Creativity Contest Finalists: 1st Place Wins Platinum Admission to Eyecon! Vote Your Fav!

Several weeks ago, we announced we were accepting entries for a Creativity Contest to win tickets to Eyecon’s Vampire Diaries 4 Convention in Atlanta, GA. Well, now is the time to announce our 6 finalists! But I need your help! You guys need to vote for your favorite, and the person with the most votes will win 1st place! Here’s a list of the prizes:

1st Place: One Platinum admission to Eyecon’s TVD 4 in Atlanta, GA October 26 – 28

2nd Place: One General Weekend Admission to Eyecon’s TVD 4 in Atlanta, GA October 26 – 28

All 6 finalists will receive a copy of Honey 2 DVD/Blu-ray/Digital Combo with Kat Graham

Thanks to everyone who participated, and good luck to the finalists! The polls will be open for the next 72 hours and will close on September 14th at 10AM CST.

Finalist #1 by JENN – Mystic Falls Stefan/Elena/Damon Graphic

 Finalist #2 by Karin – TVD Nail Design

 Finalist #3 by Shaydee – Caroline/Tyler/Klaus Breaking It Down

 Finalist #4 by Madison – Stefan/Elena/Damon Drawing

Finalist #5 by Lauren – Stefan/Damon Drawing

Finalist #6 by Katelyn @Spirit786147 – Stefan/Elena/Damon Graphic




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