Vampire Diaries Rehash: Episode 6.02 “Yellow Ledbetter” Recap

The CW has posted the latest Vampire Diaries Rehash with Arielle Kebbel. Check to see if your comments made the video!


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  1. hugg this actress is so Emotional if i where the Police i would gladly throw this girls in Jail the same as Elena to her to calm the fuck down the word love is everywhere they seriously need to get over theyre selfs need time for them to calm down and no need to act like a crazy insane girls like Arrielle and Elena Hugg get a grip will ya dam crazy sick ladies huug it sure look like this series look like Berverlly hills 9210 dam

  2. it sure look’s like this Arrielle Person took more suger then with though of and looks like this Arrielle eat so many Deserts and i can tell for her actitud because its so emotional the way she speach huugg so she need to rest and stop eating suger its bad for her

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