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“A TVD Convention is Truly a Must Have Experience!”

Across the U.S. Creation Entertainment provides Vampire Diaries fans the opportunity to spend a weekend with stars from their favorite show. I was lucky enough to be able to attend my first convention in Washington D.C. at TVDDC and it definitely did not disappoint. Upon arriving to the Doubletree Friday evening, unfortunately, I was unable to make the featured guest panels for the day, but not the evening’s PJ Karaoke Party. Convention hosts Chase R, Coleman and Micah Parker as well as TVD alums, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, Chris Brochu and Marco James gave us all life, dancing and singing onstage and rocking onesies, the perfect way to kick off my weekend.

Whatchu know about the Parkers?!

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An enthusiastic welcome from hosts, Chase and Micah, got things started on Saturday. They introduced the day’s first panel, Matt Davis. Then followed by duo panel with TVD’s Gemini Twins, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe and Chris Brochu. And after a break for lunch, we laughed with another duo panel, this time with the handsome men of Mystic Falls, Zach Roerig and Michael Trevino. The charismatic Charles Michael Davis from The Originals completed the panels Saturday. Here are a few highlights from Saturday’s fun-filled panels at TVDDC.



Matt Davis

  • Matt would be Arrow if he could be any character on TV.
  • Shooting Jolaric’s wedding and Jo’s death Matt felt so sorry reading the script and it really broke his heart.
  • Matt jokes Caroline carrying Alaric and Jo’s twins was odd. “Thanks, Caroline, high five for having the twins for me.” He doesn’t really know how he feels about a whole situation.
  • Matt is team Jo because he felt the relationship with Jenna was rushed.
  • He thinks Caroline forgave Stefan too quickly and she should’ve made him work harder to get her back.
  • Enjoys hiking or going to the beach when he’s not working and does a lot of reading. Favorite book is “Sid Arthur”
  • Stand up comedy is always playing in the background at home.
  • Jokes Alaric should be the head of the Armory and wants him to wear a white powdered wig.
  • Favorite conspiracy theory is that the government is run by shape shifting reptiles. Tells a story of when he tried to convince the cast “”Dude the reptiles run the government, man.” – Matt.
  • Dream ending for Alaric? Become a monk and retire to the coast of Italy. Wants him to run a rehab for vampires and victims of vampires.
  • Funniest scene to film for him is when Alaric, Stefan, and Damon went to find the hidden Gemini coven with Ms. Cuddles.
  • Loves the side of Alaric when he’s kicking ass.
  • Team Delena.
  • Favorite season is 1 and 8.
  • He’s ready for Delaric’s friendship to be healed but says they have a lot to go through first.
  • Describes the mood on set as bittersweet since it’s the last season.
  • After TVD Matt would love to do a great cable show or ‘gritty’ indie film.
  • “I think playing Elena would be fun” – Matt.



Jodi & Chris

  • Both agree If their characters weren’t killed off, they would’ve definitely killed Kai. Jodi jokes about how could Kai? And on her wedding day!
  • If they weren’t actors on TVD, but were still on set, Jodi wants to work on the sets and Chris would do craft services. Both decide craft services, want to do ‘snack duty.’
  • They both ship Delana and Chris says “They’re both reckless, so why not let them be reckless together.”
  • Jodi jokes that she’d definitely ship Jo and Elena though.
  • Jodi says she loves to cook to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Both love Sam Cook.
  • Jodi would love to go back to Prison Break if possible. Loved working on the show,
  • Chris explains his passion for supporting the Native American pipeline protesters and his plans to help provide supplies.
  • When asked about a legacy left behind, Jodi wants to be known for making people laugh and Chris says, love.



Michael & Zach

  • Michael says he’d play Matt Donovan in TVD season 8 because “he’s kicking some serious ass.”
  • When asked about Matt’s last name being different in the books, Zach says he like Donovan because of Ray Donovan. “He kicks ass.”
  • Describing season 8 in three words; “Mentally penetrating arousal” – Zach.
  • Michael didn’t think Tyler would be sired to Klaus for like half the season. He thought it was only going to be a couple of episodes.
  • Zach liked Matt’s relationship with Penny last season.
  • Michael said filming the first werewolf transformation was the hardest for him. He confesses everybody saw everything when he was laying there because all he had on was a cock sock.
  • “Candice has seen everything!” – Michael.
  • Zach says it was really cool training at an actual dive rescue training facility to film the scene at the end of season 3 where Elena and Matt are underwater in his truck after it went off Wickery Bridge.
  • For Zach, filming Matt’s threesome with Rebekah and Nadia was difficult for him because he had to try not to be ‘happy’ and was like ‘I’m going to need a pillow.”
  • Favorite TV shows – Stranger Things, Mr. Robot, Ray Donovan.



Charles Michael Davis

  • Charles starts panel by playing the keyboard a little providing a soundtrack to his Q&A.
  • He would compel Klaus to do things normal people do like pay bills, get life insurance, etc.
  • Talks about directing his first episode and a lot about shooting in the rain.
  • He is directing The Originals 4×07, which is written by Carina MacKenzie.
  • Confesses it’s the first time he’s read the entire script for an episode., He usually just reads his lines.Paul Wesley got him interested in directing. He likes it and jokes if he’s not good at directing he always has acting to fall back on.
  • He’s never protested anyone’s death on the show and when Davina is mentioned, he teases ‘no one ever really stays dead’ with a sly smile.
  • Jokes he would end TVD by having the cast of The Originals come to Mystic Falls and just slaughter everyone.
  • When asked about TVD characters coming to The Originals, Charles jokes he’d make them audition and adds he’d have them play a game of dodgeball.

After a great day of laughs at panels, photo ops and autograph sessions, everyone took a break for dinner before Saturday night’s concert with Samurai Fish. It also included special performances from multi-talented cast members, Chase R. Coleman, Micah Parker, David Alpay and Chris Brochu as well as an appearance by Jodi Lyn O’Keefe. A unique way to hang out with the cast and another amazing experience.

Who’s coming to the #tvddc concert tonight!? @micahjoeparker

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A special half hour gold panel with TVD’s sexy Salvatore brothers is the perfect way to wake up and take in on a Sunday morning. Who needs coffee when you have a double dose of hotness and hilarity? Check out a few of the highlights!



Ian & Paul Gold

  • Paul thinks he invented GFY the first season because he was the only person who said it. Ian laughs at him and says he had an agent who said that all the time.
  • Paul talks about why he works with ASPCA.
  • Ian explains the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico impacted him so much making him feel helpless and that compelled him to start ISF.
  • The strangest thing Paul was asked by a fan: He confesses he once autographed a baby’s head. “That shits toxic!” Ian.
  • Ian’s strangest fan encounter was when someone gave him her dirty panties. “Thanks, I’ll make sure dry cleaning gets these back to you.”
  • Ian finds it weird that we enjoy watching so much violence.
  • Ian talks about acting in Rules Of Attraction and says he had so much fun working on the movie.
  • Their dream ending to TVD is for Stefan and Damon to be on a beach dressed in just banana hammocks. They hold hands and take rings off as the sun rises.
  • Paul jokes to get Ian’s signature expressions is to just pretend you’re in a sandstorm,
  • Both Ian and Paul would love to work with the cast of The Originals.

After the gold panel, it was time for my Salvatore Sandwich photo op and the nerves really started to kick in. Who knew that I am that girl who turns pale and almost faints upon meeting my faves, but apparently I am. Haha.. But Creation staff was very comforting, encouraging me to take deep breaths while guiding me to get my picture. Both Ian and Paul could not have been any sweeter. Ian even gave me a huge hug after our photo. And the photo turned out perfect. A fantastic job by the photographer, capturing my meeting exceptionally. Then because of a much needed short lunch break, we unfortunately, missed most of David Alpay’s panel. Next up was Michael Malarkey and followed by an hour with Ian and Paul, a perfect end to a perfect weekend. Here are a few highlights from Sunday afternoon’s panels at TVDDC.



Michael Malarkey

  • Michael jokes Ian is his favorite female to work with… real answer though is Kat Graham.
  • He reveals he is planning to release a CD this summer and hopes to go on tour in the states.
  • Michael talks about living in London and demonstrates different accents for us.
  • When talking about Benzo and their rocky friendship, he says there’s a thin line between love and hate. Never thought Enzo and Bonnie hated each other. He jokes “In the TVD cutting off a hand is like a fuck you in real life” – Michael.
  • “Listen to The album Rain Dogs by Tom Waits, it’ll change your life” – Michael.
  • If he could give advice to anyone on the show, “Just stay away from vampires they’ll bite you” – Michael.
  • After TVD Michael  plans to go to L.A for pilot season and hopefully book another show.
  • His most embarrassing moment is when he got arrested for physically running under a semi truck that had a cop right behind it.
  • When Michael needs to loosen up on set he does the random animal noises or something silly like we see in the season 7 bloopers.
  • Michael’s favorite episode is coming up in season 8 episode 5. He teases “it’s fiery.”
  • Asked who he likes to work with better Ian or Paul Michael can’t choose. “They’re like Bert and Ernie” *mic drop.
  • Celebrity crush? Jeff Goldblum.
  • Michael reveals he was offered the role of Charles Manson in Aquarius but turned it down because schedule conflicts with TVD.



Ian & Paul

  • Both Ian and Paul agree one of the most difficult scenes to film was when they were filming in the rain season 1. Paul literally froze his face off. It was so frostbitten.
  • Paul jokes and says if they could kill off a cast member that TVD should kill off Matt Davis. And Ian explains Paul and Matt have very different opinions when it comes to politics.
  • The part of the panel when Ian and Paul joke about “why go across the street, when you can go across the hall”
  • Ian revives the Damon Dance!!! And agrees to a demonstration.
  • Ian jokes that Paul is his longest relationship.
  • They talk about Matt Davis’s conspiracy theories. Ian tells a story from season 1 when he and a crew tricked Matt into thinking he found a stone with special etchings.
  • An awkward moment on set – Paul shares a story when filming a scene with Stefan feeding on someone (won’t say who for obvious reasons) and the person passed gas. “Cut, someone just shat their pants.” – Paul.
  • Ian tells a story when they were filming a scene with someone in a hospital bed and when they got up there was a sweat streak. A member of the crew took a piece of chocolate and rubbed it on it to made it look like a skid mark.
  • Paul confesses he loves to make Candice Accola uncomfortable when they’re filming Steroline scenes. He’ll hold onto her a bit longer or just do anything to make her uncomfortable.

Autograph sessions wrapped up the amazing weekend and the guests were just as sweet as they were during their panels and photo ops, Especially Ian. He was so warm and friendly and didn’t just casually sign autographs. He makes a point to make the experience special by taking a little extra time which was probably why his line was so long. But the staff did a wonderful job keeping everyone and everything organized during autographs and throughout the entire weekend. Both the convention staff and featured stars made sure to do their best to accommodate everyone. The hotel even kept all the convention guests on the same floor, making it easier to meet and make friends as well as fangirl together. TVDDC was truly an amazing first convention experience and I’m already saving up my money for TVDNJ next summer!

Interested in attending a TVD convention? Head on over to Creation Entertainment’s TVD Con page for locations! But hurry, this very well may be the last year!

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