Vampire Diaries Season 6 Finale “Goodbye Elena” Preview

Check out this goodbye promo to Elena Gilbert. So many tears…


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  1. @Ruthie Idk about you, but Iam kindda disappointed so far I mean of course anything could happen next week but as of now it was just very disappointing. Idk maybe I built her exit up WAYYY TOO HIGH in my head or something but I just expected Elena’s death to be more than just…Kai pops up says some one liner, waves his hand bursts a bunch of windows, Elena drops! I mean Wat The Hell Man!!! That cant be IT…CAN IT?! She survived everything from blood sacrifices, to torment of an original badass only to simply die at the flip of a wrist! Ugh! Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t let go of her character or that her & Jeremy never had a recent “Last Scene” together idk, but I will definitely keep the tissues close for next weeks episode;) hell I cry wen I watch the preview lol. Iam So gonna BALL LIKE A BABY GIRL!) I really wish there was time to let her & Jer have a real updated proper goodbye or sumthn close to it atleast (a phone call sumthn) that of the preview is an old shot from bak wen Jeremy had scraggly long hair & Elena was Stelena. But hey everybody gotta go somehow right life goes on. :(:(:(:( Get ready for an emotional ride this Thursday bc it is gonna be filled with ♥ ache & Elena flashbacks:(:(:(:(

  2. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the next episode. I know for a fact Steven Mcqueen was in Atlanta the last week of filming for the season finale, so who knows. I’m not disappointed at all. These last few episodes have been awesome to me. Been crying like a baby….over Delena for that matter. And those two had yet to affect me that way until now. Here in this promo, she appears to be in a coma, so we will just have to be patient and wait until next week! :)

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