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Thanks to Spoiler TV we have lots of Vampire Diaries spoilers and casting information. According to this site the casting calls will take place in Vancouver. More to come as the information becomes available!

[ELENA GILBERT] [Over 18 to play younger] She is compassionate and kind with a smart wit and timeless beauty. 17 years old, fresh-faced, with lovely features, she once swept through life with the ease of a popular, well-adjusted pretty girl, until she suffered a tragedy: her parents were killed in a car crash four months ago, and now she and her younger brother Jeremy live with their Aunt Jenna. Most of the time, Elena simply tries to get through the day with the support of her friends Bonnie and Caroline and her ex-boyfriend Matt, whom she’s known since she was a little kid. Elena’s life is brightened with the arrival of Stefan, the mysterious, polite and gorgeous new guy at school whose past and identity are shrouded in mystery…SERIES REGULAR (4)

[STEFAN WHITMORE] [Over 18 to play younger] A “gloriously, amazingly, epic-ly beautiful young man, elegant and ageless,” he appears to be 17 or 18, but he’s really a 200-year-old vampire who has come to Mystic Falls in search of Elena. Stefan is poised, polite and reserved but easy to talk to, and intense sparks fly between him and Elena, who share the experience of having lost their parents…SERIES REGULAR (15)

[DAMON WHITMORE] Early to mid 20s. Stefan’s brother, he’s a darkly handsome, strong, charming and smug vampire who can go from casual and playful to pure evil in less than a heartbeat. Damon’s interest in Elena unnerves Stefan. Though Damon hates small towns and considers them dull, it’s clear that he’s come to wreak havoc. Unlike Stefan, Damon has no qualms about killing humans…SERIES REGULAR (50)

[JEREMY GILBERT] [Over 18 to play younger or must be emancipated] 15 years old, he is Elena’s troubled but fundamentally decent little brother who has an “outcast cute, grunge punk” look. He’s good looking and a heartthrob waiting to happen. Over the summer, he started sleeping with an older girl, Vicki, and he’d like to continue their relationship now that school’s in session, but she ignores him in front of her jock boyfriend, Tyler. She’s perfectly happy to buy drugs off him, however. Jeremy is smoking a lot of pot and drinking too much in an effort to cope with the death of his parents four months ago, and he doesn’t take seriously his Aunt Jenna’s attempts to rein him in.sptv0507069..SERIES REGULAR (6)

[BONNIE] [Over 18 to play younger] 17 years old, bubbly, adorable, loyal and bighearted, she is Elena’s best friend who is developing her psychic abilities and senses that Stefan is dangerous. She also “sees” the black crow of death that seems to be following Elena…SERIES REGULAR (7)

[JENNA MOYER] 29 years old, Elena and Jeremy’s aunt who took them in after the death of their parents, she is a brainy/sexy grad student who looks good in sweats and is hard at work on her thesis. She’s used to being the fun, cool aunt, and finds the transition to sudden parenting a bit daunting. Instead of packing school lunches, she hands her charges power bars and coffee. Jenna is trying hard and genuinely wants to be a good caretaker…SERIES REGULAR 10/13

[MATT] [Over 18 to play younger] 17 years old, he’s a handsome, all-American jock (Jeremy calls him a “golden retriever”) and Vicki’s brother. He has known Elena her whole life and used to be her boyfriend. He’d like to get back together, but he knows she needs time after the death of her parents and he’s gentle and thoughtful about giving her space. However, he can’t help but feel worried that the new guy, Stefan, is going to sweep Elena off her feet before he can re-establish his relationship with her…SERIES REGULAR 10/13

[CAROLINE TRUITT] [Over 18 to play younger] 17 years old, a beautiful but slightly manufactured-looking queen bee type, she is friends — and rivals — with Elena. Though she does care about Elena, Caroline is resentful of her relationship with Stefan. When Caroline gets tipsy at a party and throws herself at him, he inadvertently humiliates and angers her with a polite but firm rejection…SERIES REGULAR 10/13

[TYLER STRATTON] 18 years old, athletic, cocky, attractive, and a bit of a jerk, he’s an alpha male who demonstratively marks his territory (i.e. Vicki) every chance he gets, particularly in front of Jeremy. Tyler can’t resist needling Matt about the fact that Elena seems to be falling for the new guy, Stefan…SERIES REGULAR 7/13

[VICKI] 18 years old, trashy-hot, with low self-esteem, she is Matt’s sister who works as a waitress at the Mystic Grill and enjoys popping pills and smoking pot. She hooked up repeatedly with lowerclassman Jeremy over the summer, but now she pointedly ignores him whenever her boyfriend, Tyler, is around. Vicki doesn’t believe any guy wants her for anything other than her body, or even that they should, but her relationship with Jeremy seems to go deeper than that…SERIES REGULAR 7/13

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  1. OMG THEY CHANGED THEIR NAMES!! and what brother??? im uber interested to see how this show turns out. And just sayin: salvatore sounds better =/

  2. wdc? name changes? brother? omg… why?

    i mean they were bound to mess thing up…i mean minor changes…like hair diffrences, height, leaving things out to make it shorter…but ADDING THINGS MAJORLY???… BROTHER?????? MATT HAS A SISTER??? AUNT JUDITH!!waaaatttt theee feeeezey!!!!! and where’s merridith?

  3. They cannot change SALVATORE!!! That was the point they were ITALIAN VAMPIRES!!! oh my lord and Vicki is matt’s sister no that is not right. and a brother?? c’mon i hate when they take awesome books and turn them into crappy tv shows!! Where is Meredith??

  4. wth? salvatore was way way better than that other name! Aunt Judith? Vicki is matts sister? Where is Meredith? She was like my fav and now she isn’t even in the tv show!!! What is happening? Oh and Elena having a brother? She is supposed to have a cute little sister not a hot brother!!! This whole thing is just MESSED UP!!! They better atleast cast somebody hot for my fav character Damon!!

  5. i have an idea of who can play Stefan and i think it could be the actor Taylor Kitsch, to me i think he would be perfect.

  6. Why did they have to change their last name????? Salvatore is such a better surname than Whitmore!!!! Whitemore is so normal!!!
    And why can’t Meredith be in the show?
    Okay, I’m done now. I just had to get that out of my system… Other than that this looks good… I’m just hoping that this doesn’t turn into 90210 with fangs.

  7. uh so i was looking forward to see how my favourite novel turned out on television. not so much anymore. LJ Smith is going stephenie meyers on all of us! letting people take over her novels and change them just to get the svcreen time!!! i can handle the addition of the brother, i can deal wiith viki and matt becoming siblings, i cannot CANNOT deal with the name salvatore becoming WHITMORE!~ and judith becoming aunt jenna, and the fact that they cut meredith!!!!!!!!

  8. they are really going to mess this up. i decided to read the books when i found out cw was going to make this a new series. i loved the books as is. minor changes are okay, but names, adding and removing characters. this so not good!

  9. I really am not liking their ideas for changing everything. Especially when they cast NINA whatever her name as Elena. Oh my god Heck no. I did not like her in American Mall, which is the dumbest movie ever, but to put her at Elena. WHY? She isnt even a natural blonde. Plus where is meredith, and what is with whitmore. Salvatore is there real name. Damb this casting thing sure sucks. Lets hope they prove us wrong with it.

  10. this is just stupid.
    A Brother??? Nd on Drugs??? WHere Is Meredith??? Vikki CANT BE MATTS SISTER!!!!!
    Salvatore to Whitmore…Why Change?? SALVATORE is Italian and different Whitmore isnt and is just plain normal. This is sooo not cool how could they? Why change aunt Judith???

    I shall watch to see how it turns out but something tells me it will suck.
    Sorry screen writters but none of this seems to be nice comments that approve of your changes.

    FOR MATTS TO BE WHITMORE IS BETTER THEN STEFAN AND DAMONS.(although i love the last name honeycutt)


  13. I completely agree. This is going to suck so much. And Mystic Falls? So lame. I dont like the actors playing Elena or Stephan. Neither of them look right. Elena is blond! And everything about her little brother is just ridiculous. This sucks.

  14. I cant believe the cw screwed up everything…
    I hate when books get turned into tv shows and they change major details!
    This is crap!! Elaine is blonde! Stephan’s last name is SALVATORE!!! NOT WHITMORE!! Merideth is one of the best friends she CANT be cut out. GRRR!

  15. I think it’s just retarted that they chaged something so simple like his last name! And what’s with Merideth just not being in the show?!?!? She’s sooooo much more important then like… vicki or caroline!!!! And i really wish that Elena had blond hair… it just seems so wrong seeing her with dark brown hair!!! And i really hate the idea of vicki and matt being sibilings… doesn’t that like make them twins!?!?! That is way wierd!!!! I think they changed so many things that didn’t even need to be changed…. the worst being that merideth isn’t in it (she is such an essential, maybe they’ll cast her in later on)!!! Oh well… i guess that showbiz, still gonna watch it though!

  16. OMG Elena had freaking sister!!! Not some messed up brother!! I love Merideth and the last name Salvatore!!!! Elena has blonde hair !!!God they are going to mess up this show

    I just wish I was old enough to try out for elena ( the blonde one ) or her sister cuz I probley would have been able to get her ( you know if I had any acting experiance though all my friend say I am really good and that i look exactly like elena I act like her to but I am also just like bonnie exept the hair and eyes)

    Uhhh I hate this

  17. I’m 19 years old and my name is Noelle Sumlin. I live in Loganville,Ga and I go to
    Athens Technical College in Monroe,Ga. I want to be extra in the show please contact me at [678 – 438 – 8389] Thank You.

  18. I am interested in the casting call for Elena. Please contact me for further notice/details on the audition information. Hope to hear soon, Thanks!

  19. I decided to read the books when I heard about this tv show. I love what cw did with gossip girl and I got excited about a vampire series. I absolutely fell in love with the books!!! I couldn’t wait to hear the plans for the show!!!!
    and now wth? You cannot just cut Meredith!!!!! sure, it took awhile for her character to develop in the books but her strong, collective personality help Bonnie and Elena to get through so many hard times.

    I hope cw comes up with a creative way to sneak Meredith back into the show part way through the season or something but I know that won’t happen.

  20. this is going to be such a bad series cuz they have already messed up the last name, the characters (meredith,aunt judith and wtf???? with elena have a younger brother???), the complete look for elena shes supposed to have blonde hair and blue eyes they have already messed everything up. this series is going to be such a disaster which is a shame cuz the books r rely gd apart from the fifth one that came out in february that was awful but whatever this show is going to be a disaster!

  21. they took out so many important things that happened in the book. like, the whole homecoming dance??? and then the scene in the cemetery afterward?????? and elena was supposed to become a vampire on the night of the founders party????!!!!!

  22. Hey,
    I am a songwriter and just produced a perfect song for this series,
    does anybody know who I could contact to pitch this song to for the show?


  23. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and
    now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?

    Appreciate it!

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