Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale “Home” Preview

Check out the preview for next week’s season finale titled “Home”. Tonight’s episode was a shocker…be sure and head over to our Reaction post to discuss!


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  1. ok now the whole serie of the vampire diaries is gone like the tomorros people stepen is dead like the father of the tomorrow people is cancelled sadly

  2. ok now if this other episode of Home there ain’t going to be a next season 6 becasue Demon and elena die in a explotion car so home is the finale of season 5 and no more series of the vampire diaries that is the end of all season Amen i think and is for sure goodbye bonnie stepen and the next ones is Demon and Elena Amen and one special thanks for all the fans who colaborated in this special season next new season please!

  3. @ Cyber-X, there definately will be another season of Vampire Diaries. It was anounced some time last year.

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