Vampire Diaries Music – Episode 4.23 – Graduation – Song List

Another amazing season of awesome music! Thanks so much to Chris Mollere for always posting the music song lists for each episode, we appreciate you so much! Click the links to download from iTunes! 1. Bon Jovi “You Give Love… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries S4 Finale Post Mortems with TV Guide, TV Line & EW

Check out these interviews with Julie Plec from TV Guide, TV Line & EW. She sheds light on the season finale, previews season 5 and answers questions you all may have! Don’t read any further if you haven’t watched the… Continue Reading


Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Tease TVD Season 4 Finale via E!Online

E!Online has posted their video interviews with Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev from today’s CW Upfronts. While Dobrev wouldn’t spill on which brother Elena chooses (duh!), she does reveal it’s not an easy decision. “It’s like any relationship. There’s a… Continue Reading


TONIGHT: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale “Graduation” 8/7c on The CW

Well tonight is the night…we’ve made it to the end of yet another season of The Vampire Diaries. What’s going to happen with Bonnie???!! I know, I am personally on pins and needles! Check out the summary for tonight’s season… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries – Season 4 Finale – Episode 4.23 – Graduation – Preview Clip #2

This was previously posted as a Facebook exclusive, but the CW has now released this 2nd preview clip for tomorrow night’s season finale! Katherine threatens Elena to Bonnie!


Julie Plec Talks Season 4 Finale with TV Guide and E!Online

Check out TV Guide‘s latest Vampire Diaries Bite below, but first, here’s what Julie Plec had to say to E!Online about Elena’s “Choice”. Elena’s Choice, Take Two: While season three’s finale also featured Elena making a choice between the Salvatore brothers,… Continue Reading