibility to win the tickets – it´s a very nice giveaways!
    I’m not freaky but I am a big fan of TVD. I never missed a episode, quite the contrary, i looked they even twice. I´m a romantic and like to look tragic lovestories. so please give me the tickets and make me very happy.

  74. Wow. This is amazing!! It would be a dream come true to go to a TVD convention xx

  75. I missed any episode and I love this show.
    Winning this passes would make one of the happiest days in my life.

    I would be very grateful if i win the passes and a big desire would go into fulfilment.

  77. LOVE the vampire diaries…. would be as happy as can be if i won.. =)

  78. I`d love to go – I’d take my sister in Law who actually brogth me to the best show on TV! Greetings from Germany ;)

  79. Wow I´d like win it. And go there. I lives near to Vienna, so it will be great. BTW you have amazing page.

  80. I would like to win it. It´s my dream to meet them. Have a nice day

  81. It´s my dream to come to Crimson Sky Convention!

  82. really really great….. i hope i will win ;)

  83. I wanna win.I love the Vampire Diaries!!! I’d love to go to Vienna and see my favorite TVD stars!!! <3 TVD

  84. I’d love to attend a Vampire Diaries Convention in Vienna! =)

  85. I’ve always wanted to see Ian Somerhalder in person!!
    and i’d be happy to win :D

  86. It’s such a great thing that you can give this kind of opportunities to a lot of people. I would love to participate for this contest, thank you =)

  87. Awesome show, awesome actors together in an amazing city!! Plus: meeting a lot of my twitter girls! *crossing fingers* – I’d love to win… :)

  88. Wow this is amazing. I would love to see the TVD Cast live :D
    And since I live in Switzerland it wouldn’t be that far away^^’

  89. Great show and so nice of the actors to come to Wien. I would love to win one pass, not two:) Good luck everyone!

  90. Hi, it would be great to go to Vienna to see stars of TVD. I would be so happy.

  91. Wow! That would be great…. I would LOVE to go, but the tickets are pretty expensive…..

  92. huge opportunity…..would be amazing to see them all in person =)

  93. This tv show is awesome and I would love to meet them all!Let’s hope that luck is on my side this time..;)

  94. Awesome!!!! I would love to go and meet the cast of TVD!!!!! <3

  95. i wish the passes for my sisters. I want to thank them so for everything!

  96. That would be awesome!!!
    Das wäre so unglaublich geil!!!

  97. I wish to see them once in my life. As humans or as vampires :-)

  98. This would be an amazing opportunity and i could scratch this off my bucket list :D

  99. OMG! I would die if I’d win :”’)

  100. I hope the odds are in my favor……. :) This is at random, so I hope that i’m one of three picked..
    I love Ian Somerhalder &Paul Wesley. Thanks for this opportunity!

  101. I would really love to win this, because my birthday is on 12th of June and they would come on 16th&17th of June, so exactyl the weekend after my birthday and it would be amazing to meet all of them for my birhtday. Especially Joseph and Ian. I would be really be unbelievable happy if I was one of the three random picks.

  102. I would really Love to Win this, because I Love TVD. They are all amazing actors and I just Love them :-)

  103. That would be amazing !!
    Das wär sowas von cool wenn ich gewinnen würde. Ich glaub ich würde sterben vor Freude ;-)

  104. I hope I will win. I am a big fan of this show and the acters too! :)

  105. From Holland, I hope to get the opportunity to go to the Crimson Sky Vampire Diaries Convention!
    Much love and support!

  106. my daughters are big fans of the show, I would like to make them happy with these passes.

  107. In Vienna. Damn I love this city and TVD convention. It would be a dream come true if I win this. I wish you pick me :D

  108. WOW….
    It would be so awesome if I win, cause I totally love TVD and I’ve never won anything, can’t wait :D

  109. I’d love to go to the convention and meet Ian and the other fabulous actors of TVD!!!

  110. Páni,ráda bych se setkala s herci z TVD.Byxla bych ohromena.Byl by to nejvetší zážitek v živote…

  111. Je čas udělat nejaký zážitek v mém živote.Chtela bych aby to byl tento.MIluju TVD,miluje herce z něj,je to dokonalý,nejlepší !! ;) Toužím je vidět na živo ne jen v TV ..

  112. This sounds amazing, still can’t believe TVD season three ends on my birthday thou :(

  113. OMG! You guys are SO kind! I read your blog everyday! All love! – Joanna

  114. My birthday is on the june 13th, the passes would be the perfect gift. My greatest dream would come true.

  115. love you guys. best show so far !!!!!!! you blow every other show into the water… shows addicting ,got everyone that i know watching it

  116. Hi everyone !! It’s so awesome, I’d love to win those tickets. Thank you. :)

  117. My daughters and I love vampire diaries. I would love to take my oldest on this great adventure.

  118. Last round to win tickets for the con in Vienna! :)
    Good luck everyone! Thank you for the possibility to win tickets ;)

  119. OMG id love to win this GIANT FAN OF THE SHOW! DAMON/IAN is so HOT! and tonight episode was AMAZING can’t wait to see what happens next week for the end of the season :( hope it don’t end in that big of a cliffhanger

  120. Wow dis I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̅ a great opportunity for M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ to meet DAMON,whoever the winner I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̅ wish he/she best of luck

  121. Winning one of these sets would be a dream come true! I just wish to meet Joseph Morgan, Paul
    Wesley and Ian Somerhalder and this occasion is an unique one! Hope for the best and good luck everybody!

  122. I’d love to go! The best chance for me ! :-)

  123. What an amazing opportunity <3! I'm so excited and i hope that i will be one of the winners. Good luck everybody!

  124. Hey guys! I’m just going to love all of it more and more if I could win the tickets!

  125. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    The actors are great and the show is totally madness. i´ll win the passes. Thanks for this, it´s fantastic of you!!!


  126. Wooow this is great! If I win this will be the best day in my life ever <3 soooooo lets hope….

  127. I would love to go :) Our beautiful city of Vienna!! .. and Ian Somerhalder is here for one weekend .. i have to win these Tickets :D

  128. OMG I never won anything. and my big dream is to meet VD cast <3

  129. wow, I’ve watched vampire diaries from the beginning and it’s my big wish to meet them! I’d be so happy if i won the tickets :)))

  130. woooowww… i would love to win a ticket. i love this show so much. i would love to meet the cast and have a chance to talk to them :D

  131. I would like to win a pair of these tickets. Would be easy for me to get there, because i live in Vienna ;)

  132. I am form Austria and I would love to win the tickets and see the cast!
    It would only be a 2h drive to Vienna! ;)

  133. I would love to win these tickets I love VD and would love to meet the cast.

  134. Love TVD! Would be amazing to go and meet the cast and bring my little sister who is equally obsessed! Pick meeee:)

  135. OMG!! when I saw this entry I thought you were kidding! hardly any famous american tv star ever comes to austria!!
    I would loooove to win 2 human passes!
    xoxo Susi

  136. Wow this is so great that someone can win a Ticket to the Vampire Diaries Convention! I I would be so suprise and happy when this is me :-) I watch the Vampire Diaries from the fisrt day and i´m a big big Fan and this would be my on chance to see them! So good luck to me and to everybody!

  137. I.m so surprise that it gives a Chance to win one of these Tickets i would be soooo happy, because i lan i didn’t have the money four the Tickets and it would be so great when i become a chance to see them! :-)

  138. Ich bin so dankbar das es die Chance gibt so ein Ticket zu gewinnen da ich es mir sonnst nie leisten könnte . Da ich die Sendung vom ersten Tag verfolge und ich ein rießen Fan bin und mir warscheinlich nie wieder so eine Möglichkeit gebeten wird. Würde ich mich freuen und tausend >Luftsprünge machen wenn ich so ein Ticket gewinnen würde. Ich wünsche auch allen anderen viel Glück!! Die Serie ist die beßte die ich je gesehen habe ich war noch nie so gefesselt und mich hat noch nie eine Serie jeden Folge aufs neue so überrascht! I LOVE TVD

  139. I would love to win ! I hope sooooo !Would be the best summer ever! I love tvd , I watch it every week and I’m a huge fan ! Loooooooooooooooooooooove it. When i saw this I nearly cried my heart out! I copletely freaked out ! I love the show and the actors and all the people who have part of this awesome show! GOOD LUCK ! :-))

  140. Would be like the perfect present for my sister ;)

  141. I would love to win this! Vienna is just around the corner from where I live ;-)

  142. If I would win you could make two girls happy with one ticked for I am pregnant ;-) And I would volunteer to guide all VDS stars around Vienna.

  143. That’s great:):) It will be awesome if I win<3 I love TVD <3

  144. I would be thrilled to meet the cast and other fans of the show in person in Vienna. If not, there is still the Internet to obsess about our favourite show :-D

  145. Would love to win! See Vienna and the Vampire diaries convention all in one go would be perfect!!!!

  146. OMG this is my dream since always. I’ve always wanted to meet them and talk to them. I never had to chance to do that because of health and economical issues, but I want to meet them so badly. I just… I love you all just for giving me this brilliant chance!! <3 And may the odds be even in my favour *finger crossed* <3

  147. Hello my lovely TVDonline.com Team.

    I don´t know what you prefer to read. The only thing I can say that I really wish to win the Tickets.
    I love the cast, the serie and all about this. Please make my dream true. Thank you, my lovelys =)

    Have a nice day

    In love

  148. Love your website and the possibilty to win the passes!!!! I wish everybody luck! =)=)

  149. Hi,
    ich möchte auch gern an der Verlosung teilnehmen und würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ich gewinnen würde…

  150. My girlfriend is obsessed with TVD and it would be great if I win the cards and surprise her :-)

  151. I love TVD!
    Thanks to the cast that you come to europe!

  152. I would love to see Vienna!! Ans of course the VD Cast!! Let my dream come true :-)

  153. Hey vampires !!!!!

    I live in Austria and I wood like to see Paul,Ian and all the Oder gays,The Vampire Diaries I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu The best series of the wold <3

  154. Once I wold like to say i am so crazy of this series I look every day session 1/2 an once a week session 3 in Vienna we are 3/9 and I love Stelen!!!!!! Stefen &Elena 4 ever ;-*

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    Would love to win :-)

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    It would be great to get the chance to see them :-)

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    This season was so great and I`m so exited for the final episode tomorrow!

    Ps Thank you for your work @ the HP, your the first site looking for news of TVD.

    Greets Sabine

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