Win 2 Gold Weekend Passes (Currently SOLD OUT) to Creation’s TVD Chicago Convention!


Heads up guys! Did you miss your chance to get a Gold Weekend Pass for Creation’s Vampire Official Diaries Covention in Chicago? Well never fear, once again we have an awesome giveaway for you! Creation Entertainment has provided us with 2 Gold Weekend Passes for the upcoming Vampire Diaries convention in Chicago, IL being held April 14 -15, 2012. That’s right, you AND a friend will get your chance to meet celebrities of The Vampire Diaries!

What is included in Creation’s Gold Weekend Pass? (Total prize package valued at $598 AND currently SOLD OUT)

The GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGE is the ultimate upscale way to attend the entire convention and see it all! Here’s what the GOLD WEEKEND Package includes:

1 ) The absolute best reserved seats in the main theatre where all our major guests appear and events and contests occur! These seats are YOURS, come and go, all weekend, both days. See all the stars up close and personal and this is great for photographers too!

2 ) Complimentary in-person autographs with great guests including IAN SOMERHALDER, PAUL WESLEY, JOSEPH MORGAN, DANIEL GILLIES, ZACH ROERIG, and MICHAEL TREVINO. The value of these autographs alone is a large portion of the cost of the package itself! In fact if ordered separately all the autographs would be $260 so you can see why the Gold Package is such an outstanding offer! Take advantage of this deal and grab your seats today!

3 ) First to get autographs: we go row by row: you are in the front rows: you get the idea!

4 ) Complimentary admission to our super-exclusive GOLD PATRON ONLY 1/2 hour extra intimate panel with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. This panel will be done in addition to their normal stage time and will only be open to our GOLD patrons!

5 ) Pre-Registration Fun: we get you set for the weekend before other patrons and give you first crack at the exclusive merchandise!

6 ) Wristband access: we have special color coded wristbands and collectible lanyard credentials for GOLD Package Holders: once you get set you don’t need to wait again!

7 ) Complimentary admission to our Saturday Evening DECADE DANCE, COCKTAIL PARTY & CENTERPIECE CONTEST! This is gonna be one wild party so come “dressed to kill” and enjoy your special hosts THE HILLYWOOD SHOW CAST and get ready to hit the dance floor (or just catch the moves!). A cash bar is available for adults, soft drinks too! A hot DJ keeps the action moving and we will have celebrity guests on hand as well. So far, our tentative celebrity guests include Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan and Michael Trevino. Photography allowed when the guests first enter, then we ask you to put your cameras down so the guests can enjoy their time at the party too!

8 ) Admission to the vendors area of course!

NOTE: There will be ONLY ONE winner and the winner will be receiving a pair of 2 Gold Weekend passes. Travel expenses, including transportation or hotel accommodations will be the winner’s sole responsibility and are NOT INCLUDED. Tickets will be held at will call at the event, and the winner must provide a VALID PHOTO ID to claim them. The giveaway is open WORLDWIDE  to anyone 18 or older. Again this is for the Chicago convention ONLY.


Leave a comment on this blog expressing your love for TVD! (Please provide a valid email address when commenting, as this is how you will be contacted). Only ONE comment per person.

Giveaway will remain open until Thursday, February 9th 11:59PM CST. Winner will be chosen via random.org and announced February 10th, 2012.

Good luck to everyone entering!


Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever


  1. I love TVD, my sister loves TVD… and we both live near Chicago so if I win, you’d not only be making my year, you’d be making hers as well. It’s the only show this TV season we watch together and we can gab about it after for hours on end. Her favorite character is Damon, while I’m more partial to Klaus. ;)

  2. I love TVD so much it might be a little unhealthy! I would love to go to this and meet IAN!!!!!

  3. Vampire Diaries is by far one of the best shows on prime time television. I love me some Stefan and don’t get me started on the Originals. They are the best edition to the show that keeps viewers like me on the edge of my seat.

  4. I am a writer. I have been intrigued and inspired by vampires since I saw my first Buffy episode in high school. The Vampire Diaries has inspired me to not only finish my second novel but publish my first. On top of that Ian’s work with the IS_Foundation has inspired me in even more ways. Winning these tickets would give me a chance to not only meet the characters that have become a part of my life but the actors/actresses behind them. It would mean the world to me. Thanks for you consideration! :-D

  5. I’m a wife, mom and teacher. My days are very full and hectic. When I need to relax and recharge, I always turn to The Vampire Diaries. Whether it’s the new episode or a rerun on DVR, I know I can transport myself into this world that I couldn’t imagine and is completely engrossing. For that hour, I can pretend. It reminds me of being a little girl when I would entertain myself for hours making up elaborate stories. There is no doubt, The Vampire Diaries helps this middle aged lady reconnect with that girl and it keeps me young!

  6. I LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!! I have watched it since the beginning and every thursday I tell everyone in the house to please respect my 1 hour of pure joy from 7-8 p.m. I get a glass of water and sit on my bed and record it on my DVR while I watch it live. I have seasons 1 & 2 on DVD and I am recording all of season 3!!! I live in Houston, TX and it would be a DREAM COME TRUE to go and see the cast members in Chicago!!!! I’m in highschool and I would LOVE to be able to tell my friends that I met the cast members, I would especially LOVE to see Ian somerhalder!!!! I love how he has his own foundation and cares so much for this planet and the creatures in it, it has truly inspired me to think about ways to help our planet (go green!) This show is absolutely spectacular, and I only hope that you chose me to go and make my dream come true. GO TVD!!!

  7. TVD is not only my favorite show if all time, it has totally ruined all other tv shows! I cannot watch a show now without thinking it just doesn’t measure up… Long live TVD!!!

  8. We have a tv in our dining room, and randomly the TVD would be playing. Even though I didn’t know what was going on, it was action packed and actually caught my attention! Lucikly with Netflix I started watching it and fell in love instantly. I’m a mother, and my youngest daughter (17) is in love with the whole show as well as I. The fact that it has two gorgeous brothers, a bad guy, wolfs, and just the whole cast in general, make the show great! I can watch it again and again!

  9. I LOVE TVD. It’s one of the best shows on TV. Damon is awesome! :)

  10. TVD allow me to escape my everyday life. I am the mother of 9 and a high school English teacher. I am helping my future daughter-in-law plan her wedding to my son. We need a break and I cannot think of anything that would help us more than a weekend with the gorgeous stars of TVD.

  11. I love the Vampire Diaries! I am an avid convention goer and I love meeting fans just like myself! I have family in the area so it would be an extra bonus to get to see them. I actually have made my work schedule around the show! I <3 TVD!!!

  12. Why do I love this show so much? Who doesnt like the idea of having supernatural powers, living for ever, and finding that eternal soulmate? Thanks to Vampire Diaries, I have something to look forward to every week. With TVD I live my fantasy. They take you on a journey and, you become part of the characters life. It is different, the storyline is awesome. Thanks to the production, amazing writing, and sensational acting. I get to live my fantasy every Thursday.

  13. My friend and I are huge fans of The Vampire Diaries! we watch it every Thursday and never miss an episode. We love all the characters and we can’t believe how good the show is. The cast and crew work incredibly hard on the show and it definitely shows. We love the show because it is about more than just vampires. It is about a beautiful town and involves drama for everyone and not just the main characters. My friend and I enjoy the show so much, we drove all the way to Covington, GA from Chicago, IL! It took us 14 hours to get there, but even though we did not get to see any filming, we got to explore the town and meet the residents and we just fell in love! the town was beautiful and everyone was so friendly! so, we have planned trips in the future to go back! The Vampire Diaries means a lot to us and winning this opportunity would be absolutely amazing! it would be the weekend of a lifetime!

  14. Just recently discovered the vampire diaries. Watched the pilot and was hooked. caught up completely in less than a week and live for thursday nights now!

  15. I love TVD because it changed my life. Honestly, each of the characters taught me a lesson each season. Katherine taught me that I should look out for myself, always. Damon taught me that everyone has a past and pain, but you can either choose to let it rule your life or put it behind you and change for the better. He also taught me that there is good in every person, even if the person seems to be the worst person out there. Elena taught me how much the people around me really mean to me and to keep hope in people even if they give you a reason not to. Caroline taught me to stay strong and even though your parents don’t approve of you, you cant let that affect you. you have to move on and hope that eventually, they will accept you. Stefan taught me that not everyone can be good all the time and everyone has different sides. He also taught me that you should do anything for the people you love, no matter what the cost is. Klaus and Rebekah taught me that under a tough exterior, there is always a softness and regret. With Klaus he just wants his father to accept him and love him. Rebekah is initially a girl and just wants to be normal and do what normal girls do. Jeremy taught me that even though people close to you die, you don’t have to let it rule you and you eventually can be happy again. Uncle John and aunt Jenna taught me that you need to make sacrifices for the people you love, even if it’s yourself. Bonnie taught me that you have to do what’s right and even if you don’t like the people your working with, you have to accept them because you both have a common goal. Matt taught me that sometimes, all you can do is be there for your friends. Tyler taught me that sometimes in life you inevitably make mistakes and how you decide to make it up shows your true character. Alaric taught me that you should always do what you can to help the people you love. Sheriff Forbes and Bill Forbes taught me that even though you might not believe in something, your mind can always be altered by the people you love. Lastly, Lexi taught me that even if your friend doesn’t want you around, if they need help, you give it to them whether that person wants it or not. I am so thankful for this show-not only for the lessons but for the entertainment also-. If i met the cast and went to this convention, it would mean so much to me to see all of my favorite characters up on stage in real life. I apologize for the length, but i have a lot to say when it comes to my love of The Vampire Diaries and i haven’t even written all the reasons. Thank you for taking the time for reading this and even considering me.

  16. Me and my best friend in the whole world are in love with TVD and Ian. We have everything in common but this by far is the thing we love the most together. We were crushed when we went to TVD Nashville and Ian cancelled we almost didn’t want to go because that was the main reasin we were going. But we had an incredible time anyhow. And because I went to the one in Nashville I want to give the chance to other people too but it would mean the world to me and her if were finally able to meet Ian after being crushed by him not being able to meet him. We always fantasize about how we will meet him and what would happen and I can’t even put into words how much we care for this show and Ian. And were probably not going to get the chance to meet Ian or the rest if the cast ever again so if we could it would be amazing. Like I said we love this show so much and watch it every thursday and talk about what we think will come up next all week until the next episode. If we won this and FINALLY got to meet our dear Ian we would probably pass out. Thank for this wonderful oppurtunity! Good luck to everyone! Love you Ian! :)

  17. TVD has been a part of my life for many, many years now. I got into the books when I was young, and still have them to this day. Those books were an integral part of my teenage years. While some kids played soccer or ran track, I read. And read. And read. I grew up, I grew older, and , my affinity for the books never waned. When my daughter was born, I named her Elena. TVD, both the series and the original four books, continue to rock my world, even today.

  18. TVD is THE most awesome sauce (yes that word is made up) in the ENTIRE WORLD!! If I got to meet any of the cast I would die and go to heavan. This show has taught me some very important life lessons. Like keep your friends close and your enemies closer XD Anyways I hope I get picked!!!!!

  19. I love The Vampire Diaries because of this show now I know that Nina Dobrev is my favorite actress and I got involved with the charities of the cast. And that’s the most important thing. TVD help me to help the World with Ian Somerhalder (ISF), with Nina Dobrev (Free the children), and with her fans (Chloe, Devon, and a lot more).. TVD is not only a TV Show, is a FAMILY!

  20. My love for The Vampire Diaries didn’t begin the moment it aired, yet instead, when I found that Kevin Williamson was a Co-Creator/Producer/Writer for the television series. Reason being, my childhood show that I fell in love with was his first created series-based upon his life a little bit- Dawson’s Creek. Knowing that he collaborated with Julie Plec on Dawson’s Creek…writing and producing The Vampire Diaries with her would be fantastic. I read the books before it aired to get a good feel for what I would be seeing. So when it aired…I was truly ecstatic and immediately fell in love with the cast. They chose the perfect cast to fill the characters from the books and bring them to life on TV. Knowing that The Vampire Diaries will air every Thursday makes my day a little better because I know that an hour later I will be making fan videos on my Channel for millions to watch and relive. If given this opportunity not only will it aid in a young girl’s dream to meet the people she has fallen in love with but also give me a first hand look in the industry. Going to college and learning the book part of how things work can only go so far. Thank you for your time and consideration. :)

  21. I love everything about Vampire Diaries- the cast, the crew, Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson and all the writers- they’ve made each and every season consistently more and more gripping and thought-provoking. The show is more than just a guilty pleasure. The acting, plotting, and directing are absolutely perfect, and make the show more than just a teenage soap opera featuring vampires and other supernatural creatures.

    Anyway, it would be a dream come true for me to be able to meet the cast!! I would love to be picked :) Thanks so much for offering the opportunity!

  22. Wow what an incredible opportunity!!! This would be my lifes dream come true…. Meeting so many of the cast & crew members!!!! **Speechless** I have loved TVD for sooooo long I get everyone in my personal life addicted, they all know not to plan anything on THURSDAY nights!!! Additionally the DVR is locked in so I can re-watch the show several times until the next week…. yeah I need TVD therapy badly but what can I say something this good cannot be wrong right?! This show is so EPIC. Washington State looooooooooves TVD!!!!!!!!!!!! =o) Hope to see you guys in April!

  23. I would love to win these for my daughter! She’d love to meet her favourite actors!

  24. MY BEST FRIEND AND I ARE OBSESSSSSEDDDDD! i really hope we win!!

  25. OMG I LOVE IAN MORE THAN ANYTHING. hes sooooo hot, i have to meet him.

  26. Once I saw this post I had to enter because this would be a chance of a lifetime for me! I regularly check this site and follow them on twitter (miss_lyss361) and I love how Ruthie keeps everyone updated on the latest things that are TVD. I always check out the conventions that are happening on the East Coast but I am just not able to afford to attend. I am obsessed with everything TVD which is one of the best shows I have probably ever seen. Not only do I watch it for the yummy guys but the writing and story line is incredible. I am amazed each week, I never miss an episode, by the witty sayings and the writers ability to keep me on the edge of my seat. Winning this would be an amazing break from nursing school and again a chance of a lifetime.

  27. I love TVD and I only make it through the busy work week thinking about new episodes. It’s my drug of choice. My daughter and I always watch the show together and would love to take a trip out to Chicago. We have been tossing it around, but the money part is a burden. We would be so excited to win the tickets and meet a terrific cast. It would be a chance of a lifetime!

  28. i love the vampire diaries i found it on netflix and started watching it i watched the first episode of season 1 on a friday i was done with season 2 by sunday. its a really great show with so many story lines that it always keeps you wanting more. i have learned alot from the show such as life isnt always gonna go the way you planned so you take it as it comes and you can do anything you want to do if you believe in yourself. i am not only obsessed with the show but also with the whole cast i love ian and paul and nina and it would be a dream come true to meet them. it would make my entire year. i love the show so much and it would mean alot to me to be able to meet the cast of the show that i love so much

  29. There is no word that can actually explain my love to Vampire Diaries. Love is expressed through natural feelings that we have for something or someone. If love is expressed in its purest form with no conditions, then it is best expressed. It’s that feeling you get couple minutes before the show starts every Thursday evening. I anxiously await for it to come on and get depressed shortly after due to my nature of wanting more, so much more. I literally live Vampire Diaries, I belong to its Mystical & purely magical world where vampires burn in the sun and mortals live amongst a world of constant Klaus chaos, which by the way haunts me in my sleep ;) If I were to express my feelings about Vampire Diaries, I simply wouldn’t have enough space on this commentary box to reflect on those feelings and emotions. Aside from my love and pure dedication to TVD, I would be the luckiest girl in the world to win these tickets not only because I would be one out of a million fans but because I would be able to meet these inspiring people that seem to always know how to live and breathe the role(s). It would be a dream come true, and I hope you can make this happen! Thank you! :)

  30. OBSESSED!! It’s that simple! I’ve never been a big tv person but you bet your sweet behind I’ve seen every episode of TVD! I mean it’s actually pretty ridiculous! Hahaha my best friend and I get like locked in the cave, “the media room”, and watch it for hours on Netflix! And I’m talking till like 6/7 in the morning! No big deal! Haha we’ve actually left the bar one night because we were talking about it with some people and we just had to go watch it! We would looooovvvvveeeeee to go! :)

  31. I love The Vampire Diaries because it ALWAYS keeps me on my feet. I never though a show could ever move me the way it has. All the actors have amazing chemistry that makes it makes you melt. Each show has a different cliff hanger that makes you can’t wait for next week, or, when on hiatus it makes you die inside waiting for it come back on because there isn’t NO other show that is quite as amazing and thrilling as The Vampire Diaries. I’m a Stelena fan but for some reason when Damon and Elena are together to it just… clicks! It seems EVERYONE can just get on with each other so well. I’ve cried, laughed, yelled and even squealed at my TV watching this show. There are moments you never ever expected to happen. The writers put everything together amazingly! Everything just makes SENSE. There is never ever a boring show. My best friend and I have the best conversation because of this show. We love discussing each episode, each week… And find ourselves continuing to discuss it everyday! We just can’t get enough of it! I spend my days looking for spoilers because I seriously can’t get enough of one episode per week! I wish it was longer and everyday! I’ve turned all my friends into TVD nutcases! And it does help that every single male on this show is… a totally hotty! Where do they find these men? And of course Nina, Kat, & Candice are stunning along with the boys. You cannot pick a better cast. It would mean the entire world if we got to go to the convention. To meet the people we look up to and really be apart of The Vampire Diaries. So thank you for giving true fans a chance of a lifetime even if I don’t get picked, which I hope with all my life I do. And so does my best friend. Thank you so much. :)

  32. I am a mom of 4 great kids, 1 of them being Autistic. His name is Teo and he is 8 years old. Teo is non verbal most of the time but may blurt out a word now and again. I love TVD. It’s my hour escape. Usually Teo is humming or chanting and very loud. When I go to my room to watch TVD, Teo follows me, sits right next to me and doesn’t make any noise for the whole hour. It’s like he doesn’t want me to miss anything. The best part is whenever Ian comes on, Teo says “Damon”. I love it. My son is connected to me for that 1 hour. We watch it together and I cherish that time. Who knew a TV show could connect a mom and her autistic son together…TVD rocks;)

  33. Whats there not to like about The Vampire Diaries? The show is amazing! I have not missed an episode ever since it started. The actors are amazing, they’re so believeable that at times I forget its a show! they always keep you on your toes. You never expect what’s going to happen. They have amazing chemistry, you can’t hate Damon for falling for his brothers girl because you can’t help but love them together. Or Elena and Stefan how they’re perfect for each other. I have not missed an episode ever since it has started. I even got my brother and my best friend into the show! It’s that good that I bring it viewers, I mean how can you help not loving the show? The writers have done an amazing job and writing and making the show so perfect! My best friend and I literally suffer when the show isn’t on! Thursday is our favorite day of the week. Thank you Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson for this amazing show that you have given us and made us all hardcore fans! My life would seriously be SO boring without it! And thank you for picking such a hot cast! Ian Somerhalder is to die for! Been a fan ever since Boone! (:

  34. I LOVE The Vampire Diaries! I’m addicted and have heart attacks almost weekly watching each episode, I would love to go and take my sister (who is also obsessed, lol!) We live 5 minutes from Rosemont Convention Center and missed our chance to get Gold Tickets so this would be a dream come true! Fingers and toes are crossed! ;)

  35. TVD has given me a reason to get from one week to the next (or one hiatus to the next–lol). This is the only way I’ll be able to ever go to a convention, and so many of my friends are going! A friend of mine originally turned me on to TVD when Episode 1.03 aired. I quickly found the first two online and got caught up and I’ve never stopped! Been a vampire-genre fan since I was a kid, and TVD just has it all! Thrills, chills, romance, intrigue, plot, story, cast, writing–I couldn’t live without it!

  36. I LOVE The Vampire Diaries! I’m addicted and have heart attacks almost weekly watching each episode, I would love to go and take my boyfriend (who is also obsessed, lol!) this would be a dream come true! Fingers and toes are crossed! ;)
    Valentina from Rome.

  37. I love TVD since the beginning.
    I stay up until 3 am every thursday, so I can watch it live. It’s my favorite TV show EVER. I love all the characters, and I am really passionate about it. The writers are brilliant!

    I’m from Europe, but me and my dad are doing a round-trip in the US during April and I’d LOVE to visit Chicago and have the opportunity to meet my favorite actors.

  38. the vampire diaries has consumed my life in every which way for the past 3 years! .. then again Ian somerhalder makes that an easy task ;-)

  39. Absolutely addicted to Vampire Diaries! What’s not to love? Great characters,great story line. I can’t wait for Thursday night every week. and of course, I love watching Ian!

  40. Vampire Diaries is by far the BEST tv show I have ever seen! I look forward to Thursday nights every week! My co-workers and I have a “circle” we check in with each other right before 8pm so we can comment to each other during commercials!! It is very well written and I absoultely LOVE LOVE LOVE the entire cast!! I would be beyond ecstatic to win!

  41. I am a big tvd fan every time the cast has been to chicago ive been there. Me and my daughter watch tvd religiously her dream as well as mine is to meet ian and paul and its right around my birthday that tvd would be the best gift ever. After the thursday episode we watch it at least another 10 times before next weeks episode. I have to kids and on my down time it just relaxes me to watch tvd. for the past 3 years this show has been great I don’t know how it can get any better

  42. Thursdays are my fav day of the week! I can’t wait to get my Damon Fix!

  43. This show is Awesome! I look forward to every Thursday night. The show will keep you on your toes every week and the twists will keep you thinking! I am a fan of the books, but I love the direction the Kevin/Julie have taken it. My co-workers and I have a “Texting Circle” and we check-in with each other prior to the show. The actors are unbelievable and I feel it is the BEST Vampire Show in present day. Keep up the good work and it would make my day to be able to attend this event!

  44. I want to win the tickets so bad. I saw that the TVD convention was coming to Chicago back in October and was so excited because I live in Missouri. I told some friends about it and a friend and I decided that we were going. Since she had some extra money at the time I was informed that she had bought both of us goldpackage tickets. I have been extremely excited since. I even booked the hotel and bought some photo packages. Then last week I sent my friend an email asking her where our seats where since I noticed that the gold packges were sold out. Well I never got a response.. No email. No messages .. No text. Turns out she lied and never bought the tickets. I’m sooo disappointed because now they are sold out. So there’s my story. I would Love to win the tickets.

  45. The show Vampire Diaries is by far the best show ever ! And i’m in love with it ! It would make my decade if i could win the gold weekend passes. I would go there with my best friend which loves TVD as much as i do. I think that Paul, Nina, Ian, Candice, Kat, Zach, Joseph, Steven, etc are amazing actors. I live in Canada, so Chicago is kind of far.. but for the Cast of TVD nothing is too far ! I’m just a student that lives at her mom’s house.. So i don’t have the money to buy this extremely wonderful gold weekend passes. But i want it soooo soooo BAD !

  46. I love the Vampire Diaries! I think that all of the characters are well developed and the story line is AMAZING; so many twists and cliffhangers! I’m constantly trying to get others to watch the show, and when they say it’s just another ‘Twilight’ vampire show I defend the show right away and say that it is SO much more than that. I’m somewhat of a ‘nerd’ and have always wanted to attend a convention of some sort; this would be a great opportunity as well to get out in the world and enjoy some of the many things it has to offer!

  47. TVD means so much to me, all those times I cried to the most sad and happy moments, every time I thought that what if I would meet them, all the times it made ​​me stronger when I was depressed, all these times means soo much to me. When I just had surgery and didn’t get to do anything, I was so depressed because football meant a lot to me and I would not play in a year,then TVD helped me, it made me stronger, they got the most saddest days to get well .

    I just love Damon’s funny and sarcastic comments, I just love how Nina can play two such special characters, I love it when Stefan is struggling to not give up, I love it when there is not a single dull moment in the TVD and I love how well it got it all together, filming,”writing”, clothes, yes everything!. I really want this, this is my dream and I’ll have it be real!

  48. I’m truly addicted…not to just one character…not to just one actor…not to just one episode…It would be thrilling to go to Chicago and play for a couple of days!

  49. TVD is the best show that anyone can watch, It has everything a great show could have plus more. I’ve been watching TVD since the very first episode and watch re-runs between seasons!! The only reason why i have a netflix account is to watch the re-runs because I LOVE THE SHOW SOOO MUCH !!! I love how each person has such an important part in the show and if it wasn’t for them the show wouldn’t make sense. I LOVE THE surprising things that happen in every episode ! Each episode has a shocking twist that makes the next episode even more exciting. I LOVE DAMEN,STEPHAN, AND ELENA. THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS SOO STRONG IT CAN’T BE EXPLAINED. I LOVE THIS SHOW SOO MUCH AND WOULD BE HONORED AND THANKFUL TO BE GIVEN THESE TICKETS. IF I HAD THE MONEY I WOULD GO IN A HEARTBEAT, BUT AS A COLLEGE STUDENT ITS HARD TO COME UP WITH MONEY.

  50. I love this show. I’ve been watching loyally for the past 3 years, and it would be so fantastic to get the opportunity to meet the cast.

  51. Haven’t missed an episode since the show started! It’s makes Thursday the best day of the week!! Can’t imagine being able to meet the cast! <3 Plus,I only live 20 minutes from the convention!!

  52. I must admit I was extremely hesitant about the show at first, but over the course of the 1st season it began to really win me over. By mid-way through the 2nd season I was hooked, especially with the introduction of the originals becuase they provided a new and intriguing story line. I have so far really enjoyed season 3, Thursday nights are what I look forward to! While I have never been a convention for a T.V show, this seems really cool, and it seems like it would be a great way to get an inside look (and ok obviously I’d love to catch a glimpse of the actors!). I’ll be crossing my fingers to win!

  53. TVD is the greatest; I own the collection and on my days off, I like to see the series over again and always seem to find something I missed the first time around!! Absolutely love it!!

  54. TVD is not only great but the actors in it are so attractive — hard to believe they are vampires!

  55. I would so love to winthese passes. I am addicted to TVD and meeting all of the stars and getting autographs would be a dream come true!!

  56. TVD is an AMAZING show! My love for it and the cast runs so deep. Kevin Williamson has basically owned my soul from the moment he wrote Dawson’s Creek and he just owns it again with TVD. I have waited all night in NYC to meet Ian, Paul and Nina before. Every Thursday I am there 8 pm sharp watching the new episodes. I have never been to Chicago or anywhere really before and going to the convention would mean the world to me. I hope I’m picked!!!

  57. I am a recent convert to The Vampire Diaries thanks to a friend and I cannot believe I waited so long to watch this show! It is amazing, hands down. The storylines, the characters, it all just works. Everyone should be watching this show.

  58. I love TVD. Its such an awesome show and i look forward to watching it every Thursday night. Its not a cliche driven vampire show and it always leaves you wanting more. The powerful writing and the actors who portray the characters make it worth watching

  59. I’ve never been so consistently intrigued by a show in my entire life. A large part of what makes TVD so good is the amazing cast :) I hope TVD never ends.

  60. Imagine how I love TVD.. I live in Spain, and at the moment we are waiting the third season of this amazing show. Living in Spain is really difficult to have access at these kind of contests, but I will arrange everything to be in Chicago if I win to see my favorite actors. Please choose me I will cross the ocean for they!

  61. I love TVD since even before seeing the show! I read the books, I am part of many fan clubs I am a total fan of TVD! I want to win because I know the guys! One of my dreams would come true, every Thursday I hope when the chapter, I love every one of the characters and actors, but has become a saga q is a lifestyle!

  62. When I saw the first episode of TVD, I thought, this must be it! Finally ! Serial connection of love and drama ! Great cast and very good screenplay ! KEEP IT UP !

  63. Vampire Diaries is hands down the best show. I’ve been a fan since the first episode (and also since then of the books) and have succeeded in getting quite a few of my friends hooked :) And how can you not love Stefan and Damon and the rest of this amazing cast on your TV every Thursday!

  64. I didn’t get into TVD when it first came on. In fact, I didn’t even give it a chance. Then someone told me that I just had to see this show so I decided to play along. After watching that first episode I fell in love with the show. I never miss an episode anymore. If I can’t be home to watch it I definitely have it on DVR and watch as soon as I can. The best thing about it is that it’s something me and my mom and enjoy together. She’s been a fan from the start of the show and now we watch it every Thursday night.

  65. Would love to win TVD tickets for my sister; she is always erasing my shows to record this one!

  66. TVD is one of the best written shows on television right now! It’s the one show I’ll rush home to watch!

    Delena <3

  67. The Vampire Diaries is my guilty pleasure! Superb cast and epic writing make it the ultimate show currently on TV. I would love to take my real life DOPPELGANGER (my identical twin) to this fantastic event. We never miss an episode and I would love to surprise her with this! Plus, it would make a fantastic journal entry!

  68. I love VD it would be great for two tickets I would share with my friend. We talk about the show on Friday morning afterThurday show. Why u should pick me is we both had bad years. My girlfriend lost her job and I got into a bad car crash that broke my neck. Watching the VD has helped both of us be happy for one day of the week and it’s like like mine own little therapy. I forget about the pain for that hour. It would mean a lot to meet the cast. I live only 20 minutes away so she could drive me there. Thank You for listening and for this great web site for the fans.

  69. I am not much of a TV watcher, unless it is news related. BUT, I cannot miss an episode of TVD. Also, I am not a teenager (not even close) but I am fascinated by the characters and the story. Many times there will be a real surprising twist at the end and I find myself letting out an audible GASP. Always leaves me wanting more. Amazing cast with amazing writers = best show on TV!

  70. Eu Amo TVD. Mais amo ainda mais Diários de um vampiro!!
    Não sei do que sou capaz de fazer para conhecê-los. Acho que até beberia meu sangue, confesso que iria adorar fazer isso! rs’
    Espero que eu ganhe, pois seria um sonho realizado! =)
    Obrigado pela atenção!!!

  71. I love The Vampire Diaries? So many layers of complexity, and distraction. I adore the plot, writing and cast? <3

  72. Vampire Diaries is the best show on television! I love absolutely everything about it.. The plot always thickens and leaves you wanting more… I wish my life away wishing it was Thursday so I can watch the new episodes of TVD. Would totally love to win this package and get to go meet the stars of the best show ever! My bff would also be greatly appreciative (and she’d owe me too! haha)

  73. HUGE HUGE fan of TVD! I started watching from the very first episode and have not missed one! I am currently recording season 3 and own 1&2! Thursday is the best day of the week! I love every person in the show, they are all amazing but Ian Somerhalder is #1 no doubt! Everything he stands for is so wonderful :) Winning this contest would be a dream come true!

  74. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TVD!!! Thursday became my favorite day of the week with this show. Everyone is amazing! The show has everything. You never know if you’re going to laugh or cry. It keeps me on the edge of my seat every episode. And a chance to meet Ian Somerhalder? Please? If anyone could make me want to live forever, it’d be him. :-)

  75. Honestly .. Best show!! I have to watch it the day after on my Kindle fire so I can keep up! I am
    The only girl in the house so I am the only one that can appreciate the hotness of the male cast :) the females are of course beautiful as well, but a week without the Salvatore brothers is just not right!! I would love to meet the cast and think my cousin and I would have an AMAZING time!!!!

  76. I LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIARIES SOO MUCH! it is my all time favorite TV show in the world!! I’m DYING to go to this convention!! If I was picked I would be THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD! I’m not kidding you…I LOVE IAN, PAUL, NINA, JOSEPH, MICHAEL ETC!!! I might die of happiness! I get happy just thinking about it! :D Nina is pretty much my rolemodel! So you can only imagine how perfect just seeing her would make my life! would saying ‘PICK ME PICK ME!’ be too kidish? Haha! I seriously drive everyone I know crazy with this show! That’s how much I love it! I would be totally responsible and sooooooooooooo appreciative if I was chosen! You have no idea! Omg, omg, omg, OMG!!! <3 I don't think anyone could love this show more than me!! I have everything from it! Posters, Damon's ring, Pictures, Tshirts, EVERYTHING! oh please please please!!! You would make me THEE happiest girl on the planet..no joke! :D xoxo…

  77. I absolutely love Vampire Diaries! I was saving up (and working my butt off) to buy a gold ticket. It would have been my very first time in Chicago and possibly meet up with a couple of friends who live in other states. As I was saving up, the gold tickets were sold out! I felt really bummed but it would be awesome to win these tickets. I would even give the other ticket to one of my friends.

  78. Oh my gosh! I actually got about 5 of my friends interested in TVD and every time they come up to me and ask me a question about TVD i seem to know the answer like straight away which is a little creepy to be honest but great!:D Bear in mind also i absouletly love history and vampires have something to do with history only fictional history obviously. I actually read and write TVD fanfiction and some are really great and i have a great idea and bringing into the actual episodes and its turning out awesome!<3 If i met them i would have really weird but expressive questions for everyone of the celebs and would be amazed if i won seeing as where i live no one really wins anything and would be a great opurtunity not to try to gain something out of this and would LOVE to meet Daniel&Joesph because i LOVE British people but obviously seeing as Ian plays Damon my favorite character that would be fantastic, and if i meet them it would really boost my confidence and inspirtate me a LOT more!<3 Thankyhou for this opportunity great! hehe :D ( i think i would weird the guys out though, i am really weird and hyper!)<3

  79. If i am over 18 can i bring my daughter with me? It would be great for her! Please tell me!<3 Thank you!

  80. Words are poor to express what i feel wachting TVD.Only my heart know.

  81. As a college student, my weeks always seem so long, and there’s only one thing that can get me through–The Vampire Diaries. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you: I’m absolutely obsessed. The writers,producers, and especially the actors, have done such an amazing job of bringing the series to life. I’m in love. I love TVD:)

  82. I would DIE with out TVD. Honestly it is amazing. Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley are my ultimate favourite Vamps.
    The plot is imaginative and clever. I have been completely entertained the whole time. I would not miss an episode for my life/the world. I have got to love Nina also. She is so talented. When I see Katherine and Elena together I can definitely see the difference.
    I am honestly lost for words. I can not describe my feeling for TVD, so I will try to put it into song. Don’t worry it is not very long.

    Sometimes when I’m down and alone
    I feel just like a child with out a home
    The love TVD gave me kept me hangin’ on.
    Stefan’s my first love, Damon’s my last.
    Elena’s my future, Katherine’s my past.
    Tyler’s my wolf, Bonnie’s my witch.
    Klaus’s my hybrid, Rebecca’s just a b*****.
    Jeremy, Alaric, Caroline and Matt I all LOVE by the way.
    I just ran out of things to say. :)

    Without TVD I’d never find the way
    Through ups and downs all I say…
    …is I can’t wait until thursday.

  83. My sister and I are obsessed with The vampire diaries and Ian of course. We have both watched the show since day 1 of airing and havent EVER missed an episode. We have both seasons on DVD and the third season on preorder. Our dream has been to meet the cast since 2009. They are absolutely hands down the best cast on TV and it woukd be a great honor to meet them ans be a part of this opportunity of a lifetime. Pick us!

  84. I Love The Vampire Diaries! Best TV show EVER!!
    I Am from Australia and have never Been to the USA before so it would be great to win and meet the cast! :)

  85. I love Vampire Diaries!!! It would be so very amazing to win this!!

  86. TVD is my escape from reality!! On my bucket list is to someday meet the stars of TVD. Chicago is about 11 hours from my home and I would love to be able to mark that off my list!! They are all very talented actors and very intent on changing the world for the better. That’s what the best part is. They are setting a trend for other actors.

  87. Why do I like the Vampire Diaries…?

    Well let me go back to the first episode I saw. I knew that Elena was the main girl in the show, I knew she was a doppelgänger of the evil Katherine. In the first scene I watched I saw Elena talking with John – the guy who turned out to be her father. And as they have their first heart to heart, Elena grabs a kitchen knife, cuts off John’s fingers, and then stabs him in the gut! I freak out and wonder, “What the hell just happened?!” If a show could could surprise me that much in one episode, then it is definitely worth watching. Since then, I started watching the series from the very beginning and I have been very intrigued.

    This is why I like the Vampire Diaries.

  88. I am addicted to this show because of the great creative writing, the visual depiction of the writers’ thoughts as well as the cast that bring the characters to life. I appreciate that the high school girls in the series are written to be strong, independent, loving people . I like that the characters have flaws, and admit to them, and that there is character progression and growth. The plot twists and turns are enthralling.
    I actually started watching the show to entertain a friend of mine who is a Twilight fan. (I think the movies are deadly insipid ). She was coming for a visit, so I DVrd the beginning of the series so we would have something to watch if we wanted some TV. We didn’t but the series kept recording. I later came down with the swine flu, temperature of 104, bedridden with severe body aches. I decided to put on the show from the first episode, so that if I dosed I would not be awakened by a change of voices. I started to get increasingly involved in the plot and characters of the show, by the time Damon was dancing with Vicki, then killed her, I was energized and hooked. I was fascinated by the little touches, like Damon self destruction side showing thru: giving Vicky his blood, playing with sunlight when he did not have his ring, killing Vicky. I was impressed with the supportive bond that transcended understanding between Bonnie and Caroline when Bonnie revealed that she had witchy powers. I have respect for Elena as she fights for what she wants and those she loves. I appreciate the complexities of the characters: even though Caroline wants a hot guy, she had to be compelled just to do dishes at Elena’s, and to be Damon’s errand girl. She is no pushover.
    When a friend (DeLyn) and her 2 kids moved back to MO from Florida, she did not have a washer or dryer. While she did the laundry for herself and her 2 kids at my house, we had marathon viewing of the first season of TVD. I bought her the electronics needed for them to watch the current season (2nd season) on regular TV. This season we have a habit of sharing dinner, then all watching the show, and a neighbor of mine joins us.
    We donate to the very worthy ISF, and to St. Tammany’s Humane Society. We go to resale stores and buy odd crystal and glass pieces to make garden sculpture to sell and donate the money to ISF and St. Tammany’s. We are working to get more jr high students involved in this project. Since we live in St. Louis, it would be no trouble to drive up to Chicago for the weekend. Being able to see and meet many of the cast in person would be a lifetime experience for my friend. DeLyn deserves a vacation for all the hard work she does in raising and supporting 2 kids on her own. Please consider our request to win the gold tickets. Thank you for reading this long letter.

  89. I’m so in love with TVD that I have a friend that is also in love with the show that we talk about it for a few days after we have watched the newest episode and make our own predication’s on what we might think will happen and see if we might be right or not. We both live in the Chicago area so to be able to go to this convention would make our year and it would the most talked about TVD event that we have even been too. I never miss an episode and no matter what I’m doing I always make sure to watch it right when it starts and I even re-watch it to refresh my memory on what happened the week before.To win this contest would be a dream come true

  90. Oh my lord. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to win these. Not just want. I need. Because I need TVD to survive life. Me and my best friend both. I really have so much to say about why I need these tickets but it’s to much to type out haha. I hope I can win these! I want them so bad!

  91. Not your typical TVD fan, that would be me! Started watching begining last season & was immediately drawn in! I then had to go buy seasons 1 & 2 right away, and watch them in every spare minute I had. TVD is my vice/addiction! It is my new “24”! In otherwords, it is my: Must watch, can’t miss, the one show that my husband knows there will be consequences if I am not home in time to watch! Haha! Maybe if I won this contest & took my husband he might get why I enjoy TVD So much!

  92. The Vampire Diaries seriously is one of the best shows on tv today. With a great storyline, incredible writers and an amazing cast its hard not to love everything about it! Vampires, witches, werewolves, hybrids AND ghosts? TVD has it all. What I love most about the show is that there is almost a literal thirst for more. I don’t know about you but they keep ME comin back. All good things come to an end but let’s hope TVD will be on tv screen for a long time to come. :)

  93. TVD is the first thing that I think of when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing before I fall asleep. I’m completely utterly obsessed with the show, as well as with Damon, :)
    TVD allows me to forget, for an hour every week, all the other things in my life. It is the perfect escape to the world of Mystic Falls, and a supernatural adventure. By far, the best show I’ve ever seen.

  94. I have been a big fan of TVD since the books! I’ve had read the original series and have not yet read Stefan’s version because why? I rather watch it instead! I just love how the drama just sucks you in and you cannot get enough. Just want more and more. I always re-watch the previous season before the new season starts.

    It would be great to meet the entire cast!

  95. Who would of thought a show about the dead could make us all feel so alive? Thats what the Vampire Diaries has done for me for the past 3 seasons. In this hectic world we all need an escape from reality, an outlet to focus on while the world keeps throwing us obstacles. Well this is my indulgence, some people reach for the chocolate, while I reach for the remote.

  96. The Vampire Diaries is an amazing show that my sister and I watch together! The show is a nice weekly escape from the chaotic stresses and frustrations of everyday life. =)

  97. I’ve been a huge TVD fan since the very beginning. It is THE highlight every week, after a stressful time at college. I just sit back, relax and enjoy that amazing talent that pops up on my screen. I loooove all the romantic stuff, just as much as I love the action and mystical storylines.

    To meet the cast would be a dream come true! I would be beyond excited and without a second thought take the trip from Germany to Chicago without thinking twice.

    Thank you so much for giving us such an opportunity!

  98. im so attached to the characters in vampire diaries. i adore every single one of them, it’d mean the world to get to meet them in person. it just gives me the opportunity to shut everything out and enter a whole new fantasy world. it’s literally the highlight of my weeks. thank you guys, so much for giving everyone such an amazing opportunity.

  99. I am a Salvatore, for a matter of fact my name is Salvatore, it would be great to meet the cast, have a chat, and for them to meet a Salvatore for it is not a very common name. Would be amazing if I could go!

  100. Who doesn’t love TVD? =) I don’t deserve it more than anyone else but it’d be awesome to win!

  101. I absolutely LOVE TVD…I mean, like CRAZY!!! I’d love to get to go to this convention :-)

  102. I actually would love to win these tickets for my daughter, she is crazy about the vampire diaries. I started watching it myself and it has me hooked. My daughter LOVES the vampire diaries, i think she even breathes it. Her birthday passed and I would have liked to buy her tickets for the convention but I couldn’t afford it, and it would be a dream come true for her. Every thursday she sits in front of the TV for the full hour and she goes crazy at each commercial break talking about how “it’s crazy” “I can’t believe it!” she goes so crazy and I know that she would love to meet the cast members. She especially likes Ian Somerhalder, thats all she can talk about at times. Please, please, please chose us to have the Gold Tickets, it would be a dream come true.

  103. I love TVD because you can never tell whats going to happen. It keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more after every episode, and it drives you crazy for the next 7 days. I can also appreciate how lovely all the cast are!

  104. I absolutely love TVD!!!! I can easily say that this show is my new addiction!!!I actually didn’t start watching the show until a month ago, I was browsing on my netflix and started watching it….i finished season 1 and season 2 in a week (: I just couldn’t stop watching it. After i got caught up I realized i couldnt just go anywhere online to watch what ive missed of season 3 so I ended up buying episode 1-11 on amazon (: now I’m caught up and every thursday night i make sure I’m home so i can watch it! I would love love love love to have the gold tickets!!!!!!

  105. I dont normally apply/or comment on stuff like this but to miss out the chance to meet the cast of The Vampire Diaries? I think not. I love the show and the gorgeous cast with its invigorating plots, and the suspense, all while being dark and sexy. Sometimes I find myself gripping the couch or holding my breath. Being a student I don’t have time for TV, but VD is well worth the exception, and I would go wild for the chance to go to Chicago’s Vampire Diaries convention. I would especially love to meet Nina Dobrev or Ian Somerhalder. But who wouldn’t? This would be a memory I would never forget.

  106. OK, yes i am a guy but i must say this show is amazing i love the actors and actresses and i would love to have the chance to meet the cast of the vampire diaries it is my most favorite show on television I’m from Madison Wisconsin and i will be in Illinois the weekend of the convention and it would really make one of the happiest and most lucky persons to meet the cast, i really love this show and i would be so extremely excited to have the chance to meet some really great people.

  107. I started watching Vampire Diaries my sophomore year of highschool (when it first came out) and fell in LOVE! I got my friends hooked on it, and it is truly what I look forward to on Thursdays…okay all week, (don’t judge me, you know you love it that much too!!) I’ve pre-ordered every season the day it’s made available, and scream with delight every year (this year will be the third) when it arrives on my doorstep…nothing happens for the next 3 days, it’s devoted to TVD marathon! I love letting people know just how awesome of a show it is. At first, some people are skeptical, “Another vampire show? Really? Come on Lindsey” but as soon as I get them going, they are HOOKED! It’s so much more than the other vampire shows going around. I haven’t missed one episode on a Thursday (tivo just doesn’t have the same effect to me) and I literally almost had a heart attack trying to get home in time to watch 3×11 (came sprinting in the door at 8:01). This is honestly my favorite tv show ever, the actors, the storyline, everything about it is amazing. It has expanded to such an amazing series, I am LITERALLY addicted. I’m turning 18 on February 7th, and I know the rules are for 18 and older and the contest ends on February 9th. This would be the most amazing birthday surprise/gift/win EVER, especially with the BIG 1-8!! What better way to spend your 18th birthday then knowing in a couple months you would be able to see the amazing TVD cast and might I add, the sexy TVD guys?? I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a better way! BIG BIRTHDAY WISH!! Ahhh, I’m not even sure what I’d do if I even had the possibility to win;scream, pass out….it’s a little pathetic, but I know all you TVD fans would do the same! Regardless though, whoever wins, I hope they have an amazing time!

  108. I along with my sister would so grateful to win these tickets. This show takes the trend of vampire to a whole other level. It’s crazy to how each character and even the actors have grown from the beginning of the show. It would be a honor to meet some the cast and by far make my year. definitely a great way to start 2012!

  109. I love Vampire Diaries because through this show I was able to learn a lot about who I am as a person. Each and every character has given me a life lesson of some sort and for that I am forever grateful. I found this show during a very dark time of my life and thanks to it I am making the change to better my life and to not be the person I was anymore. Winning this would be an honor and I would love to bring my sister to this event because this show changed her as much as it changed me. Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to win these tickets and to whoever wins I wish you the best!!

  110. TVD is the most amazing show on television. It is well written and the characters and those who play the character are so intense. The way everything fits together and how the story flows is absolutely amazing. I watch every show multiple times and can repeat most scenes. Yes I’m obsessed but TVD is just that amazing. I count down the days till thursday comes just so I can watch vampire diaries. The show shocks me everytime. I always get so sucked into it. It is one of the most addicting tv shows I’ve ever watched. It’s better than twilight, Buffy the vampire slayer and all the other vampire related movies and shows. When you watch this you can actually feel the connection between each character and almost feel what they are feeling. There are no words for why I love it. I just do. There is WAYYYYY to much to love about it to put into words. Wish the best to whoever wins :)

  111. I full-heartedly believe that last night’s epic-sode was the best episode of any show I’ve ever seen and I am so proud to be a fan of TVD! I am dying to meet the cast of the show because not only are they smexy, but so so talented. Last night, JoMo and Elijah stole the show. I was bawling by the end and it made my expectations for my next family reunion so high ;) Thanks for doing this!!

  112. My friend and I LOVE TVD! When I heard they were having a convention in Chicago I FLIPPED! Couldn’t afford Gold when they were available and now that I can afford it they’re sold out! Would LOVE to be able to meet the cast and see the panels. I’m sure they’re going to be awesome and I would LOVE to go to the con! <3

  113. hi my name is Rachel and The Vampire Diaries has truly changed my life. I have been watching vampire diaries since the very beginning and literally i LIVE for the show. Every day I go on this website as well as many other fan websites and search and search for new news about the show or the actors. I have my own TVD blog (salvatoresoul.tumblr.com) which I update religiously. Every single character on this show I am able to connect with. The actors on this show inspire me and I truly look up to every single one of them. My role model, Nina Dobrev, is involved in a charity called Free the Children which I am also involved in. My friends and I raised $30,000 for FTC and it makes me proud to know that I am involved with something so important to Nina. I am in the process of getting involved with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and Global Roots, a charity that Paul Wesley is dedicated to. If I were given this opportunity, I would bring my mom. My mom is a TVD mom and LOVES the show almost as much as I do. We share a special bond because we bot love this show, and it would mean the world if we could experience meeting the cast together. I love Vampire Diaries so much and i AM an extremely dedicated fan. I am on the couch every Thursday night at 7:45 and every commercial break, I rewind and watch what happened over again. Every Friday I watch the show twice more, just so I could hear every little word coming out of the actors’ mouths. PLEASE choose me for this contest. TVD means so much to me I can’t even put it in to words and it literally makes my life worth living. Thank you!

  114. I thought I would only love Coppola’s vampires, with Gary Oldman as my number one! I started watching and didn’t find TVD only entertaining (nice atmosphere, dark but sexy!) but also surprising. The story and the actors keep surprising me. They offer new plots and new stories with strong characters! Brotherhood and strong female characters, that’s nice to have these constants in a tv show. What else? I didn’t get bored by the romantic side of this program (usually do), they are all endearing, either Elena, Stephan & Damon, as well as Klaus & Elijah. Thanks for bringing this story on tv!

  115. I love TVD so much, that it makes me so anxious to think of how many others love TVD just as much as I do. I love everyone in the show, the characters exhibit such great talents, and its because of them + the producers + everyone involved in making this show, that this show is the BOMB!!! I have too many great things to say about TVD, its remarkable how someone could be so multitalented and create a show like this, and make it so mysterious and mystical. Its my favorite show, and it will always be. I hope that this show goes on to many seasons, and never stops.. itll be quite interesting to find out what other TVD twist and turns there may be in the long run .. love love love.

  116. I love love LOVE the Vampire Diaries!! It’s literally the only show I watch on a regular basis, I make it a priority to watch it every Thursday and even if I miss it I watch it on CTV the next day. I can’t even say who my favorite character is because I love them all and would really like to meet all of them. I think they’re all amazing actors. I get so into watching it that last weeks episode actually made me cry! Something about the show just makes it better than all those other vampire shows, I can’t wait for the next episode. I’ve also never been to Chicago, but I’d really like to. and this would give me a reason to go to Chicago. Anyway, it would make my day, my year even if I got a chance to go.

  117. The vampire diaries is absolutely fantastic! It is perfectly paced and keeps me coming back for more <3

  118. My daughter and I watch TVD as often as we can. I would love to help make my daughter’s wish come true. She would love more than anything to meet Ian Somerhalder. If a dream like this could come true, imagine the dreams she might chase after.

  119. My grandaughter came to me today and told me I had to write something on this wall. She (even though i have no idea what TVD is) has told me everything about it and how she loves the supernatural powers. She’s 13 and her mom and her are addicted to the show. They watch it everyday and almost all day. You would make my grandaughter the luckiest and happiest 13 year old girl in the world, if she won these tickets.

  120. I love the TVD series!!! I actually made my mom go out and buy me the books! I’m so addicted to this show that all i talk about at school is the show. IDK who likes Ian Somerhalder (Damon) more… Me or my Mom… It’s kinda sad at the age of whatever she is and I both are in love with the same guy. If i won these tickets i would probably start bawling before being happy and all excited! :) I hope I win!!! :)

  121. Why do I love The Vampire Diaries? I’m right in season 2 on Netflix and I am a TVD Junkie. Don’t hate because I didn’t start from the beginning. I moved from FL. to TX in 08 with my husband and 4 yr old to take care of my mom and grandma. I wish I could say things have gotten better! No details of a sad story, however since the latest tragedy that’s when I happened to see TVD on Netflix and saw 44 episodes, my getaway from reality ever since then. I really loved True Blood, but something is so different about TVD that it immerses you right there with them. I catch myself smiling, grimacing, gasping! I can’t ever get enough, I start an episode planning just one, then at the end I look at the clock and have to start the next…I have time it’s only 2am! Yes, I do have a crush on Ian. However it’s more about his aggressive/passion mysterious side that is intriguing. I know so many of you are die hard core fans, but I thought it would be fun to share.

  122. I love the vampire diaries there are few shows on television that can hold your attention and leave you wanting more this is one of those shows. It has an awesome story line the actors are amazing and these tickets would be an
    amazing opportunity and would mean a lot to me.

  123. omg. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES IS MY LIFE. I CANT EVEN COMPREHEND. my friends say its just a show but no. its so much more, i would die if i got to go to this. Ian Somerhalder is my life ♥ I EVEN HAVE A BLOG DEDICATED TO THIS FANTASTC SHOW. omgogmgomgogm. I ship Delena so hard and i jsut saw this contest and im kinda freaking out cause i cant even comprehend. AHHHHHHHHHH♥

  124. VAMPIRE DIARIIIIES. forever♥ Delena -OTP and ♥ nina dobrev

  125. I’ve been watching TVD since the very first episode. It keeps me at the edge of my seat at the end of every episode, the cast is smoking hot, and the story continues to get more exciting. Plus, Stelena are endgame. I cannot wait to see what happens next! The convention would be a dream come true.

  126. I love the Vampire Diaries with all my heart ! It would honestly be a dream come true to go to this convention and meet the cast members. They are all so inspirational and not only are they extremely talented actors and actresses, but they are kind people who stand up for what they believe in. I live in Ontario, Canada and the closest i’ve come to meeting them is when Ian, Nina and Kat came for the MMVAs in Toronto. I waited for hours outside just to watch their cars drive by and it still meant the world to me. I watch the show religiously on Thursday nights and have never missed an episode. I own both Season 1 and 2 and I can quote lines from the show, and I usually do in my daily life (haha). This would be the best experience of my life and I would LOVE to win these tickets!

  127. Warning: I have a feeling this is going to be a very long message being that it involves expressing my love for TVD. ☺ Truthfully, it’s physically just not possible to love The Vampire Diaries as much as I do.☺ From the phenomenal acting, suspenseful plot, and amazing characters, I love every bit of it! Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson, and the rest of the crew are always throwing surprising twists that you would never expect! (Making it one of the most suspenseful shows) I mean, who else NEVER saw Aunt Jenna’s death coming!? Since so many people will be entering, I’ll tell you what makes me the biggest Vampire Diaries fan. For one, if you saw my collection of TVD items, you would understand. ☺ I have Elena’s necklace, both Damon and Stefan’s rings, and I have The Vampire Diaries bed spread along with around 50 other miscellaneous items, which includes stuff like notebooks, wallets, and lip-gloss. ☺ And no, I am NOT ashamed to say tell anyone about it!! ☺ Proud to say I got a high score on the TVD trivia app! My favorite part of my collection is obviously the life-size standee of Ian Somerhalder ☺ But I mean really, who wouldn’t love that the most..? ☺ Every Thursday, I parade around happily in my “I <3 Damon Salvatore” sweatshirt and my friends and I get together and have a “New Episode of TVD” party☺ When TVD is on, there is NO talking allowed! I can’t miss even a second of a new episode!! Like many other TVD-crazed fans, I am an active Tvd-ohalic tweeter☺ I never knew it was possible to love a show as much as I love TVD! I would never miss an episode for the world! One time I missed my championship soccer game so I wouldn’t miss TVD …but hey, when you’re dedicated, you’re dedicated all the way! I know that TONS of people will be entering, (obviously, since TVD is the most amazing show ever and who wouldn’t want to meet the best cast in the history of all of television), but it would literally mean the world to me and would make the most amazing gift in history! I can’t really describe how much I love TVD, but hopefully you get the idea☺ Winning this would be amazing and maybe my streak of never winning anything will finally be over! And just to throw it out there, I’m team Damon all the way☺

  128. The love of TVD goes back to the early 90s when Anne Rice was the madam in charge of her goth-relic lore of great vampire novels. The love of supernatural brings a connection to me and that’s why enjoy seeing it put to life on TV and/or movies.

    TVD is wonderful with the characters, the lust, the thirst, the love……its a classic to the modern-vampire love nirvana and I’m happy that its successful while the Twilight and True Bloods are in the mix.

    Delena Forever……

    South Dakota

  129. I love Vampire Diaries oh so much! It’s definitely my favorite show (and I watch a lot of shows so that is saying something). Every week I am counting down the days and hours until the next episode is shown on Thursday. Also, I usually visit this website on a daily business. I have rewatched the episodes and I own the DVDs. The soundtrack is also something I am very obsessed with; I listen to it all the time! I love “Running Up the Hill” and “Bloodstream” and many more so much. My friends and I talk about this show ALL the time. So anyways… I would love to win this prize!

  130. I’m a UK fan who subscribes to so many TVD sites, I’m literally on there daily and the updates go directly to my phone so I never miss anything.
    I absolutely love TVD and follow the characters on my twitter page. As a UK fan, I can’t watch the episodes on a Thursday because of the time difference but I wake up early every friday morning before College to watch it online. I also re-watch it when it plays on TV, sometimes I see the same episode like 4 times a week, not including re-watching it online. I just love TVD and I got so many friends into watching it, and thats literally all we talk about. I would love to go to Chicago to see the actors. So yeah! I’d Love to win this prize……
    Team Delena :D

  131. It would mean a lot to meet Paul! We’re trying to go to the one in New Jersey, but this would be closer.

  132. My best friend and I are the biggest TVD fans. Honestly, I didn’t start watching the show until midway of season 2. My best friend told me that I HAD to watch season 1 and catch up so I could really understand the show and I did. I saw the first episode and I was hooked. I saw all of season 1 and the first half of season 2 in a week. I didn’t do any homework that week lol. I just fell in love with the show. It’s the best show ever!! Best plot, cast, directors, just everything. I would be extremely happy if I could win these tickets. It’d be an awesome way to thank my best friend for introducing me to the show.

  133. I would do ANYTHING to get these tickets!!! I have loved this show from the beginning! I joined twitter a little too late and sadly missed the gold package :( I want these tickets!!! I know everything about this show!!! I have two boys and a mother, all of which I have made lovers of this show. We watch it faithfully every week. When it’s not on, I’m always watching taped episodes of past seasons. I can’t get enough!!! I even love the fan made videos and the hilly video. I would love to personally hand over a $1000 check to Ian Somerhalder for his ISF. Please give me that chance!!!!also I would love to meet Julie Pleck!!! Thanks for your time!!! TVD rock!!!!

  134. The Vampire Diaries is the best show I have had the pleasure of enjoying with my kids. (19&12) We look forward to it all week discussing our predictions. We are all different ages so it is sometimes difficult to find shows that all of us like. We have a weekly ritual of watching to knew episodes every week. Beautiful family time!!! I love it!!!! The show is amazing and always surprising us. My daughter and I both love Ian Somerhalder and would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to see him in person. I tried to figure out a way for us to go but it is just too much money for us to part with. We are in Canada. Winning this would truly be a dream come true!!! Please pick me, I would remember it forever!!! lisasmilesalot

  135. Wow…how much do I love TVD? I love TVD MORE than I love chocolate, pizza, french fries, Hanson, Justin Timberlake, AND sleeping. ;)

  136. You have no idea how excited I am to finally have Meredith on the show!! Now I’m just waiting for Paul and Torrey to have a scene together so I can hear Paul say my name :)

  137. I can’t even explain how awesome it would be to win these tickets!!! Thanks Ruthie for these giveaways, you’re the best <3

  138. I love TVD more than anything!!! I’ve been dying to go to one of these conventions for 3 years, ever since the show started! But it’s so expensive!! I would love it if I won, Chicago is a mere 2.5 hrs away from my town in Michigan, it’d probably be the first time I won anything! Meeting the cast is a dream of mine, I don’t even have the words to describe how I would feel if I won these tickets! I’ve never had an opportunity like this, so if this were to happen with TVD of all things I would be forever grateful!! I’ve watched reruns of each episode more than 2 times! Been a fan of Nina dobrev since Degrassi! Again, I can’t emphasize enough what a dream come true this would be! I wish everyone here the best of luck, this truly is an amazing opportunity for anyone!

  139. I am in love with TVD! My roommate makes fun of me because when it’s on she can hear me screaming in my room lol. She’s even walked in on me crying about something that happened in that episode. I am also a diehard Stelena fan and I love Chicago, so this trip would be a dream come true :)

  140. I LOVE The Vampire Diaries and every thing about it. The stories, the relationships, the lore.. its all great! Definitely my favorite show on television and every week I can’t wait to watch! STELENA <3

  141. Its not easy to make it in word how much i love the vampire diaries an the cast. The show is so incridibl everytime when i see a episode i want MORE!!! When somebody is crying im crying too if somebody is dying my heart is breaking.The actors are so amazing they arent just good actors they have really great personalitys and they spend theire money for really great charitys and besides they look so gorgous.I just can say that I LOVE ian,paul,nina,joseph ♥,daniel,zach,candice ,micheal,kate.matt ,julie and morE!!! it would be too many names that i have to write who makes the show possible i just can say thank you very much to make my life every week happier with this awsome,fantastic show!!

  142. The Vampire Diaries is me and my friends life…we cannot live without it when its in a mid season break we don’t know what to do with ourselves….first thing on a monday morning we de brief what we have found out spoiler wise and what happened on the previous episode!! my favourite person from the start is stefan of course however recently klaus has won my attention hes just soooo damn funny and british <3 and i live in britain and i would love to fly over and meet them all it would make our entire lives!!!! my friend loves stefan and she was also team lexi lol and we both love elijah <3 our favourite moment was when stefan lost his humanity…well not that part but the lengths he went to to not hurt elena…they should really get back together please pick me and my friend…we would probably faint if we were slected haha

  143. I have been a fan since day 1 I love everything TVD and wish to win!

  144. Oh my. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…. The show is crazy entertaining. The storyline is like riding around on the backroads around my house- twisting and turning and you don’t really know what’s going to be around the next curve. The actors/crew are crazy talented. These guys and gals work so hard for this show to be a success. Not just for themselves, but for all of us crazy, wild fans. They do so much and everyone that I’ve heard of enjoy every minute of it. Even in not-so-enjoyable conditions. Everyone involved with TVD does such an awesome job and it really shows. And finally, this show brings all kinds of people from all over the world together. A lot of people don’t understand that it’s not just the romance and it’s not just the good looking actors. It’s the sense of community and family that all of us fans have. Add everything toether and you’re just asking for something for me to love ;P

  145. I love watching The Vampire Diaries! I look forward to watching it every week!!

  146. Express me love? It’s unconditional! I watch every week and I’m a recruiter! I own the disc so pass them along. And now that it’s on Netflix it’s even easier to gather more followers. At work it’s our watercolor conversation 24/7! Love, love, love the twists, turns, and triangles!! Brilliant writers! Brilliant actors! With all the people who now gather at the cooler, the question would be who to take now that so many of my friends now watch with me!

  147. I’ve been watching the Vampire Diaries since it premiered on September 10 in 2009. since then I’ve tuned in every week and haven’t missed one. I own Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD and watch them anytime there’s an extended hiatus. I’ve been a fan of Nina since she was on Degrassi the Next Generation and loved Ian in Young Americans. Vampire Diaries is an amazing show with brilliant writing and leaves me mind blown at the end of each episode. I live 2 hours away from Chicago but can’t afford tickets at the moment, if I won these passes I’d be sure to be there and be very appreciative! Thanks


  149. I love the vampire diaries! I know I probably shouldn’t pray to win a contest, but god knows i am! Love you ian!

  150. Best show ever! Whoever is hosting this drawing, I LOVE YOU AND THE VAMPIRE DIARIES :)

  151. I have seen every episode since it was first aired! I love it and would absolutely love meeting Ian and Paul! I love you guys! [[=

  152. Pleeeeeeeease let me win! I know everyone else wants to win badly and loves the vampire diaries, but I would probably cry, scream, cry some more and possibly faint…. So hopefully if you pick me I have a soft landing spot :)

  153. I totally geek for TVD. Didn’t start watching it until last summer (I know, WTH?), and got seriously hooked watching the DVDs in crazy marathons. Now I can’t wait for Thursdays! Love everything: the amazing cast of talented actors, the fantastic writing, the lighting, the photography, the music, etc. I love TVD! To win these gold passes would be a dream!

  154. I don’t even know where to begin! My friends and I are basically OBSESSED with the show. I NEVER EVER miss an episode. Im so addicted to the show that my parents have learned only to talk to me during commercials (Sad i know, but i can’t have them talking to me while my show is on, I’d miss important dialogue!). My friends and I have gotten to the point where we call eachother during the show and discuss everything that is happening in lengthy detail, and then we discuss it even more the next day! After I bought season one i have made it a tradition to have TVD marathons each time a new season comes out! Its a little sad but I’ve watched seasons 1 & 2 AT LEAST 5 times since they came out. I’m a real tv show freak so i love a lot of shows but I would definitely say the Vampire Diaries is my absolute FAVORITE! TVD not only keeps me guessing whats going to happen but also has one of the best casts I’ve EVER seen! I love them! If by some miracle that I win i would love to take my friend Lindsey for her BIRTHDAY! If we won, we would be missing our senior prom but we had a very short discussion deciding that this experience only comes once in a lifetime and we would much rather spend our night with the cast of Vampire Diaries!!!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity! And congratulations to whoever wins! Have fun!

  155. I would first like to thank you for this opportunity. I had already been planning to go, but I wasn’t able to afford the tickets. I recently had to quit my job to be able to take care of my sickly grandparents, and since then look forward to every Thursday for that one hour of pure enjoyment to escape the harsh realities of life. My friend and I are absolutely in love with TVD. We never miss an episode. It would totally make are lives to be able to attend. I have been a huge fan since the very first episode. I own Season 1&2 on DVD and have the rest saved on the TV. Every night before I go to bed I re watch every episode. I also have been able to turn almost my whole family and all my friends into watching it too. I throw a huge party to kick off every season and one to say good bye til the next season starts. I wish the show could go on forever. I can only hope for many more seasons to come. With that said… I would really love to win these passes and would defiantly not take them for granite. Thank you again for the opportunity!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!! The cast, writers and everyone who plays a part in making this awesome show come to life are truly awesome!!

  156. I would love to win this very special trip to Chicago to The Vampire Diaries Convention. I have never had the chance to go to one as of yet. It is my fave show ever!! I would give up anything to meet the cast. I am such a HUGE FAN!! I never miss an episode. I have both season 1 & 2 DVD sets. I have read the books and just love everything about the Vampire Diaries. I would be so honored & humble to win this trip. Please and thank you for reading.

  157. I love The Vampire Diaries simply because it is so hard not to. It is the most compelling, addictive, thrilling, entertaining, and best-love-triangle-having television show of its genre on air. I love how the story line keeps you guessing at every turn; you never know what’s going to happen next. The chance to meet its amazing cast would be an honor, and your consideration would mean the world to me. Along with all of the other fans, I can’t express how much I love TVD. Thank you for your time.

  158. I realy love the Vampire Diaries. I’ve seen it once and can’t stop watching it. but I’m living in austria and the third season will come to us on 19th march and it’s too long waiting for me. Now I’m watching them on youtube.They also canceled the second season and I was waiting for the dvd box until I got it 2 weeks ago. i’m a big TVD Fan. I got a tattoo on my feet. It’s a quote from the first season, Stefan’s birthday; in the grill: Lexie to Elena:”When it’s real you can’t walk away!” I heard it and want it. Now I’ve got a tattoo from TVD and I love it.

  159. I’m a working mom with a four-year old son. I’d say I’m not your typical TVD audience, although from what I’ve seen on the Internet, maybe I am. Ever since I started watching The Vampire Diaries by buying season 1 on DVD sometime in 2010, I was caught, hook, line and sinker. I always was a sucker for all things vampire since watching Buffy many a year ago, but above all, and almost to the exclusion of everything else for the past year, I’ve been all about TVD.
    I live in Europe (Belgium), so we’re always running behind on everything. The only way is getting up at 6am to watch the previous evening’s episode on the Internet before I go to work, which is what I do. Fangirling all on my lonesome at the crack of dawn. And then on to the blogs, recaps, fanfics etcetera. Because it’s amazing to actually be able to communicate with people all over the world who share my craving for Salvatore blood…
    TVD also made me do something that I never had the guts to do before: I started writing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I just never got the push to actually start. Until Elena, Damon, Stefan, Caroline and co. came along. Their voices in my head were just too loud to ignore, and so I wrote a little fanfic story, screwed up my courage and posted it on fanfiction.net as 2serendipity. To my surprise, people actually liked what I wrote, so I wrote some more. And the most amazing thing happened. Through all of this, I met this wonderful girl from California. We’ve been mailing each other for almost a year now, and chatting as well, discussing the episode on Friday night, talking about fanfic, TVD and life in general. Life on opposite sides of the world. She’s become a wonderful friend, even if I’ve never met her face to face, even if we have to choose our moment because we’re an ocean and 9 hours apart. That’s what TVD has done for me: it opened up a little bit of the world and brought me a real friend, a kindred spirit. It’s not exactly world peace, but hey, it’s a start! It would be truly wonderful if we could meet for the first time at the heart of the Vampire Diaries, because that too is essentially all about friendship and love, right?

  160. So I’m a certified vampire junkie! I have been since I can remember. I thought I was going to go through withdrawal in between Twilight movies…but then I found The Vampire Diaries. TVD has to be the best package in a scifi geeks world! It has vampires, wolves, witches and now hybrids. I’m hooked. I need to get my fix every week. When TVD seasons finish I now find myself craving another episode, so I cure that with watching prior seasons. This is the only show on TV that I must watch every week. I plan my schedule to make sure I’m not going to miss it!! The story lines keep getting better and better. The acting is incredible and the special effects are top! Simply amazing!!!! By far the best show on TV for the young and young at heart.

  161. I keep writing and rewriting this comment, because nothing can even come close to the comment my friend Valérie wrote.
    I honestly started watching The Vampire Diaries when it first aired out of sheer curiosity. I’m a huge Joss and Buffy fan, and I decided to watch to see the newest spin on vampires. I’ll be honest, I was expecting some kind of cross between Buffy and Twilight. But what I got was a fantastic, vibrant show that stood on its own two feet and completely sucked me in. The writing is superb, and the character depth and development…I cannot say enough about how much I love such quality character development. It adds a vital element to any story and takes it to the next level.
    I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but somehow in the months leading up to my wedding, I started reading Vampire Diaries fan fiction on fanfiction.net…it was sort of a distraction when I needed to relax and think about non-wedding related things, in an odd way it seemed to help me focus. I left a comment on a story that caught my interest and got a wonderful, friendly reply from the author. We started messaging back and forth. Somewhere along the line I offered to be her beta reader and she took me up on the offer, and our friendship took off. Like she said, we emailed about The Vampire Diaries, writing, and life. Though we’ve never met in person (yet), she has become an amazing friend. The ocean and 9 hour time difference can be a challenge, but with email and now IM and Twitter, she doesn’t seem quite so far away, even though she’s on the other side of the world.
    I’ve learned so much just from messaging with her, and it all began because of this show. It’s amazing how small the world can seem sometimes. She truly is a kindred spirit, and I really couldn’t think of a better place and event to meet in person.

  162. I am 19 and would love to win these tickets for my Mom and I to go. This is the 3rd time I am writing on here because for some reason it is not posting.Please pick me….I would be the happiest girl in the world!!!!

  163. I knew there was a serie called Vampire Diaries, but I thought it would be the typical story of ‘Girl fall in love with the bad guy who is a vampire’. Some months ago i decided to give it an opportunity. Let me tell you something, I really recommend it, by far is the best serie i ever watched and by far the most outstanding of films and series. If i had to rate it /5 I would give it definately 5/5. It has a brilliant plot and one of the things that makes this serie special and enjoyable is that it is unpredictable, you may think that what is going to happen next is obvious, but suddenly something unexpected happen that you wouldn’t even imagine and would change the course of the serie.

  164. Love Love Love this show!!! It would be soo awesome to get a chance to attend this!

  165. My sister is in Love with this show! it would we awesome to win these for her!

  166. Plain and simple, I love the vampire diaries! I watch this show religiously every Thursday at 8pm and nothing else matters at this time. It truly is my guilty pleasure and I can never get enough of this show! I’ve watched this show since day one and have gotten every friend I’ve shown the show instantly hooked, even my mom! Ever since I’ve heard about the TVD convention in Chicago I’ve been saving my money so I can go with my friend. The sad part is I can only afford my transportation and hotel, so winning this would make my dream come true, and I can scratch just being in the same room as Paul Wesley off my bucket list!!

  167. I am one of the vampire diaries biggest fans! I can’t tell you how many times I have watched all of the seasons. Ever since I started watching it I have been the biggest fan. It is the best show on the CW. Are better yet the best show on TV!!

  168. I know that I am one of the last ones to leave a comment for this contest, but like the saying goes, save the best for last or is it the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. Whatever it is, I just want you to know that this contest is the one I want to win this year. It has been a long year already, but what has gotten me through it is the Vampire Diaries, and knowing that me and my BFF could actually meet the cast, well that would brighten our year. I love following the vampire diary blogs, and the facebook creation page, and every single story that people have to share about how the show has touched them and made them happy makes me feel good on the inside. I am a rare guy in the fandom too. I want to meet friends, hangout with them there, and enjoy the new penpals that the internet offers. I want to hear about new podcasts, and blogs that I should be reading about the show. I also am super excited Matt Davis is coming, because I have thought he was awesome since Legally Blonde! Getting to thank the cast for just bringing joy to our lives is all I want to do, and I really am struggling financially, so winning this contest would be the only way to do so. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope I win.

  169. I really want to win this contest for my kids because they very much enjoy the show and l have had to buy them a new boxset they have watched them so much and made sure to share the show with their friends, even the ones with nielsen boxes. I hope to win this because it would be the gift for my kids that they would enjoy for years to come, and they would frame the autographs and tweet about it to all their friends!=)

  170. I would absolutely love to win this contest for me and my bestfriend! She lovesss Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan, and I LOVE Paul Wesley! We’ve been watching the shows since the beginning and we are completely addicted!! It would be so AWESOMEEEE to win! :)

  171. After months of a friend convincing me to watch TVD I finally did late this past fall. With in a few days (thanks to Netflix) I was caught up on season one and two. This past December my mother-in-law died and things have been tough. TVD gives me something to look forward to all week and has helped me to get up every day and move on with my life. Silly that a TV show would do something like that, but it has. Great characters, great writing, great actors… Thank you TVD.

  172. This is such a wonderful opportunity that I would be so grateful to be a part of! I’ve been watching this show with my best friend Lauren since it started and have gotten so many of my other friends hooked on it. We have parties every Thursday night to watch together. I would truly be so honored to get the chance to meet some of my favorite actors from my favorite show and tell them what a great job I think they’re doing!

  173. First and foremost, I love Vampire Diaries.. but who doesn’t here? But that doesn’t begin to express how much I love it !! I’ve been a fan of the start and each week I have something to look forward to on Thursdays. My cake I made that has been around online and on this site, is just an example of how much I love TVD. It would be a dream to go and meet these people that inspire me so much. This cast are people I look up to so much. Nina has come so far as an actress and I hope I can be as successful as she has, and hope to have an impact on my society just as the TVD cast as, such as Ian’s charity and Nina’s care for her fans. If I were to win this… first I would probably cry, but I would bring my mom because we’ve been so much together and it would help since coming from Ontario, we could only afford to get there, let alone paying for tickets. Plus, who wouldn’t love to see the Salvatore brothers .. in person?! Thank you.

  174. I love everything about the Vampire Diaries!!! We love Damon and Elena!!! His humor is the best!! My wife loves it equally!! We would love to meet the cast and everything! April is my birthday month.. What a great trip this would be!!! :P

  175. I totally love TVD!!! Every Thursday night after work I watch The Vampire Diaries It’s religious! This show is the best.. It’s an obsession for me! I didnt have twitter before but since season 1 of TVD I go on twitter every day just so I could know everything that happened with the actors/writers/producers during the day! ( I know i’m a freak but don’t judge me please hahaha) I would love to go to the convention in chicago it would make my year!!!!! Thank you TVD.. You’ve made me an obssessed fan loll

  176. Not only do I LOVE TVD…but I have successfully hooked almost a dozen others!! I have seated them in my living room and watched all of seasons 1 and 2 with them…they are usually hooked by episode 5 of season 1! Also, I have made some AMAZING friends at the conventions and would LOVE the opportunity to make more in Chicago!! fingers crossed!! Thanks for the contest!! :)

  177. I am a TVD fanatic. Have watched every episode 2-3 times, know everything there is to know about all of the cast and getting to meet them would be a dream come true!!

  178. Love would not be enough to explain how I feel about The Vampire Diaries. This show speaks to the deepest part of my soul. It would mean the world to me, if for just one night I could live my dream instead of dreaming it..<3

  179. My daughter got me hooked on TVD, watch every week. Reading the books now. Would love to win so I could take her to this. Good Luck to everyone though.

  180. I love The Vampire Diaries! I love getting others hooked on the show and hearing them discuss each espisode. The storylines are awesome. It is a wonderful escape from reality. Most of all I love the impact the shows actors have made on young people to get involved with charities and causes.

  181. I didn’t find out about the #TVD con til it was already sold out. I love the show, IV bought season 1 and 2 watched an rewatch them many times. It would mean the world to me if I got the passes.

  182. I have been addicted to the Vampire genre since I got my first fake pair of Vamp teeth as a child. I was upset that there was so few books available and found that I loved romances, especially historical romances. Then, as an adult, I found Anne Rice, Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Charlaine Harris, Stephanie Meyer (I know… sparkly w/o fangs… I am in for the storylines), and… L.J. Smith. Movies and shows based on books I have read tend to disappoint me. I gave True Blood a try and loved it, but I have been dragging my feet on the Vampire series. I was so afraid that it would ruin my love of both Damon and Stefan. Finally, after hours of badgering from various friends, I watched the pilot a little over 3 weeks ago on Netflix. Since then, I have watched every single episode, some nights finding myself watching without regard to time. One night, I was shocked when I looked up after an episode ended to realize that the sun was coming up! This is the perfect show! It has the perfect combination of bad, good, blood, love, hate, ups, downs… AND it has flashbacks that are perfect – just as I pictured in my head! I have fallen in love with Damon and Stefan all over again, perhaps as Katherine has done, if she does indeed actually have a heart. I have laughed, cried, yelled in anger and horror and shock! Each episode leaves me salivating for more! I can’t wait to see where this incredible show will take Elena, Damon and Stefan in the future, and I look forward to riding along as a devoted VD fan!!! Bring on the Blood & Love!!!

    As for why I would love to win these special passes? For one, I have never been to a Con event of any sort. There aren’t many here in the Midwest (specifically Missouri). Another reason, I would love to get the autographs of the actors so I can auction them off for a couple of my favorite charities as well as the new project (yet to be announced) on ISF and the new Wolf project on Scream for a Dream! I’ve also been pushed into agreeing to a new tattoo of Ian and Paul’s autographs on my back along with the VD header and teeth and blood drops if I win by a friend. Maybe even a couple portraits! I would be more than happy to share pics of the tattoo when done and info on the auctions! Thanks so much for your consideration! Keep up the good work. I look forward to watching your shows and following all of the actors on twitter! On a side note, Nina Dobrev is now my favorite football player!!! =D

  183. I’m crazy about the vampire diaries, but even crazier about the Mr. Paul Wesley! :) I’ve never watched a show that makes me so emotional. My mom is constantly making sure I’m okay while watching this show because one minute I’m laughing, the next crying and screaming at the TV! I loooove this show, and I would loove even more to meet the cast of the vampire diaries. I have many questions that I’m dying to hear the answer to. I heard about this convention when they first confirmed it, and of course I was jumping for joy because it’s not far from where I live… then I saw the prices, craaaaaazy. I go to school full time and work part time.. No way could I afford it, and winning this would be awesome and truly a dream come true for me!!! Thank you<3

  184. I love vampire diaries because, the show reminded of buffy the vampire slayer. I never been to a huge convention before and it would mean the world to me if i won the tickets and get to meet the cast.

  185. I love The Vampire Diaries, obviously ;). It was my 21st two weeks ago so this would pretty much make it.

  186. I have been watching The Vampire Diaries since the first show. I have seen many shows come and go in my lifetime (yes I am a Baby Boomer!) And The Vampire Diaries has some of the best writing and acting I have seen in a long time! And the guys are not too bad to look at either!

  187. The Vampire Diaries is the only show that I have ever been this in love with. I look forward to every Thursday and I never miss an episode. Everything about the show is just perfect. The entire cast is amazing and meeting them would be such a dream come true. I wanted to purchase tickets to the TVDCON but due to some difficulties I was unable to come up with the necesssary money. I can literally watch this show all day. I’ve rewatched the entire first two seasons more times than I can possibly count. I am absolutely in love with this show. The way each actor/actress portrays their character is simply magnificent. This is one of the only shows that I’ve followed since the very beginning. I can’t imagine not being a fan of it. The cast is such an inspiration and I would be so overjoyed to meet them all. I know the chances of me winning these are very slim but I would try anything to get a chance to meet them. My best friend and I spend hours talking about teh show after each episode. I never get tired of hearing about this show. It’s just too much of an amazing show. It’s impossible not to love it. Winning these tickets would seriously be the biggest dream come true. Thank you!

  188. Been in love with the show from the beginning!!!! Told so many people about it that ended up being obsessed with the show too!!! I look forward to Thursdays nights because of this show and I love all the characters on the show-good or bad. WAS obsessed with twilight until this show it beats it by far!!! The story line and drama in this show are written so well. I would love to meet any of the actors on the show and just have a weekend of fun and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience!!!

  189. I love TVD! My friend had season 1. I spent the night at her place watching the whole entire season. I fell head over heels in love with the show after the first episode. I’ve been hooked ever since! This show amazes me every week whwn it’s on. The acting in it is phenomenal! I would love to win and be able to have such an amazing experience! TVD is amazing and no words can express how much I love it!

  190. I love TVD. A few of my friends told me that the books series was interesting and that they were planning to make them into a show. Needless to say I fell in LOVE with it. The actors all do a wonderful job and the people behind the scenes that help to make the show possible are even more amazing. I appreciate all of the hard work that everyone – including the writers – put in. I literally count down to Thursdays every week. I can’t imagine anything else I’d rather be doing on a Thursday at 7 than to be watching my favorite show. The show has even bought me closer to some of my classmates and teachers because of our mutual love and appreciation for TVD. I’ve even met some new friends on different message boards and everything. I would like to win these passes because I want to be at the convention to support my favorite actors and hopefully get some answers to these burning questions I have! =)

  191. The Vampire Diaries…….Where to begin, i could go on and on for days i could talk your ear off about how much i just love TVD, but i know that you already know this! Why else would i be on here like everyone else wanting this chance of a life time so bad. WE all as fans want this opportunity more than anything, and if not me than someone else truly deserves this chance, i think we all do, if only things could be different and we all could go. This opportunity is not just for me to go and be a crazy fan screaming and crying to meet and greet no, its to show my solid and honest and true support to the people who make this show AMAZING. When TVD comes on im like a bootcamp drill sergeant nobody can talk to me, phone me , any type of distraction might cost you lol jp, its my one hour of complete fantasy world, a place where i bring myself and put myself in just for that one hour of that one day. I am a single mom all my time and hard work goes to my daughter i do everything for her, and its so beautiful that for that one day and one hour i can share my time and have a truly bonding moment with her because of our love and interest for TVD. Ps-My daughter is upset and wants the “NICE” Stephan back! My last and final words- TVD has been around since its first book release in 1991 and i pray and hope it continues on. Yes thats right it was out WAYYY before twilight , twilights almost done and YES its still here AMAZING job i speak for myself and everyone else when i say this I LOVE TVD!!!!!!!

  192. I’m a new VD fan but thankz to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Play and my DVR I caught up in less than 2 weeks and I’m already rewatching from the beginning! I’m completely in love with every aspect of the show and I’m already planning on getting tickets to the April convention but gold passes would be amazing… not to mention I can bring my mother who has been a fan from episode one! To be in the same room with Ian, Paul, Daniel, and Zach would be a dream come true!

  193. I’m really bad at expressing my love for a show, but I thought I’d give it a shot. The Vampire Diaries is the type of show that no matter how many times I fall behind on the episodes, once I get the chance to start watching some of the episodes again, I am immediately hooked, and it’s hard to put it to the side and catch up on the other shows that are on the backburner! Chalk that up to great characters and great writing!

    I’ll admit that I started watching the series because I heard it would be about vampires, but it became so much more than that. It is an interesting story with interesting characters that even though not all are human, their emotions seem to suggest otherwise. When people say that this show is a lot like the Twilight series, I can see certain elements that might suggest that, but if you actually watch it, or read about it (which I haven’t gotten a chance to do, sadly), they are so, so different.

    Everyone has their favorite character, and mine’s is Damon, and not just because Ian Somerhalder was on Lost, but because he is willing to do just about anything for Elena, though she’s in love with Stefan (I don’t know if this changes down the line; don’t spoil it for me, please!). It’s just great writing how you can have a character that can sit by and take this all in, day after day, and not complain. How heartbreaking it must be. True, true writing.

    I have a friend who is utterly obsessed with The Vampire Diaries, and I would really like to think that I would make her day if I scored these tickets; we haven’t hung out since we were in elementary school, so it would be cool to attend one of these conventions and make new memories.

    Well, anyway, sorry to ramble on an on. Thanks for having this opportunity to win something as neat as tickets to what is sure to be an AWESOME convention. Good luck to all the other entries!

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