Nina Dobrev joins Vampire Diaries Cast


If you’ve been wondering who will play Elena Gilbert then wonder no more.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Bulgarian-born Canadian Nina Dobrev has landed the lead role of “Elena Gilbert” in The Vampire Diaries. Nina is best known for her role as Mia Jones in “Degrassi: The Next Generation”.

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  1. I know Elena should be blond but Nina is beautiful! I think she would make a good Elena so pretty and a good actress!

  2. shes really pretty but elena is blonde..with like really blue eyes..soo?

  3. Well, I really like her. However, I’d be pretty disappointed if she doesn’t wear blue contacts… That’s what lapis lazuli is all about… Being blond is essencial too (although I really appreciate the idea that vampires prefer brunettes…) lol.


  4. I actually prefer that she looks different than the description in the book. The story line is based on it, but the series don’t have to be like the book.

    She is absolutely amazing.

    ohhh…and do you remember when Gossip Girl first came out? The actors who play “Jenny” and “Venessa” look NOTHING like the description in the book, but they ended up being amazing. So…who knows. Its a new medium, lets give it a shot!

  5. ugh. I agree with Livia. The whole thing with the ring! It won’t make a difference to people who didn’t read the books years ago…haha I never thought
    I’d be an “origional fan” of anything! Who do you think Stefan will be?

  6. I agree with you all.
    I would love to at least see Elena with blue eyes. All the books go on about how her eyes are like Lapis Lazuli and how the two brothers wore the ring with the lapis lazuli stone. And weren’t they Italian? (rhetorical!) What’s up with the name Whitemore? The CW has big shoes to fill, those books were amazing, the tone has to be set right.
    OH well, lets wait and see.

  7. Oh, gosh, no. Just, no. She does not remind me of Elena AT ALL!! She better dye her hair and wear contacts, or I’m going to get like really mad… LOL…

    To any Uglies fans out there who’ve not gotten the memo, me and my friends are making a fan made movie for it! I play Shay!! I think that I’m so like her… and get this? I LOOK LIKE HER!!! Hehe. I’m just very picky about these things, so… yeah.

  8. Click on my name and you can visit the official site for the awsome fan made movie!! It’s going to be awsome, folks. As awsome as two 14 year olds with a digital camera, WMM, and a $0 budget can make a movie, anyways. Lol. Seriously, it’s going to be cool. Just click on my name. Even non-Uglies fans!! Once you see the site you may wish to read it… it’s an awsome series…

  9. shes really pretty. and shes a good actress. i love her on degrassi. but shes just NOT elena to me. but oh well. what production wants, production gets.

  10. not really a fan of her on degrassi. she’s pretty, but she’s no elena. i hate that the cw is messing with the books (they even gave elena a brother!). i really, really hope the network doesn’t eff this up.

  11. wtf!!!! shes NOT elena.. i cant believe cw isnt going to cast someone who is blind with blue eyes. its such a big part of the books. and whitmore?? that i can overlook but not elena. her having gold hair and blue eyes is so essential to the vampire diaries storyline. im such a big fan of the books and really am excited for the tv series. i just that cw knows what a big fan base they are going to have to please =]

  12. wtf!!!! shes NOT elena.. i cant believe cw isnt going to cast someone who is blind with blue eyes. its such a big part of the books. and whitmore?? that i can overlook but not elena. her having gold hair and blue eyes is so essential to the vampire diaries storyline. im such a big fan of the books and really am excited for the tv series. i just that cw knows what a big fan base they are going to have to please =] its not that i have a thing against brunettes, im a brunette. but elena is supposed to be blondeee

  13. What! Nooo. Elena should have blond hair, blue eyes, and such pale skin that it should appear translucent! what is this?? =[ this is making me depressed i have nothing against her, i like her. but for elena..no! If this actually turns into a show, i’m screwed..

  14. Beautiful girl but why are they doing this. All the characters arw off excpt maybe damonn did you see bonnie and caroline. It should be thw other way around. Bonnie is a red head. Elena is a blonde. Caroline. Is dark skinned and stephan has dark hair. Please don’t screq this up for the fans of these amazing books. The books are just as good as twilight I was so happy about the show coming out and now I am just pensive.

  15. The casting for Damon I can totally see, he could even play Stephan but Elena????? Blonde, blue eyed very important with the story especially with the newest books description of her! I don’t doubt the acting abilities but looks were a big part in the feel of the character and these actors don’t fit the feel of the characters. Not to mention Elena has a little sister NOT a little brother…..

  16. Well if she dyes her hair blond, gets blue contacts, and stays away from the sun for like a year she will be a good Elena.

  17. WHA?! are you kidding me?! Nina doesn’t look a think like Elena, or how you would picture her, Elena is blonde with peicing blue eyes like ‘lapis lazuli’ . And no contacts can make brown eyes look like those. Why don’t they find the people on the front of the books, are they real or just drawn?? They look WAY like how Stephan and Elena are supposed to look.

  18. Ok i’m 29 i read these books when they first came out and just the bought the 5th one. I’m seriously beyond pissed about the casting of Elena Gilbert, the way she looks is essential to the storyline. I also realize that changes need to be made, but seriously. And what the fuck happened to Meredith!!!!! They totallt got rid of her and she’s in all 5 books. I might have to boycott this show, after what they did to Gossip Girl that series was fucking genius but the show sucks my ass and not in a way i like at all.

  19. Arrghhhh!! why did they choose freaking her for Elena! BTW elena has blonde hair with blue eyes…this dumb butt(edit) has chocalte brown hair with deep brown eyes! yea she may be pretty and all but her look is like sooo not elena i imagined elena to be like…just wayyy different…i sware people cannot cast at all…they better not mess up Stefan’s actor or im going to be P***ed…oh and yeah Laura i totally agree with you this making me depressed…should go cut myself lolzz

  20. If they were really smart about this they would try and bring to life the way the readers pictured the characters. This brunette looks NOTHING like I pictured Elena and not even for the obvious reasons, elena is supposed to be unearthly stunning in a pensive, alluring way, this girl is like brunette tanned LA attitude, not at ALL how I pictured, wtf. And Stefans character isnt at all right either… i pictured someone more like edward from twilight. I hate when people do this.

  21. she is beautiful, i agree, but her eyes are not violet and her hair is not the color of spun gold…….who knows thoough? in the movie version of interview with the vampire they switched up the two lead vampires looks drastically and that worked out okay…. :)

  22. brunette tanned LA attitude? obviously you have never seen this girl in action, because she is anything but. I have seen her on Degrassi, and i think she will do okay, and its an adaptation…….if it was supposed to be like the book, it would be.

  23. i love the vamp diaries but elena has lapis lazuli colored eyes with golden blond hair not brown eyes and brown hair!!!!!! and stefan and damon are supposed to look like each other!!! they should have cast two actual brothers to play the parts and stefan is supposed to have green eyes and damon is supposed to have black eyes not BLUE!!!!!

    who is hotter? stefan or damon?

  24. oh and another mistake stefan is supposed to be taller than damon

    but there is three things right:
    elena’s eyes come to stefans mouth
    damon is in the form of a crow
    and damon has straight

  25. and elena has a 4 year old sister but they gave her a 15 year old brother!
    i mean how is katherine supposed to get in elena’s house in the form of a snow white kitten to attack elena’s little SISTER!!!!

  26. my i say that elena is blond! there is this hole like thing with her blond hair and how amazingly beautiful it is!!!!! and demitri is blah blah blah!!!
    he is supposed to be dark dangrously sexy have a presense that you don’t want to enter but at the same time need to. but you did a good job on his brother.
    and say what? she has a brother? i need to talk to the caster of this show plaese.
    i’m an actress. i know that looks are not everything in the show but really! you DO NOT! add another character like a brother. her sisster is so so so vidally important to the books and SHOULD be to the t.v series. and i’m so sorry but i so do not understand how in the wide wide world you are going to make this in t a t.v series!!!! it’s like makeing twilght into a t.v series it just will NOT work. and what the hell is up with the cast self esstem that you guys have warn us about before we make these comments. they are actors soon to be faceing the hollywood world wear there are rumors and mean comments every were. the actors might be compltly amazing i get it. and i respect you for trying something new. maybe it will all turn out great. thank you for your time.

    love, sheridan underwood

  27. oh and elena looks scared. and not strong. bah oh and stephen looks like he belongs in greese. :)

  28. nope never mind demitri is SEXY SEXY SEXY!!!!!! but not in the picture. :)

  29. OMFG! IF THEY CAN’T FIND A BLONDE HAIR BLUE EYED GIRL WHO WILL BE IN THE MOVIE TO PLAY ELENA- walk outside and take your pick. Im sure one of them can act, out of the millions out there. I am blonde hair blue eyed, I live in THE MIDDLE ON NOWHERE IOWA, and I can act. GET SOMONE! I am SOO not watching this series. IDIOT CASTERS

  30. This is horrible!! What ever happened to Elena being blonde and having deep blue eyes! her eyes are supposed to be the color of lapis lazuli. They f****d the series up big time. I mean when I saw the trailer it looked nothing like the book series I read. But hey maybe O read it wrong all those times.

  31. what the f*** elena is supposed to have blue eyes and blonde hair this girl has neither so what she’s pretty and all she is still so not elena

  32. ok um wtf y would they do this 2 me i mean seriously she looks nothing like elena omfg what retards

  33. i love the book and the series seens great but i really think elena should have blue eyes and golden blonde hair not brown eyes and brown hair i mean i love the idea that vampires like brunettes better than blondes but still and whats up with her having a little brother she suppose to have a little sister and i think there should be movies not series theres way to much for it to be series but who knows it might work i’ve seen the traliers there good and i hope it works because the books are just to good to be messed up

  34. I`ve read all the books. I really respect Nina, but she doesn`t look like Elena to me. Also they`ve forgotten Meredith, and she is an essential part of the story.

  35. i agree with most of you about Elena and all but there isnt anything we can do if they think this is for the best then we should just wait and see. how ever i am mad about merideth and bonny. WTF!! but mabey we can do is protest the actors but i dont really think we are going to get anywhere with it. i just wish they would make a movie and not f it up like they did in twilight.

  36. Holy **** this is is messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. So yeahh.. im a senior this year, and they’re currently filming this in my school. XD

  38. She looks nothing like Elena, but how she looks right now might have to do with something later. But either way, she is AWESOME on Degrassi! I love that show! And blue contacts would be pretty cool. Poor Peter (on degrassi), wonder how he’s gonna take it when Mia leaves, again…

  39. HOLY HELLL!!!! NOOOOO…. Ughhhh when i read a book I can see the characters in my mind as they are described. Sorry Nina, but no f’ing way she is total opposite of Elena!!

  40. omfgi cant waittil it comes on t.v…n plus i sooo love vampires…they r sooo mysterious to the darken world of theres…omfgi am soooo excited…!!!! …:)… :D

  41. Nina is BEAUTIFUL and a great freaking actress (in every movie) so shes going to be great even if the network made a little changes to her character

  42. I gave been watching the show and they couldn’t have picked better Stephen and Damon’s…and while I love Nina Dobrev in Degrassi…she just isn’t Elena….in the book, I loved how her eyes were like lapis lazuli, it’s what Stephen was initially attracted to her for!

  43. I LOOOVVVVEEEE the show!!! I wish I had a hot vampire boyfriend!!! Of course one
    like Stephan ( and/Or Edward♥) not one that would try to eat me:P
    (and no effence but the girl that plays Elena is better than the girl(Kristen Stewart) who plays bella because she just SUCKS at acting (bella chick) But i watch it cuz hes hot.
    But the vampire diaries is better, IIII think…… well sorta, robert pattison can never be out hotted….. sorry:( :P:P:P
    —-omg, i have to stop talking:P

  44. Okay… you know what??
    Who cares if she’s changed????
    face it, vampires like brunets.
    And who cares if Elena isn’t a B***** in the show.
    just putting that our there♥

  45. i love the fact that she plays Elena!!!!!! she is such goooooooooooooooood actress!! and i like that its different then the book. i would rather her brunette then blond!!

  46. Omg– I can’t believe the little, privileged, suburban teens on here!!! Elena does not have to be blond hair nor does she need to have god forsaken blue eyes– we have enough actresses that already do. Finally– a little bit of deviation from the played out hollywood standard of beauty. If the lead girl being a brunette—gasp!!– is going to make you want to “cut yourself” you have far too much time on your hands. to the casting people: thank ya jesus! ;P

  47. kate lay off the coments the show is greatbut not that great n one wants to read somone whos already left a coment especialy lame one get a life -torik.

  48. iv seen the series and read the books and i think she makes an awsome kickass elena WOW so she dont look the same as in the books shes a great actress lets see u do any better leave her alone!!!!

  49. i think she is fine i mean she is beautful i like the new look it was kind of hard to pic her with blond her in the books she is coool

    p.s love her name lol

  50. Nina and Ian are going out so I wonder when Nina kisses Stephan on the series what Ian thinks

  51. what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you aholes out there. stop being so bitchy. so what if nina dont look like elena in the books.

  52. This is a comment for the audience complaining about Nina’s looks.

    In the books DAMON is meant to have black hair and BLACK eyes.

    Stefan is meant to have GREEN eyes. Both of the actors of the show don’t.

    There are continous hints here that Nina is not pretty looking just because she’s not a blonde/blue-eyed. But I think she’s beautiful and talented at such a young age.

    Why are we picking flaws in her? its girls going against girls…its just prejudice and its wrong.

    No one picks out flaws in the male actors? (coz its a female audience u see).

    I just love her acting and I think Nina Dobrev has BEAUTIFUL WARM dark brown innocent eyes, and lovely caramel brown hair that go into curls…they match her pretty round face.

    I seriously can’t imagine anyone else playing Elena’s character. (sorry if this comment sounds childish and if i hurt anyone- i don’t mean to….but i think we’re being unfair towards her on the net on the basis on her looks)

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