The Vampire Diaries Cast Live Stream Interview with EW at SDCC (Video)

Brief live stream interview with EW at Comic Con! Check out what Paul Wesley has to say about playing Silas!


Vampire Diaries Spoilers – Scoop On Ripper Stefan Via TV Guide’s Mega Buzz

TV Guide’s Mega Buzz has some scoop on what we can expect from Stefan this season: Anything juicy on Ripper Stefan on The Vampire Diaries? Thanks! — Val, via Twitter NATALIE: Juicy is a choice word, Val. Stefan will be sinking his… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: Crying Wolf

You know when you walk into a bookstore, and you go the travel section where all the pretty Lonely Planet guides are? The guides covered in pictures that are meant to give you a visual feel for the place? Well… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: Daddy Issues

Alright, darlings. Lets play a game, shall we? It’s a little game I like to call ‘Last One to Swoon is a Rotten Egg.’ Because to be honest: if your heart didn’t stop for a moment or ten – or… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: The Descent

Jules wakes in the forest after another night as a wolf. Only this time, she’s been busy. She is bloodied up, and gets up to realise that she has slaughtered a bunch of campers in the night. Somewhat remorselessly, she… Continue Reading


Paul Wesley: In Next Flashback Episode Stefan is Very Damon-esque

Awesome interview from Paul Wesley and Zap2It. Paul Wesley talks about the upcoming flashback episode (Ep 2.15 “The Dinner Party”). We will get to see a glimpse of Stefan’s lustful and sinful side. Can’t wait! Here’s an excerpt from the… Continue Reading