Vampire Diaries cast pic

Marcos Siega is at it again, teasing us by posting some pics on his Twitpic account. This time it’s cast members Paul Wesley (Stefan), Nina Dobrev (Elena), Katerina Graham (Bonnie), and the director himself in the middle.  You can see the pic by clicking here.

Thank you again, Mr. Siega, for sharing your personal pics!  It’s really fun watching it all come together from your perspective.   Now, where’s Ian? ;-)

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  1. I’m so waiting for Ian. They look great, but I think Paul Westley is not Stefan at all… but we’ll see.

  2. OMG! That picture does not remind me of TVD at all! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! They don’t look anything like the charecters at all!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Okk..I think they look great. Paul Wesley looks hot, and I did read all the books. OK, sorry for the comparison but take a look at Twilight. People were hella mad in the beginning the Robert Pattinson got cast as Edward, even to a point were they had a petition for his removal. And, people were also in shock that Kristen Stewart was cast to portray our Bella, even I was like NO! But in the end, people now cannot see Edward and Bella without seeing Robert and Kristen faces. Look at the success of Twilight, and we must trust that the director, which I have full faith in, has the show best in his heart.

  4. Patty, thank you for being such a voice of reason. There is no way that they can conform to what every single fans thinks the characters should look like. Obviously, they have taken some liberties by making Elena a brunette, changing the brothers’ last name, etc.. but it seriously does not bother me.

  5. Wait, they’re changing the last names? I simply assumed Nina Dobrev would dye her hair blonde (it’s kind of a plot point . . .) and Katerina Graham would dye HER hair bright red (Bonnie’s hair color is commented on many, many times in each book–that’s a simple fact, not someone’s interpretation), but it never even occurred to me that there would be a reason to change any names. I’ve been waiting 13 years to watch this series . . . I’ll accept reasonable changes that make sense, but changes that serve no purpose confuse and disappoint me.

  6. Keep an open mind folks, it just may surprise you! Everyone has their own ideas of how the characters look and someone is bound to be disappointed.

    I think everyone looks good and really looking forward to this!!

  7. I think they look great and totally agree with Patty and Allison. If anything, I think Elena being brunette is a good thing. Katherine was blonde, so I like the idea of Stefan being reminded of Katherine in a more subtle way instead of having Elena basically be identical to Katherine. Regardless of the changes they make, I think as long as they stay true to the story at it’s most basic, then it will be a great show!

  8. Ok So I hope they can prove us all wrong with the characters. However I really wish they would stick to the look of the blonde hair for Elena. Seriously. But like i said they might prove us all wrong in the end. So lets just see what happeneds. I have read over 5 Vampire series books that have wonderful loving relationships in them. So far only Twilight and TVD are making it onto some kind of screen. House of night its on its way but that is about it. So lets just see what happeneds people.

  9. Lauren, I had no idea that the House of Night books were coming to the big screen. I did a quick Google search and found the article. I just bought the first 3 books in that series a couple of weeks ago.

    When I think of the changes being made to TVD, I can only think of how it worked out with Gossip Girl. They made lots of character changes. I mean, look at what they did to Vanessa, etc… I had no problem separating the two and Gossip Girl has become a huge hit. I predict the same for TVD, blonde hair or not. ;-)

  10. Well, I don’t mind the cast so much, except that they completly changed Bonnie! That’s a little too drastic for me… they changed her ethnicity completly, I mean come on. And this is no interpretation, that is the way Bonnie is. And yeah, HON is movin to the big screen, hopefully anyways…

  11. Oh Yeah… New Ian pictures will be great and I can die again when I see it..*lol* Gosh, I love this man… But I have to say, that the cast very sweet, all of them… I can wait to see them in action..*smile*

  12. What people don’t get is that it’s not just the cast everyone has problems with. It’s the fact that they’ve changed the story, the names and places, the history, AND the casting isn’t even right. Some of that stuff on its own would be okay, but all of it together sucks and we all wonder why they bother calling it Vampire Diaries when it doesn’t have anything to do with the books. If they stuck to the story and history of the characters most of us wouldn’t care if Elena had brown hair or Bonnie was black because they’d be following the spirit of the books. But it’s like they read the summary off the back of the books and wrote a script based off that instead of reading the books.

    Everyone who keeps saying look at Twilight for the casting is so missing the point. The Twilight film kept to the books and the actors had the right hair color, or dyed it and wore contacts. They might not be what people thought they would look like but at least the basic description was right. Vampire Diaries isn’t doing any of that, and it blows.

    Yeah this show might be really good and we’ll watch it but it won’t be the Vampire Diaries we know AT ALL and that’s why we’re all upset.

  13. First of all, I did not want to get heated since I made a reference to the Twilight success. But I must say, reading all the books of Twilight, yes they stayed true to its story, but also changed a lot of the stuff in the movie. I can feel the frustration into why people are so upset, because as with any series, this is a series that we love and want to stay true in every aspect.
    In my opinion, the director and the whole production must take a series when it was published in the early 1990s and try to set the tone in the present, which is a difficult task since a lot has changed since then. But you never know since we are not fliming with them that they might have some tricks on their sleeves. We cant past judgement into something that we have not seen yet.
    I am just waiting patiently till I see the show and see first hand what they did with the series.

  14. Allison

    House of night is one of many Vampire series I like to read. I am not a gothic person. LOL. I have the hightest respect for them. I am into supernatural stuff, and action things like smallville. But yes House of night will make it to the big screen in 2010 or 11. I never new Gossip Girl was a book till recently, and i have never read any of them. I am very excited for Vampire Diaries to be on tv. However, out of all the series i have read so far, VD is at the bottom of the list. If any of your girls/boys fans of the Vampire love stuff, I can give you two other great book series to read.

    1. Vampire Academy by Ms. Mead. (Just as good as the House of night, maybe evern better. The forbidden romance in it give girl a run for their money.)
    2. Evernight Seres by Ms. Gray. (Its is just a new series, but still good. Think of Buffy the Vampire slayer, but in reverse. The girl being the Vamp and the boy Being the slayer.)

  15. yet another great series that is destined to be ruined by mass media publication. they should just quit making vampire movies and tv series out of great books. unless… there original seires. this is getting out of hand, to many people wil become interested in something that once had a devoted cult following, what was sacred to us will now just become another trend or fad… great…

  16. Paul does not make a good Stefan at all! i wanted Stephen Strait to play Stefan. I am not happy about this decision.


  18. I have been an LJ Smith fan for over 10 years now. Ive read all the book and I was really excited about a tv series coming out. But after seeing the cast and hearing a little about it, I dont even care. It’s going to be turned into crap like the OC and other teen dramas. And NONE of the actors look right. I love Bonnie and she doesnt even have red hair! And the guy who will play Stephan is not even attractive. Ugh.

  19. I love the vampire diaries. but I was look at the casting the got the right person to play Elena (she’ll just have to go blonde) Stefan is hot…
    The guy that’s playing tyler should be Damon and the guy thats playing damon should be Tyler and the person that playing bonnie is meant to be pale short and a pretty red head not a beautiful dark skinned girl They need to make the girl thats playing Bonnie be Meridith insted she has the looks down for that part she is totally wrong for bonnie. Come on casting directors read the books and get the description of the charactors down a bit better..

  20. they got everything arse about face on the actors parts.
    the guy that plays stefan is black haired and wavy with green eyes Damon is black straight haired black eyes with a darker personallity.
    Oh and the lady thats playing Caroline is ok to.
    The people who are going to do the tv series need to read the books. so they get to know what the book characters are like Caroline is a bitch until the final book. Bonnie is easily pushed around, Merideth wont take any sort of crap, Tyler is a proper Jerk.

  21. I really think that Elena have to be blond haired, and Stefan must have green eyes.
    about damon…well he’s very cool…

  22. Excuse me but can someone please tell me when Bella Swan started staring in Vampire Diaries? Because last I check BLONDE haired, BLUE eye, slightly stuck up, VERY GIRLY ELENA GILBERT was the star. NOT BROWN haired, BROWN eyed, VULNERABLE, not as girly BELLA SWAN!!! Which is exactly who the girl is suppose to look like.


  23. this show better be pretty freakin good since they changed the whole cast around.

  24. Hey why does elena have brown hair and not blond!!!!????? i mean the books are kinda about her and that DOES NOT look like her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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