Life After The Vampire Diaries: See what the TVD Cast Is Doing Now

Let’s Check in with the TVD Cast to Find Out What Life’s Like After Mystic Falls

With the 2017-18 Fall season approaching quickly, many favorite shows are returning for a brand new season and new series are set to make an anticipated debut. But for the first time in eight years, TVD fans are left with a feeling of emptiness that our beloved series filled since 2009. While there may not be any new cast promotional posters, character portraits, season trailer or even behind the scenes sneak peeks, we, the TVD fandom is still very much alive and supports the cast of our beloved supernatural series. So if you’re wondering or just need a little something to fill the void, here’s how life looks for the cast after Mystic Falls.


Ian Somerhalder Welcomes Baby Girl with Nikki Reed

The smoldering man who portrays the sexy Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder, welcomed his first child, daughter Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder, with wife, Nikki Reed. The couple also began a production company, Rare Birds Productions, which they inked a deal with WBTV. Ian continues his charity work with his foundation, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, in addition to many other causes. He can also be seen a one of many TVD and The Originals fan conventions across the United States, Europe, and South America or multi-fandom conventions such as Wizard World, Fan Expos, and even Cat Con.

Paul Wesley Focuses Working on the Other Side of the Camera

The handsome Paul Wesley played the vampire who always had on his ‘hero hair,’ Stefan Salvatore. These days, Paul has been doing more work behind the camera. Most recently, he’s directed Freeform’s Shadowhunters and is set to head back to the director’s chair when the series returns for its anticipated third season. Paul is rumored to currently be working behind the scenes of a mystery project with actress, Liana Liberato, according to social media. He too can be seen at numerous multi-fandom conventions as well as TVD and The Originals fan conventions across the United States, Europe, and South America.

Nina Dobrev Lands on the Big Screen with Not One but Three Films this Year

Since departing TVD after season six and then returning for the series finale, Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena Gilbert-Salvatore and her doppelgangers, most notably the elusive Katherine Pierce, has been one busy lady. She is set to be on the big-screen a couple times this year. First co-starring in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, which debuted earlier this year. Her next will be in a reboot of the 1990’s film Flatliners, hitting theaters September 29th. Nina also completed filming for the films, Crash Pad, set to release in October and Departures, which a release date has not been announced. It’s rumored Nina is to reprise her role as Becky in the next installment of Xander Cage after the most recent film’s success. If that wasn’t enough, Nina also filmed a documentary with Ocean Ramsey to raise awareness on the importance of shark protection. And she’s now an ambassador for Reebok and Les Mills! Go Neens!

Candice King Takes a Little Break for Family Time

Candice King, the beautiful blonde who portrays Caroline Forbes-Salvatore, has been enjoying mommy-time with her daughter, Florence. Candice and her daughter with husband, Joe King, and his daughters have been enjoying family time together. She has been sharing cute shots of their adventures on social media which even included her adorable tot’s first trip to Disney World. Candice is reprising her role of Caroline for the season five premiere of The Originals and returned to Atlanta for filming. Oh, my Klaroline!

Kat Graham’s Titled a Princess for Charity Work for Refugees

While her character Bonnie Bennett may be out traveling the world, Kat Graham is keeping busy too. She continues to raise money and awareness for refugees with Empower54 and traveled to Somalia. Her charity work earned Kat the title of Princess of Inongo in Mai-Ndombe Province by Princess Modupe. She co-stars in 2Pac biopic, All Eyez on Me, which debuted this June. She completed filming Where’s the Money, but no release date has been announced yet. Currently, Kat is filming NETFLIX movie, How it Ends, alongside Theo James and Forest Whitaker. Most recently, she stars in a PSA for ‘Black Lives Matters.’ Kat is also the face of Foster Grant sunglasses. She’s still extremely passionate about her music performing at numerous venues and she recently released ‘Love. Music. Funk. Magic.’ Kat can also be seen at various fan conventions or at one of her many music gigs across the United States.

Zach Roerig RVs Across the Country with His Daughter

Mystic Falls’ Matty Blue Eyes is portrayed by the handsome Zach Roerig. He and daughter, Fiona, took a cross-country road-trip in an RV with TVD’s Nathalie Kelley aka Sybil this summer. The film The Year of Spectacular Men premiered in June, which Zach appears. He also stars as well as serves as an executive producer for the post-apocalyptic thriller, The Outer Wild, due out later this year.  Most recently, it was announced Zach will appear in the cinematic adaption of the Jeffrey Shaara novel of the same name, The Last Full Measure. The film is set to debut sometime next year. Zach can usually be seen across the world at one of the many TVD and The Originals fan conventions but has not been confirmed for any cons next year yet.

Michael Malarkey Tours Europe Promoting His New Music

The handsome man who portrayed Enzo, Michael Malarkey, has been keeping quite busy since TVD ended. Very passionate about his music, over the Spring while Michael appeared at fan conventions in Europe, he also performed music gigs in the various cities. Michael released his first music video for the title track of his upcoming new album, ‘Mongrels.’ His latest single for the record, ‘Uncomfortably Numb,’ was released Friday. ‘Mongrels‘ is available for pre-order on iTunes now and drops on September, 8th. Recently Michael landed a role in Crackle’s upcoming new series from rapper, actor and producer, 50 Cent, The Oath, and has been filming in Puerto Rico. He too can be seen at one of the many TVD and The Originals fan conventions.

Fingers Crossed We’ll See Matt Davis in The Originals!

Matt Davis portrayed everyone’s favorite history teacher and vampire hunter, Alaric, who unwillingly became a vampire that came back from the Other Side only to be turned back into a human again, occult studies professor, father, Armory director and co-founder of the Salvatore Boarding House for Children. We can only hope he will reprise the role of Alaric for an appearance or two in season five of The Originals. Afterall, Klaus’ daughter does attend the Salvatore school, which he co-owns and runs. Fingers crossed. Matt also appears at fan conventions alongside many of the other cast members of TVD and The Originals.

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