Vampire Diaries At SDCC: Silas, Delena & More Season 5 Scoop via Hollywood Life


Thanks to Hollywood Life for providing us with some juicy scoop from The Vampire Diaries Q&A Panel at the SDCC. Here’s a snippet, then head over to Hollywood Life to read the rest! (Check out this eery screencap of Silas above!)

Silas’ Dark Plans For Mystic Falls

Let’s begin with Paul Wesley, who will be pulling double duty in season five, both as Stefan (in a box) and the true form of Silas. Before the panel began, attendees were shown an intense clip of Paul (as Silas), addressing what seemed to be a compelled group of humans in Mystic Falls. He wants the limits of his powers to be tested, which only makes me even more terrified of the already terrifying villain.

That said, Silas isn’t going to be the only threat on the show this season. In fact, he isn’t even going to be the biggest! Executive producer Julie Plec explained that the season’s initial villain is rarely the official “big bad,” to which Paul responded, “Just when you think you’re at the top of the food chain!”

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