Win 2 Gold Weekend Passes for Creation’s TVD Convention in San Francisco,CA!


Once again, Creation Entertainment has agreed to provide VDO readers and followers the chance to win tickets to one of their upcoming conventions! We have 2 Gold Weekend Passes to give away to The Official Vampire Diaries convention in San Francisco, CA to be held July 28 – 29, 2012.

Guests that have been confirmed for the event are: Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino, Daniel Gillies, Steven R. McQueen, Torrey DeVitto and Matt Davis. And hosts for the weekend are the always lovely sister duo The Hillywood Show.

So what is included in a Gold Weekend Pass (a value of $598)? Well I’m going to tell you…

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2) Complimentary in-person autographs with great guests including IAN SOMERHALDER, PAUL WESLEY, ZACH ROERIG, MICHAEL TREVINO, DANIEL GILLIES and MATTHEW DAVIS.The value of these autographs alone is a large portion of the cost of the package itself so you can see why the Gold Package is such an outstanding offer! Take advantage of this deal and grab your seats today!

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7) Admission to the vendors area and of course!


For more information on the event, head on over to Creation’s San Francisco convention page.

Rules for the Giveaway:

Well, they are pretty simple. Just leave a comment on this post expressing your hopes for The Vampire Diaries Season 4 or just how much you love TVD. Only one comment per person allowed to enter. The giveaway is open WORLDWIDE, but winner will have to keep in mind that transportation or hotel accommodations are the sole responsibility of the winner and are NOT INCLUDED.

Giveaway is open now until Thursday, June 7th 11:59PM CST. Winner will be chosen via Random.org. Good luck!


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  1. My hopes for TVD Season include exploring Bonnie’s new found independence as a witch. She said she was tired of being pushed around and I’m really hoping that in season 4 she goes a bit dark. I’m also hoping that Season 4 gets into the question of whether Elena really wants to live because she seems to have been on a suicide mission. This would be really cool because she defined what love should be as someone who makes her want to live. Which Salvatore really fits that bill? I’d also like to see Damon move on, at least for a bit. Elena’s made her choice for now and, while I want Damon always to be there for her, I think he’s earned a break from pining for her. Finally, I really hope they take the relationship between the Salvatore brothers even further, especially in light of how the “eternal difference” between them: Damon being willing to risk her hate to keep her alive an Stefan being willing to let her die if that’s her choice, played out at the end of the season. How will Damon react to the fact that Stefan let her die? How will Stefan react? And how will Elena react.

    Anyway, yes I love the show. That’s why I love to write about it.

    Lil, aka @badwolflil

  2. @BadWolf, I am also looking to see Elena’s struggle to take the transition or not and when she does how is the bloodlust for her. I would like to see Salvatore brother bonding. Do the originals suspect that Klaus might not have died? Elijah and Rebekah might try to find out more. Bonnie may have indeed turn a bit dark but saying that who is the real new villain for season 4? Is Katherine going to be back? Will they find a new way to destroy Klaus and save Tyler? I am looking forward to all this and much more!

  3. ….OMG!!! I love this show because is different, every single episode is shocking, the storyline is great and because it has so many hot guys on it…
    ..For what excpet from season 4 is the same adrenaline of season 3, i will like to see how Katherine reacts to the fact Elena is a vampire…maybe she’ll try to drive her by the dark side XD…
    And i will definettly will attend the convetion if i win this 2 gold passes….=)

  4. My hope for season four is that we get a less powerful villain for the season. Although I truly live the originals, I couldn’t help but feel that Plec and the other writers got backed into a corner since they are essentially immortal in the truest sense of the word. I also dislike they are so strong because it gets harder an harder to buy that Damon and Stefan can survive each subsequent encounter with them.

    I also hope that we see them taking time with Elena coming to terms with her new reality. This is going to be major for her and deserves a long play out, not just a tidy resolution!

  5. My hopes for season 4 is that they really go into depth of Elena being a vampire and her relationship with not only Stefan but all of her friends. I also am hoping to see what will happen with Tyler/Klaus and Caroline. The fact that Klaus is in Tyler’s body was such a shock and will be awesome to see that looked into. My best friend showed me the show during season 2 and now I am INLOVE with the shows and all the characters!! I have watched the show from the beginning so many times and I love seeing them all grow up and take different paths during the show :)

  6. I started watching the vampire diaries right when it came out, and was instantly in love. The amazing plot, characters, actors, and individuality is what makes this show so entrancing and charming. One thing that I love so much about this show is that it never ceases to amaze or disappoint. There has never been a week where I won’t count down the days until the next week and so on. Another thing about this show is its actors. Their incredible acting just goes to show the dedication that they have for the show and its fans. The writer of the books and the writers of the show should truly be proud of their work. It would be an honor to experience a convention like this.

  7. I recently started watching the Vampire Diaries and became so hooked that I watched all three seasons in 10 days! I love how this show can appeal to not only teenagers, but adults as well. My mom has watched every episode with me and she gets just as much from the show as I do (even though she is Team Stefan, while I’m on Team Damon). I think this show has so many underlying messages that can relate to any viewer, which is what makes it so magical. This season, I’m hoping for a little (who am I kidding, a lot) of DELENA moments because Damon deserves to be picked for once :) I’m hoping they can continue with the complex storylines present in the second and third seasons without losing too much focus on the main characters and their internal goals and struggles. I think there will be a lot to develop with Elena and I’m interested to see how that plays out. Of all the vampire genres (True Blood, Twilight, Buffy, etc) I love The Vampire Diaries the most because it makes vampires believable and makes you sympathize with them and forget their nature often.

  8. My hopes for season 4 is to see a really interesting shift in the dynamics between Elena and the Salvatore brothers. How cool would it be to see her blood thirsty and more like Damon and Ripper Stefan. Imagine Stefan being mortified of how easy it is for Elena to kill? And Stefan spends the majority of season 4 trying to help Elena fight the urge to kill?

    I doubt the story would go that route. It’s just so much fun entertaining the idea :-P I hope I win this contest….

  9. I am looking forward to season 4 and how everything is going to change!
    Matt, Jeremy and Meredith dealing with the repercussions of their decisions
    Elena and the Salavtore boys dealing with her transition
    Bonnie and her role in everything
    Tyler/Klaus and Caroline!

    The storyline ideas are endless for season 4! I CANNOT wait 8-)

  10. I have been with Tvd from the start and i love it sooooo much !!!!!! But because i live in the Uk it is hard to get tickets to the conventions. Because i live in the Uk i go online to keep on track with the American shows because the finale was last week here. Omg it would be soo amazing to go to this convention !!! It would just make my summer be soooo good !!!!!

  11. Omg I love tvd! I have so many hopes for season 4. I would really like to see Bonnie tap into her dark magic and get back together with jeremy. Of course I can’t wait to see the struggle Elena will have with the Salvatore brothers. I can’t wait to see Elena’s reaction to remembering Damon’s compulsion. The chemistry between Nina and Ian is uncanny so I hope they don’t make us wait an entire season to see these two together. I hope Elena will realize that by Damon telling her exactly what she wants (a love that consumes her) and her feeling that for him in the finale, that she will realize that he knows her soul while Stefan knows her heart. As a vampire I think a love that consumes you is an eternal love.

  12. I love Vampire Diaries. I look forward to Thursday nights, curling up with a takeout order of thai food, and enjoying my favorite vampires and the ever-evolving and interesting plot lines. Vampire Diaries is intelligent, well-written, evocative and keeps its viewers guessing throughout. I hope to see Katherine more in Season 4. I think she is a really powerful and attention-grabbing presence on screen. I also hope that Damon finds a (true) love interest beyond Elena. I think it would be much healthier for the brothers to move on from the elena/doppleganger love triangle spanning decades. All in all, this is a great show and I can’t wait to see more.

  13. I am actually looking forward to Elena as a vampire (she better decide to go through the transition or else, Damon’s force-feeding her!). Anyhow, season four is going to be very fun and full of drama; I am definitely looking forward to it tons! :D I hope to see more Delena, ’cause those moments are just to die for. ^.^ I definitely hope to see Joseph Morgan as Klaus again (tho I love Trevino too)–love his British accent and blond hair w/ blue eyes. I am looking forward to Nina Dobrev’s portrayal of vampire Elena and I can’t wait to see her reaction when Damon’s compulsion wears off!

  14. I want to see what Elena’s decision will be… to die or become a vampire? I hope she chooses to die, but in a desperate turn of events, she is somehow force fed human blood and becomes undead. So much more dramatic than choosing to become a vampire because she can’t leave the

  15. I write from Italy. To know the cast would be a dream for me. Is needless to say how much I love TVD, it is obvious!! But I have a profound respect for the actors that are really amazing!! I would love to join a trip to San Francisco with the convention, it would be a unique opportunity to visit your country. I hope to be the lucky winner to realize my dream. thanks for the opportunity. Sabry

  16. My main hope for season 4 of the vampire diaries is that my heart continues to thud for the duration of each episode and I will still need to remind myself to breathe through all the twists and turns each episode takes! I hope Chris Mollere continues to match the perfect soundtrack to each episode and I hope FINALLY to see some Damon and Elena lovin’!
    I take my TVD episodes very seriously, best hour of my week! My loyalty is such that I watch no other T.V. except my TVD on repeat, crazy? maybe, but the show and the storyline just gets under your skin (a bit like Damon Salvatore!).

  17. First of all, let me say that I am a 37 year old wife & mother of 2 who absolutely LOVES ALL THINGS TVD!!!!! My girlfriends & I consider every Thursday…which we refer to as “Happy Favorite Show Day” a holiday & we get together & watch the show together. We love it so much we drove from Indiana to Covington last October in hopes to get just a glimpse! We are going back this year as well. CANNOT WAIT! My hopes for Season 4 are that the Original family gets to stick around a little longer. I would LOVE to see Caroline & Klaus have a whirlwind love affair. I’d also LOVE to see more of snarky Damon return, but most of all, I absolutely cannot wait to see Elena as a vamp. While I am Team Stefan & hope that this will just make their love stronger, I’m excited to see how she reacts to Damon. I’m just so sad that we will not see Ric. :( Love live TEAM BROMANCE!!!!

  18. I’ll keep it short:
    I love TVD, because it has the perfect mixture of everything I need from a show (humor, drama, romance, bloody&teary sceens & well you get the picture).
    For the season to come I don’t dare to have any hopes beacause I know the writers will “out-write” my suggestions, which is frankly one of the reasons why I adore the show. My only wish is to keep seeing all the amazing actors and actresses so maybe my wish would be if you kill them bring them back ;) !
    Final thouht: TVD is what keeps me going even when it seems there is no resonable point in life. Well I trully hope that CW will be resonable enough to keep the show running for many seasons to come! (Though I think they are afraid to be bitten and drained out by the fans BD ) My last hope is to be chosen for this amazing give-away!!!
    THANKS & Have a nice day,
    ˇ ˇ

  19. I’d love to see some true brother healing/bonding with Stefan and Damon. Aside from this, I know there’s nothing else I could say that would make a lick of difference. The writers always do a stupendous jo, and even I am constantly surprised at the plot twists and turns. I am not a shipper, but I am a fan of the show, the writers, and of course, the cast. I hope it continues for many, many more episodes! 100? 150? 200? The writers bring it, the cast & crew make it real, and we, the fans, support the hell out of it!


  21. I am hoping to see in season four of TVD a more ruthless vampire Elena emerge. It is about time this girl got mad. I am also hoping to see some more love triangle action between the Salvatores and Elena.

  22. First of all I am thankful for this opportunity that has been presented to enter and win to see the Vampire Diaries Cast! I’ve been waiting for an event like this to come up! I am so anxious, nervous, and breathless with butterflies in my stomach for Season 4. After season 3 had ended, I was left in tears and my heart pounding! It was a total EPIC season! So, then I decided to watch the whole 3 seasons AGAIN. Watching it all over again still gave me that feeling as if I were watching it for the first time. I really can’t wait for Season 4. I am analyzing it hard. Klaus’s love for Caroline will grow now that He’s in Tyler’s body. Now how will Caroline take it when she finds out that its Klaus later on? As for Elena, the love for both brothers will probably be even more confusing. Now that she will be a vampire, Damon’s compulsions will come back to her. She will remember! Stefan is such a good person, he always let Elena make her own decisions. He really loves her. Damon will always protect Elena because he loves her too. being in Elena’s shoes must be difficult. For Season 4, its going to be like history has repeated it’s self. Katherine will make it even difficult for her and for the love of two brothers. I am so thrilled and ballistic about Bonnie. How long will she keep this secret from her friends. Klaus is still alive. What is the new plan for Klaus? Now that Elena is a vampire, he won’t be able to creat hybrids.Will there be some kind of witch spell? It will be EPIC, I know that for a fact. I am so in love with this show, I can go on and talk about it all day. I really hope I get this opportunity to meet, Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Stefan (Paul Wesley), Elena (Nina Dobrev) and the rest of them. It will be a dream come TRUE. I honestly can’t express even more in words of how amazing this show is and how great will it be to win this pass. Thank you for reading this. Xo :)

  23. Love the Vampire Diaries!!! I was fortunate to meet several of the cast in Chicago this April!! I was blown away by how genuine they all were!! Great people!!! I would love to have the chance to meet them again!! I was not able to meet Ian and that’s my goal now!!! Creation does such a wonderful job with their conventions no one better :0)

  24. First of all I love this show so much, I have watched the first two seasons three times. My hopes for the Vampire Diaries season four is for Elena to become more empowered now that she is a vampire and to not constantly be the weak link and need to be saved. I also want her to make a more definite decision on Stefan or Damon, at least for now, because she is stringing both of them along. I also want to see more of Caroline and Tyler since he got cut out of like the last half of season three, and I love them as a couple. I am also interested to see what happens to the Originals, I hope at least Elijah lives because he is my favorite! The storyline of Klaus being in Tyler’s body should be interesting, I can’t wait to see what the writers do with that. I also can’t wait to find out the new villain and mystery of the season, who could be worse than the Originals, and Dark Alaric??? Most of all just can’t wait to see more of Damon because he is my favorite character :) I would love to get to see the cast in person and thank you for this opportunity for one of our lovely fan base to get this chance!

  25. In season 4 I am hoping that the dispute on which brother to choose will settle down. I just about had a heart attack last season with all the twists and turns! I think Elena should take a break with the Salvatores and take time to find herself and adjust to becoming a vampire. I would love to see a darker side of Bonnie because let’s face it, Bonnie always seems to save the day and it has caused her mostly pain. Most of all I just hope for another amazing season of The Vampire Diaries!

  26. I was very satisfied with theis seasons finally. It has opens doors for a whole lot of exciting new story lines and twists for season 4. I am looking forward to seeing how Elena deals with being a vampire and how the Salvatore brothers respond to the new Elena. I am also excited about Bonnie in the next season… She is a strong character and what she did with Klaus is going to have some crazy consequences. Over all I love the show and I can’t wait for next season!!! October seems so far away!!! And I can’t get enough of those Salvatore Brothers!

  27. The Vampire Diaries is one of a kind! It is the only show I’ve ever watched that mixes the supernatural with everyday life and makes it completely believable. Every episode literally keeps me on the edge of my seat! It’s absolutely amazing to see what the writers and producers can create onscreen. I’ve been addicted to the show since the first episode.

    I can’t wait until season four premieres! I’m so anxious to see how Elena is going to handle her new “situation” and how it will affect the rest of the group. All along, Elena has been fighting a constant battle to protect her loved ones and remain mortal, and now in the midst of it all, she’s gotten wrapped up even deeper. I hope that the writers don’t rush Elena’s transition, because fans have been waiting for this since season one. I’m interested to see the Klaus/Caroline/Tyler triangle play out, too. It’s gonna be another breathtaking season!!!

  28. I would love this opportunity. I was a late comer to the show but I enjoy the show so very much and appreciate all of the hard work the cast and crew go through to give us fans a fantastic show. I cannot wait for season four!!!

  29. I have been watching The Vampire Diaries since it started 3 yrs ago I have seen Damon at his worst and at his nicest and always sexiest. Stephen at his best to his worst and still love him as well. Elena I have seen grow up to a strong independent woman in the three seasons of the show. The fact that now she loves both Damon and Stefan who wouldn’t. I have seen changes for the better in Caroline and Tyler too. Overall Niklaus was the worst enemy yet. He really made the show even more fun to watch. Bonnie is using more of her witchcraft and powers and dabbling into the dark magic more. Which will show her she has to be more careful what she does, and the consequences of her actions. Jeremy, Alaric, and Matt are hot as well and all are and were great in all the saving of mystic falls as well. I believe in Season 4 it was time for Elena to become a vampire. I also know she will probably do a lot of soul searching as she transitions and will now remember it all. Her meeting Damon first and Stefan second. She will know that Damon com-pulsed her to forget incidents twice in the 3 years she knew him. She feels passion with Damon and love with Stefan. Desire with both of the Salvatore brothers. However I believe she will be just with Stefan and long for Damon as well. I believe Damon will be mad at Stefan because he let her die to save Matt and they will be feuding again. Rebekah will face Jeremy and rest and probably fight for her life. Matt and Bonnie and everyone will do all they can to help Elena and at the same time search for a way to make her human again. I believe they will but someone will have to die like Jeremy which he has the ring to bring him back. Damon will probably take revenge on Rebekah and hurt her like she hurt him. I believe klaus will stay in Tyler’s body and watch all this happening, and plan to kill Rebekah as well for ruining his chances of hybrids with the doppelgangers blood. I believe another doppelganger will be coming that looks like Elena. Damon and Elena will have sex glorious sex in season 4. I believe Alaric will be a ghost and come back periodicity to see how Jeremy is doing. I believe they will stop the council by erasing their memories in compulsion and some death. There is a lot craziness going to happen too.

  30. My hope for vampire diaries season 4 is to have Damon and Elena explore their intense relationship further. I fell for this series when I saw episode one and have enjoyed the development of each and every characters as the story has unraveled. I’m counting down the hours until the premiere and it would be an honor to win the tickets through the contest. I really hope I am chosen. Thank you for the opportunity.

  31. I would totally be ecstatic if I won! TVD is absolutely amazing! I’m so thrilled that I started watching it during the 2nd season (catching up on the 1st season during that time). All the actors are incredible and some of the best I’ve seen. I can’t wait for season 4!!!

  32. First off – I LOVE TVD!!!!!!! It’s my favorite go-to show! Elena, Stefan and Damon ROCK! I am all about the Delena romance though :) Such a great, well-written show!
    My hope for season 4 is that Daman and Elena will get together, even though she choose Stefan in the end of season 3. I can’t wait to see all that happens……gotta love Thursday nights with TVD!!!!
    Thank you!

  33. Wow! Vampire Diaries, my love for Vampire Diaries makes my parents scared! I refuse to go to school if i miss an episode, i cry like all the time, i get entangled into the action and fall in love with the characters! I not only love the TV show, but the ingenious story line of L.J Smith in the books and cannot wait for the final 10th book in the series. The Vampire Diaries is my life, and i hope for much more to come in the 4th series! I want Elena to realise all that Damon has done for her in the past, he deserves recognition. I want them to settle down, but even though its weird i want Klaus to come back, with him comes action, love, devotion, despair, loss, hope, determination and much more. I want the characters to aspire to their dreams and wishes and have a fuller life even after all they’ve been thorugh. <3 TVD xxx

  34. my hopes are that Delana will finally happen and that she realizes that Damon is the better option for her then Stephan.

  35. I am a 38 year old married mother of three boys. I am PROUD to be a TVD fan. I have watched Twilight, True Blood and most recently TVD. TVD is by far the best vampire series I’ve seen. I had heard of TVD and thought it was just for teenagers and young adults…. I stand corrected. In January my four year old son was diagnosed with leukemia. I found myself spending weeks on end at UCSF. I put Netflix on my iphone and began watching TVD. I was completely swept away from my worries and transported into yours. It is a fabulous show filled with AMAZING actors and actresses. I tell all of my followers (I’m a DJ) to watch TVD. I tell them to either watch on Netflix or buy all the seasons (they’ll watch them over and over again).

    I’ve never been one to join fan clubs or follow actors private personal life. However Ian Somerhalder changed all that. Not only is he most possibly the most beautiful man on earth, but he is in my book one of the greatest humanitarians out there. All the work he does with his foundation is amazing.

    So needless to say I am completely hooked on TVD. I share my passion for TVD with everyone I know.

  36. I really want to win! I love the vampire diaries and really hope damon and elena end up together

  37. Hello,
    This show is so amazing with talented actors and a great story so :
    I hope that Elena will be a badass vampire because in season 3 she was a little bit boring sometimes!!
    I hope that Katherine will appear in Mystic fall !!!
    She is so cool and so villain.
    Stefan will be with Elena in season 4 so it’s okay with me
    and Damon will be Damon like always I hope so.

  38. Expressing my hopes for season four of TVD is easy! Bring back The Vampire Diaries to Australian T.V.!!! Down here in Australia, we had the vampire diaries accessible to EVERYONE for the first two seasons, it was on free to air t.v. which everyone has. Not many people have cable or pay t.v. here in Australia, it’s too expensive. However, in the lead up to season 3, there was not a hint of it’s return. Finally, the t.v. station here in australia releases the following statement
    “Sorry for stefan you around, the Vampire Diairies will not be returning to free to air t.v. but has been picked up by pay t.v.” So, after much deliberation my sister and I went halves in pay t.v. to be able to watch our beloved Elena, Damon, Stefan, Bonnie, Caroline and the cast, so every week we camp on her lounge to watch it, ironically the Pay T.V is not used to watch any other show, just TVD episodes on repeat, replay, rewind!!!! So that is my hope for TVD season 4 that more Australians get the chance to enjoy America’s best ever export. Also, apparently the holy trinity (ian, nin and paul) came to Oz in 2010 before many aussies even knew of the shows existence, im not even sure it had started on our t.v. screens yet (we missed it by a couple of months) and to top it off we have just had Kat, Candice and Michael pull out of the convention down here next weekend, after many of us have already purchased tickets:-(
    But to go to a convention in the U.S. with paid for tickets is the only incentive my sister and i need to pack our suitcases, book our plane tickets, call in a favour from our husbands who can channel their inner mum for a week and mind the kids and we are there in the land of Delena, Klaroline and Bonermey (bring back bonnie and jeremy!).
    We love our TVD down here in Oz, Any place in the world we’d rather be? Mystic Falls of course!

  39. I love the Vampire Diaries because it’s thrilling and it consumes you. When i first watched it i was not that into it but the more i watch the more it pulled me in and now i am addicted. I hope to see in Season 4, Elena turn into a vampire, i would like to Elena and Damon fall in love, And i want to see which way Bonnie is gonna go, I would like to see if Klaus really died, and what happens to Tyler. Does Caroline fall for Klaus? Is she gonna stay with Tyler, I’d like to see Caroline and Klaus together. I would also like to see what happens to Jeremey, It would be cool to see him and Bonnie end up back together, they made such a cute couple. The Vampire Diaries is the only show i watch. I currently own season one and two and will own season 3 as soon as it comes out on DVD. I cannot wait till season 4 comes out!! I am super stolked! :) I have got so many of my friends into the Vampire Diaries. It is such a deep show, and i love the story line behind it! I have yet to find a show as capturing as the Vampire Diaries! I am a HUGE Paul Wesely and Ian Somerhalder fan! :)

  40. Ahhh! Can’t wait for season 4! I’m looking forward to see how they develop the characters. Team Delaina :]

  41. It will be hard for me to wait for the beginning of season 4, because the possibilities for where the show is going is endless. I am never disappointed! I’m excited to see how Elena’s character will change, and her views on what she really wants comes to fruition. I know the journey is where it’s at, and not the destination. I just can’t wait to see where the story will take all of them.

    Can’t wait!

  42. My hopes for season 4 of The Vampire Diaries are simple. I hope to see Elena have to really consider the new knowlege she will now know (if she is really in transtion) about meeting Damon first, Damon’s feelings for her, telling her he loved her then compelling her not to remember that. She clearly has feelings for him and how all that has happened plays out with her making her choice as to who she will choose in afterlife if either Stefan or Damon or neither Elisha???… All so realizing that Alaric has died and how Jeremy will deal with this on top of his sister, Elena’s death/transition. I hope to see “Alaric’s” ghost return as well as other past loved characters to explore further the abilities Jeremy has “seeing the dead”. I hope also that season 4 can explore and explain some way that Tyler’s soul did not truly die in Klaus’s body, that Klaus in Tyler’s body is temperary. I hope to see Elisha and Rebecca stay in Mistic Falls with twist’s and turns and some love triangles with their characters. The possibility of Bonnie going true dark side and the chaos she could cause. I hope to see Caroline still struggling with her love for Tyler and Matt and how Klaus in Tyler’s body may play out with her maybe falling for Klaus finaly forceing Klaus to show a compassionate side. These are just a few of my hopes for Season 4. Thanks for the chance to voice my thoughts.

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  44. Please Please Please Pick Me!!! VD lover from the time the first episode aired! <3

  45. Vampire Diaries is amazing! My favorite show ever. Season 4 is going to be better than season 3, because each season is better than the other! Elena is going to be a kick-butt vampire. Hopefully Caroline will be okay, same with Bonnie. I’M SO GLAD ELENA CHOSE STEFAN…. so please PICK ME!!!!

  46. I’m hoping vampire diaries season 4 will include a little more of the Elena and Damon relationship. I am team Stefan but it was very interesting seeing those two together. I’m hoping now that she is a vampire, she will remember meeting Damon first. I’m excited to see if Bonnie will possibly try to prevent Elena from transitioning with a spell and it will turn her dark. Bonnie would be an entertaining villain to watch. I tune in every Thursday at 8 and I cannot imagine my Thursdays without the Vampire Diaries. It has been one of the most entertaining shows to watch. I can admit I watch a lot of shows and Vampire Diaries is my favorite BY FAR. It would be my dream come true to meet all of them in person and I hope my entry is seriously considered!!

  47. Where to begin?!? My hope is that Damon finally finds happiness…with Bonnie;) Honestly, I know that it’s going to take a while to build up to that so I’ll settle for Bonnie going darkside and Damon either loving it or saving her from it! Please give our little witch a romantic interest that’s worth fighting for…
    I’d also like to know where the heck Bonnie’s dad is. I’m sure he’s hot and we’re missing it!!!!
    As for Elena I’m super excited about her vamp side. I can’t wait to see her and Katherine all vamped out and circling each other.
    I must have more leather trouser wearing Klaus and the hot new haircut wearing Elijah. Wowsers can you say yummy?!?
    I’ll also need a Jeremy and Bonnie moment that clears up the weirdness but in a what goes around comes around kind of way;)
    Oh and can we have another 20’s decade dance? EVERYBODY was smokin’ hot!!!
    Please make sure you keep your music genius on board. I’ve broken my bank downloading the awesomeness that is your soundtrack listing…
    That will be all for now Mwahahah!

  48. I would definitely love to see Katherine back in town to mix everything up again, especially now that Elena is a vampire! I hope that in season 4 we continue to see some of the dark sides of Stefan and it would be nice to see Bonnie go to the dark side. I love love LOVE the vampire diaries and I am practically counting down the days until season 4 returns!

  49. I love this show mainly because of the quality of characters it has. Even though basis of the show is supernatural the writers have succeeded in show the humanity in each of them. They may be fighting it every step of the way but to see that struggle makes the characters so relatable a pleasure to watch.

    My hopes for season 4 are to see how each of these characters handle the huge life changes that have been set before them in the season 3 finale. How will Elena handle her transition into a Vampire? How will she deal with the memories of Damon that will start the resurface? How will the Salvatore brothers relationship suffer because of Stefan’s decision? How will Caroline deal with the fact that the man she shared the heart wrenching goodbye with was not actually Tyler, and more so how will she deal with the Bonnie when she finds out it was her who cast the spell to switch Tuler and Klaus. Will Katherine take an interest in Vampire Elena? I would also really like to see the growth of Bonnie as a with and how she handles her taste of dark magic. She doesn’t want to be pushed around anymore but to what extent will she rebel?

    I am looking forward to a season of transition and discovery, while still staying true to whitest characters have always been.

    I love The Vampire Diaries and can’t wait to see where the story goes!

  50. I hope every moment of season 4 is as exciting and addictive as the last 3 seasons of the Vampire Diaries! I can not wait to see where the storyline will go, especially with Elena in transition ( ..still an OMG! moment! ) . I absolutely LOVE the show and it would be the most amazing experience to be able to go to the Vampire Diaries convention to see my favourite guys + girls in person! =)

  51. The Vampire Diaries is my weekly getaway from being a busy mom and I love the storyline!



  53. TVD is my complete escape from reality. It has all of the drama, suspense, love triangles, and twists that make life in my very small town bareable! Every episode I fall even more in love with each character. I hope that season 4 will continue to suck me in ;) and entice me with each new twist and turn! I’m excited to see Elana as a vampire and hope that Damon will get a new love interest!!! It would really be a dream come true to go to the convention and meet all of the extreamly talented actors that make TVD as amazing as it is!

  54. I just saw this opportunity and I thought why not give it a try because Vampire Diaries is definitely worth a try in getting a chance to see the cast and other things that affiliate with a convention. To tell you the truth, I’ve never gone to a convention because usually the good and most sought out after conventions or events are usually either too far or too expensive. And that applies for this one as well because I am 100, 000 kms x 100, 000 kms away again! Advanced congratulations to whoever wins though :)

    Anyways, what I am looking forward to in season 4 is firstly, that they do play around with Bonnie’s part because like what she said in the Season 3 Finale, she is now going to stop listening to what the witches and other people tell her because she is tired of being told what to do. And I agree, who wants to be told of what to do whenever they are needed? I know I wouldn’t. So, I’d like to see how far she would go since we all know that she is strong and capable of doing a lot of things (keeping in mind that she comes from a strong bloodline). I wouldn’t mind if she becomes the villain as long as the producers and writers do surprise us, viewers, again. For example, the ending of season 3 because I did not see that coming! Bonnie doing a magical spell to move Klaus’ spirit to Tyler’s body. Though, I should have seen that coming because “the Tyler” in that cave was kind of acting as if he wasn’t really in pain. And Elena dying and coming back to life as a vampire! Though, I had thought they would turn her into a vampire since the beginning of season 3.

    Secondly, I am looking forward to what Elena plans on doing now that she is a vampire. I’m currently imagining what her alter ego would be like, if she has one. Maybe they’ll make her a seductress? Who knows~ That’s maybe a thought they could play around with? And she’s smart, I’m really looking forward as to what she will be as a vampire! I also hope that they maybe put more hints as to who she will choose between the Salvatore Brothers? Though, it may spoil a bit of fun, I’d like to know at what angle and how they plan on revealing her choice.

    And lastly, I am wondering how they plan on making “the new Tyler” be in season 4! Because we all know that Caroline doesn’t really like Klaus… or does she? And the fact that Tyler didn’t die but just suddenly vanished without an explanation as to how and what happened during the time the chained Klaus and Bonnie were alone in storage 1020. So I do hope they give us an explanation as to what really happened and how did Bonnie end up with that kind of decision especially if it was her alone to come up with that plan of action.

    I’ll continue to watch Vampire Diaries from here on out and will be waiting for more news on what is happening, as well as when is season 4 coming out! I really cannot wait for the beginning of a new season! And I’m actually rooting for Damon and Elena just because their moments are usually hot and steamy xD Vampire love action~ Gotta love it!

  55. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Elena’s and Stefan’s relationship will change. There is no telling what kind of vampire Elena will be and if she is a blood thirsty one how will Stefan deal with that. I think Damon will visit his dark side again, I’m hoping that we see just how far he is willing to go to make Elena his.

  56. Season 4 is going to blow our minds, I’m sure of it. Elena becoming a vampire is definitely going to put some tension between Damon, Stefan, and maybe Katherine! I know Jeremy won’t be happy about it. I can’t even express how much I love this show. It makes my day any time I watch it. The cast is brilliant, they have fantastic chemistry together and the crew does so an amazing job putting together the final pieces. I love love love love love TVD!! I can’t wait for this next season …. ready for some bad ass vampires! I hope we see Katherine make a comeback (;

  57. I have high hopes for Season Four of the Vampire Diaries.

    First off, I would like Damon to still be a big part of Elena’s life. She should still mean a lot to him, even if she chose Stefan. And because I don’t agree with that choice, I hope the love triangle continues.

    Secondly, I hope to see more of Katherine’s character development. She may be selfish and manipulative, but every time I see season two when her baby is ripped away from her, I think that there is worth exploring in there.

    Next, I want to see Elena struggle with her vampirism. Honestly, I know she’ll have to complete the transformation but I think that goes against her character. She never wanted to be a vampire. So I wonder how that will play out when she has to choose between vampirism and death. Will she make the choice? Or will someone she love force her to drink blood? Or will she just become overcome by bloodlust that her reason doesn’t win out? And when she does become a vampire, what will she do then? She’s good, yes, but will she want to abstain as first season Stefan did or drink in moderation like Damon? I want to see her struggle with it, because it is so against her human nature to drink human blood.

    I also want to see strong reactions from Damon and Stefan to Elena’s vampirism. They fell in love with HumanElena, so there feelings are bound to be a little different towards VampireElena.

    And what about poor Jeremy? I want to see him have a little happiness in this season since all of the people he loves have a tendency to die. I also would like to see a strong reaction to Elena becoming a vampire, but I hope that doesn’t mean his feelings change for her.

    Lastly, I would like to Klaus/Tyler to show some more humanity so his thing for Caroline doesn’t feel so foreign to me. Up until now I have assumed Klaus is incapable of real love (you know the kind where someone else comes first), but I willing to be proved to wrong.

  58. First I love The Vampire Diaries, and I wish I could somehow show it. What I expect from the new season of “The Vampire Diaries” is that it will be just as great as the other seasons. I hope that it will keep drawing a parallel to the books, but still be as unexpected as usual. I am really looking forward to see how Stefan, Damon and not at least Elena will react on Elena’s transformation. I hope Klaus will somehow survive, and return to his own body, cause Joseph Morgan is really hot. I really look forward to seeing how she is going to react at the fact, that she turned Damon down because they didn’t meet first, and then remembers that they met first (like Vicky remembered that it was Damon and not Stefan that fed off her). I hope to find out if there is a “first” doppelgänger, cause if Katherine and Elena are doppelgängers, there must be a first one (at least thats what i think).

    I love this show, and i’ve followed it from the start. I have cried, laughed and made so much noise over it, that my mom started to put a note on my door at Thursdays saying “she is fine, just watching The Vampire Diaries. I love this show so incredibly much, it would mean the world to me if i got those tickets.

    Love from
    Amalie Søndergaard Thomsen

  59. I love TVD and it’s great getting to watch it with my sister (who is 13). I can’t wait for season 4 (though I hope my poor delena heart can survive it)

  60. I would love to see Bonnie do more new and powerful spells. I would like to see Bonnie and Jeremy back together again cause they were a cute couple. I would love to see Elena give Stefan another chance, and to see Damon finally find true love other then Elena. Klaus is mad that Elena is in transformation, he will use the blood he took from Elena and make more hybrids. I love the vampire diaries show, I have never miss a single show. I’ve always dream of going to a VD convention.

  61. First of all VD is the best serie in the world, i love all the characters specially Damon. Its a serie that enclose romance, fun, drama and give us a lot of emotion every week.
    I wan’t to see the reaction of Elena when she remembers everything and notice that she know’s Damon first.
    I think this little fact will change everything plus the fact that she’s a vampire.
    I’m from mexico if i win the tickets i don’t care to pay the plane and the hotel, i would be grateful with the opportunity to met my favorites actors.

  62. I love TVD because is such a great show, it has everything you could ask for a TV show, drama, comedy, suspense, hot guys, a good storyline, fantasy…should i have go on?…i love Damon character he should be happy in Season 4…

    Well first of all i expect Elena changes her mind when she remembered every time Damon compel her specially the first time he admitted he loved her…i will love to see Alaric again in one or 2 episodes…
    I want to see a relationship between klaus and Caroline, that should be interesting…and i want to see the reaction of Damon when he finds out Stefan didn’t save the love of his life…
    I am from Mexico but if win the tickets there will be no problem in getting a plane right to San Francisco =)…

  63. my hopes for the vampire diaries season 4 is forba little bit of klaus and caroline now that klaus is in tylers body . i really want to see whats the new enemy will be and how the council is going to deal with the vampire problem . i want to know what kind of vampire elena going to be

  64. I can not wait for season 4! Haha I need to get my Delena fix. I hope next season can deliver :)

  65. Best Show on TV! The writers always give us great storylines and perfect actors to the characters. I always love the twists and developments to each one. I know season 4 will be amazing and can’t wait to watch. I am still hoping for Team Delena and will be patient while watching the exciting changes that will take place with Stephen/Elena/Damon. Also LOVE the origionals.

  66. Damon Salvatore is like super hot, I would diffinetly look forward on meeting IAN SOMERHALDER…. I think he should be with Elena…. team DELANA!<3 ohhh and Stefan is a really good actor! Only he's not (in my opinion) meant for Elena! And have more Delana moments (meaning cute moments between Elena and Damon)

  67. The Vampire Diaries is one of the best shows ever!! my opinion is that i do think its fair that Damon should end up with Elena since they met first but I dont want that to happen cause Elena keeps breaking Damon’s heart.
    Love Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder:)

  68. Well…. I always liked Vampire’s stuff, But i thought Vampire Diary was like Twilight. They Sparkle :D,
    But Vampire Diary is way different than i imagine.
    It’s a really cool show and also funny.
    I love Elijah the most, he’s very honest and wouldn’t betray his family,
    Unlike Klaus who is in Tyler’s body :0…But i do like Klaus/Caroline :)
    And Team Stelena for ever…. They are meant to be… Yes i said it.
    I loved Nina Dobrev when she played in Degrassi, It’s kind of funny that she is playing in Vampire Diary too.
    She’s a really great actress :)
    So yeah, Now I’m commenting to win free ticket.
    For me, watching the show is good enough.
    Winning the ticket BONUS.
    But Delaiah, Xenia or Stephanie has the rights to win,
    Because they are awesome!
    So don’t choose other people, choose one of them.
    Or just me :).
    Vampire Diary Rocks,
    And they don’t sparkle :0.
    Bye :)
    Chicken Nuggets <3

  69. I live here locally in the San Francisco area. The Vampire Diaries is my guilty pleasure! All my friends laugh at me when I tell them I can’t go out on Thursday nights because I’m glued to my t.v. for an hour. I can’t help it. I obviously love the whole cast. Especially since pretty much everyone brings something important to the table. Makes you really invest in even Klaus and Katherine. I like that all the female characters are strong independent women. They are all so different, yet can be such close friends. I simply cant get enough of Damon and Elena!! The have such magnetic chemistry. I personally would like to see Katherine and Stefan get together. I think he would balance out her good and bad sides as would Elena for Damon. Out of nowhere i also had this thought Elijah and Elena might be an interesting pairing. Then neither Salvatore would have her. Would really shake things up a bit. I can’t wait to see what next season has in store for fans. Well hopefully you pick me!!! Would love to go and get up close and personal with Ian and Paul:) thanks for considering

  70. So after being left to fend for myself and put the kids to bed every Friday night whilst my wife locks herself in our bedroom for “the best hour” of her week (her date with ‘vamps’ aka The Vampire Diaries) I figure I’m a fairly good husband and patient guy. Down here in Australia we get our vampire diaries a day later and have to buy pay tv to get it! So I thought for her birthday I’d acknowledge all the hints she had left and buy her a ticket to the vampire diaries convention in Sydney Australia this weekend. I paid for her tickets months ago and as of today all main cast members who were attending have now pulled out due to scheduling conflicts. We can’t get our money back and as much as she said she respects the actors who are coming out they are not regulars in the show or as she says ‘the holy trinity’. On the phone she told me about this comp. So I’m going for husband of the year and entering, because with a double pass I can take her and seriously become the best husband ever! Furthermore, it’s an excuse to go to Disneyland and before you know it I’m husband of the year AND father of the year simultaneously! Maybe, even by making her Vampire Diaries dreams come true I’ll finally claim my place as her one true love and she’ll see Damon as a second rate lover topped by her amazing husband! Thanks for the opportunity to reclaim my love life!

  71. I hope that season 4 just doesn’t break the “rules” by having Elena become a TOTALLY different personality. Caroline, Stefan, and Damon don’t seem to have been all that affected by the transition. Even if Elena’s passion for Damon is intensified, her deeper love for Stefan should also be intensified. So she should STILL want Stefan most in my mind. I have been rewatching the eps since the beginning and think Elena and Stefan are just too special to throw away and treat like it wasn’t as epic as it was. I adore the character of Damon, but think someone like Rose would be better suited for his personality–Elena doesn’t even get Damon’s sense of humor.

    This is truly my favorite show, and I just hope it stays that way and stays true to the characters rather than jumping the shark to be on the air for countless seasons. I’ll just have to trust the writers because for the most part they’ve been pretty awesome up until now. :)

    I would LOVE to go to this convention!!

  72. Keep season 4 going with all the twists and turns, it would be good to find a way to bring back some of the characters that have died previously. I think Elena should stay the way she is and not turn evil. I think she should stay torn between both Damon and Stephan to keep us guessing as if she makes a choice it would lose some momentum.
    Looking forward to season 4

  73. I honestly can’t imagine my life without the vampire diaries. It gives me something to look forward to every Thursday.. When you can’t count on anything else, you can always count on the Vampire Diaries to be on :)

  74. Hi. My name is Ivelina. I’m from Bulgaria. I never thought I’ll get so addicted to a TV show. It’s the best show I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait for season 4 ! I’m asbsolutely in love with Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Ian Somerhalder. One of my dreams is to see them..just once.That’s it.

  75. My hopes for Season 4 of Vampire Diaries will surely be played out. The show has twists and turns like no other, always keeping us fans on our toes! Elena I’m sure will complete the transition and the worst has probably yet to come. Alaric as promised, will look after Jeremy and I have a feeling that the two of them along with the rest of the gang will do whatever it takes to keep each other safe. What about the council though? Perhaps Elena will compel them?
    I’m 100% positive there will be more drama within the Damon, Elena, Stefan love triangle. Maybe she chooses one? Maybe she chooses neither? (Personally, I’m a Damon fan!) FORTUNATELY, Since Elena is now going to become a vampire, she will now be aware of the time that Damon compelled her. AHHH, the suspense is literally going to kill me. This show is so fantastically played out. I cannot wait for the next season!
    As for Tyler, I think that Bonnie can figure out a way to bring him back. At least I hope so; Him and Caroline are just too darn cute! Also, I hope that Jeremy and Bonnie get back together because they both love each other and they both really need someone. And Bonnie’s mom BETTER be in her life! There are so many endless possibilities for this show and I am just SO glad that I started to watch it. SERIOUSLY best show ever. It’s just so… compelling. ;)
    It would be an honor to win this giveaway. Honestly, it would mean the world.

  76. One of my hopes for season 4 is to see Elena become even more of a bad ass than season 3. we got a little taste of it when she was training with Alaric which was really cool to see, so i’m hoping to see even more now that she’s a vampire. Another one of my hopes is to see Damon kind of revert back to his bad boy days. That is when I think he was in his prime! And I’m not just saying this because I’m a Stelena shipper :) I just mean that his character was at his best when he had that bad boy attitude. My last hope for season 4 is to see Bonnie’s use of the dark magic. Bonnie has always been one of those characters waiting in the wings, in my opinion. Then she’s had a couple of big moments at the end of season 2 and season 3, but I’d really like to see her open up and see what she’s REALLY capable of as a witch :)

  77. I have BIG hopes for season 4 of the Vampire Diaries! This show just keeps the fans on their toes, craving for what’s going to happen next. I fell in love with the series the first five minutes of watching season 1. I’m sure this new season will deffinatly play out amazingly as opposed to all the new twists and turns it has waiting for us to find out.
    I’m looking forward to season 4 for many endless reasons. First reason is how Elena is going to continue her endless life as a vampire. One of the twists at the end of season 3 was Elena’s goodbye to Damon, telling him it’s always going to be Stefan. It’s obvious she has grown feelings towards Damon and loves him, but she never stopped loving Stefan either. Now her life has turned completely upside down. In the last episode of season 3, she mentions to Damon that if she had met him first the choice probably would’ve been him, and technically she did meet him first the night her parent’s died in the car crash. He compelled her to forget the whole conversation because he didn’t want anyone to know he was in town yet. But now that Elena is becoming a vampire, the vampire rules are when you die and your in transition, all your memories will start to come back. So that still might continue to lead on Elena’s choice between Stefan and Damon, but who will it be?
    My second main reason is how season 4 will play out Bonnie’s character? She mentioned that she is done being pushed around and being told what to do. Bonnie seemed to have enjoyed the rush of using dark magic to stop Alaric and Jeremy’s hearts, although at times she seemed scared of it, so where is Bonnie headed? It was amazing how powerful she was to protect her friends and her family. Although I didn’t expect she would take Klaus’ spirit and move it into Tyler’s body which really brings the questions to what going to happen with the “New Tyler”?

    There are so many questions and so many cravings I have for Season 4 of the Vampire Diaries. I love the cast, every actor is absoulutly perfect for each of their characters and really take it to heart. It would be an honor to meet some of the cast. I just can’t wait either way for Season 4, and my dream one day is to get involved in in the media world with directing, writing, filming, ect. The Vampire Diaries really keeps me motivated to get involved in making my own, this is an amazing show all across the world.

  78. My daughters love this show! I’m hoping to surprise them with these tickets. Although I personally don’t watch the show, I know most of the details, because they won’t stop talking about it. They watch the show every week, with out fail, when its in season… When its off season they watch old episodes. My daughters can’t seem to get enough of the characters. I would love to see the look on their faces if I were to win them the gold passes.

  79. I’m a working mom with a four-year old son. I’d say I’m not your typical TVD audience, although from what I’ve seen on the Internet, maybe I am. Ever since I started watching The Vampire Diaries by buying season 1 on DVD sometime in 2010, I was caught, hook, line and sinker. I always was a sucker for all things vampire since watching Buffy many a year ago, but above all, and almost to the exclusion of everything else for the past year, I’ve been all about TVD. I live in Europe (Belgium), so we’re always running behind on everything. The only way is getting up at 6am to watch the previous evening’s episode on the Internet before I go to work, which is what I do. Fangirling all on my lonesome at the crack of dawn. And then on to the blogs, recaps, fanfics etcetera. Because it’s amazing to actually be able to communicate with people all over the world who share my craving for Salvatore blood… TVD also made me do something that I never had the guts to do before: I started writing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I just never got the push to actually start. Until Elena, Damon, Stefan, Caroline and co. came along. Their voices in my head just had to make it on paper (well, screen), and so I wrote a little fanfic story, screwed up my courage and posted it on fanfiction.net as 2serendipity. To my surprise, people actually liked what I wrote, so I wrote some more. And the most amazing thing happened. I met this wonderful girl from California. We’ve been mailing each other for almost a year, and now we’re chatting as well, discussing the episode on Friday night, talking about fanfic, TVD and life in general. Life on opposite sides of the world. She’s become a wonderful friend, even if I’ve never met her face to face, even if we have to hedge our hours because we’re an ocean and 9 hours apart. That’s what TVD has done for me: it opened up a little bit of the world and brought me a real friend, a kindred spirit. It’s not exactly world peace, but hey, it’s a start! It would be truly wonderful if we could meet for the first time at the heart of the Vampire Diaries, because that too is essentially all about friendship and love, right?

  80. Love VD
    Hope it never ends
    Finally Elena will kick some butts :)

  81. I love this show!! Matt Davis played my favorite character, and I am really going to miss Ric this season. Hopefully he can pop in from time to time…I will miss seeing him every week on TVD! I’m really looking forward to season 4.

  82. I think what’s going to happen in season four that Elena turn of course but she going to have a difficult time trying to figure out if she really wants to be a vampire. Jeremy and Bonnie get back together Stefan and Caroline maybe a kiss between them. I would love to go

  83. i’m excited for more Klaus next season! Also it will be great in season 4 that Elena will be stronger and won’t need Damon and Stefan to do the saving.Of course more Damon is always a plus.

  84. My hopes for season 4 of TVD is lots of the same awesome episodes with the great writing team! This show is one of my guilty pleasures and it has not disappointed me.

  85. I can not wait to see how the story pans out! The characters are unbelievably awesome. October can not come soon enough!

  86. I have introduced 4 different people to Vampire Diaries and all of them have told me that I have now caused them extreme emotional distress. I told them that they are welcome. :o)
    Oh also we live in SF and would love to not be the girls stuck outside hoping to catch a glimpse.

  87. @mary3s. Season 4 – I’m all for the original doppelgänger making an appearance. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn about the battle between Elijah and Klaus over her? Oh, a nice dose of Forwood romance would be fun.

  88. Sounds like a fantastic birthday present, I’m thinking!
    I would like to see season 4 follow the books a bit more. Having elana as a vampire is a big start to that! I’m looking forward to whatever Ms. Julie & Mr. Kevin come up with. Oh and good lord, can’t forget the awesome music!!

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