Cast Photos for The Vampire Diaries


So we have a hot cast, right? Big thanks to Zap2it for the pics!




  1. I am very excited about the Vampire Diaries as a series. I am older but love the idea. The only problem I run into is that I don’t have CW channel. I will find a friend who has it. I hope it is as good as the books. Love them and they are great. It is very sultry and the actors portraying all the characters are hot.

  2. hi, i LOVE the vampire diaries, who couldn’t! It’s like the BEST SHOW EVER!!!! It’s way better than Twilight! Love the show, love the actors/actresses!!! They couldn’t be any better played!!! :)

  3. i LOVE the show vampire diaries..
    stefan whoo baby he is fine as hell!!
    i just like the idea of the whole show and how it focuses on other things not just the fact that they are vampires but that bonnie is a witch too.

  4. all the cast and crew roxs if they went 2 mi school and met me then i would jump up and down or yet if they let me be on 1 of theirs show of trhe vampire diaries lik be 1 of the vampires or be lik transformed into 1 then i would be really happy and i will tell all mi frends to watch there shows cause u guys all rox lov u all

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