New Vampire Diaries Casting: Meet Rayna, TVD’s Vampire Huntress

tvd-casting-leslie-anne-huffThanks to TVLine, we have word of a new casting…Who happens to eerily look a lot like Elena Gilbert/Nina Dobrev…yep we said it. Check it out!

Episode 712 will introduce Leslie-Anne Huff (NCIS) as Rayna, a vicious vampire hunter who “returns to the world of the living after being taken out by her enemies,” TVLine has learned. Described as “fierce, driven, smart and confident,” Rayna literally can’t rest until she’s exacted her vengeance — which probably isn’t great news for our Mystic Falls faves.

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  1. Yea …..um, No there’s only 1 @NinaDobrev . I’m not saying she doesn’t resemble her bc well ya know the dark hair, dark full perfect eyebrows, & cute baby doe brown eyes, they do look A LOT ALIKE, but Nina is Nina …
    im still a little defensive when it comes to Elena can ya tell? LOL

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