The Vampire Diaries Love Sucks promo pics

Via the official Facebook for The Vampire Diaries.




  1. But if she’s not going to have blonde hair, then how is she going to resemble to Katherine? Thier supossed to look like each other.

  2. ^ I assume they’ll just give Katherine dark hair as well. The small picture of her in the extended trailer/preview did have her with dark hair.

    Anyway, these pictures are awesome.
    Can’t wait! :D

  3. I cant wait for the show to start! i dont care if somethings in the show are different in the books. and from what i can see these peoples arent bad to look at. ha ha lol=)

  4. oh my god!!
    i read these books like when they first came out and let me tell you… they could not have picked a hotter damon!!

  5. man i cant wait (bring on the Laughs, the Love, & the Funny Sh**. lol
    Is IT Sept. YET??

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