Ausiello’s Armchair Casting of Vampire Diaries’ “Mason Lockwood”

Michael Ausiello of EW has an idea of who he thinks Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson should cast as “Mason Lockwood”, Tyler’s uncle. Here’s the description of the role and his choice! NOTE: This is only a suggestion. And thanks to @Shirarose1 for the heads up!

Mason Lockwood: Described as Tyler’s “cool” uncle, Mason is sexy and athletic and possesses an easygoing charm. Though he has more control than his nephew, he can “flip in an instant” if crossed. Seeking Latin or Caucasian actors in their 30s for this recurring role.

Armchair Casting Director suggestion: Skeet Ulrich (if Law & Order: Los Angeles doesn’t snap him up).

Can you see Skeet Ulrich as “Mason Lockwood”? If not, who do you think should play Tyler Lockwood’s sexy, athletic, 30 something uncle? Leave it in the comments!

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  1. How about Milo Ventimiglia (Peter on Heroes)? His looks would blend in easily. Possibly Wentworth Miller (Michael Scoffield from Prison Break), or Eddie Cibrian. Skeet Ulrich would be ok too…..

  2. Definitely the best choice is Wentworth Miller. He is sexy, athletic and his cool!

  3. they should cast a relatively unknown so that we haven’t seen them on tv a bunch. the most believable stories have actors that arent viewed as someone everybody already recognizes from other shows and movies.

  4. Hmmmmm James lafferty………,Sophia bush or hillarie burton should be a vampire…………..Or Nathan’s uncle (deb’s brother) from one tree hill

  5. I love Skeet Ulrich and I’d think he’d be perfect as Tyler’s uncle. I’d be thrilled to see him join VD.

  6. Has anyone seen Jericho? cause skeet Ulrich was in it! and i LOVED him! so if he’s in Vampire Diaries, i’ll die of happiness XD


  7. OMG Skeet Ulrich is a perfect suggestion! It would be awesome if he got it and if not then I’m excited to see who gets it!

  8. there you go on skeet Ulrich from the first film horror film of Scream yoo!!! o yeahhhh i m with my dear cosine Lesle Kimbler o yea that,s the one

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