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Check out the latest interviews, this time Candice Accola chats with Zap2It and TVLine about tonight’s Vampire Diaries Season 5 preimere “I Know What You Did Last Summer”!

Via Zap2It:

Bonnie has been pretending to be alive all summer for her friends’ and father’s sakes, having Jeremy — who can see and speak to ghosts — email everyone on her behalf. But when she doesn’t turn up at Whitmore, Caroline and Elena start to ask questions. “Caroline and Elena are pretty much more focused on other things, and Bonnie’s death would be the farthest that they’d ever expect,” Accola reveals. “So they’re not going to be tuned in for quite some time. How they would react to the news that Bonnie’s dead? That is something the viewers will have to see.”

Via TVLine:

TVLINE | Talk specifically about the moment the girls learn that Bonnie’s actually dead.

Eventually the characters are going to come into the light about what is really going on and the bigger picture, and it’s going to be really hard truth to face. For the viewers, they’re going to be opened up into a whole different world and it’s going to be an opportunity for them to learn more about the mythology of Mystic Falls.

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  1. Bonnie is Pretending to be death but the matter of fact is Death she can’t pretending that she is dead unless her friends see her that is the huge problem for her and more even is her dad know that she is death big trouble in some where else where

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