Vampire Diaries Episode 5.21 “Promised Land” Preview Clip #2

The CW has released another preview clip for tomorrow night’s episode “Promised Land”.


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  1. what kind of a fan staring to make this fifth season in to ridicules season cause hugg i m staring to dislike this patetic season and i m staring to get anccios since stepen Hellena and this Dumb girl caroline staring to dumb theyre selfe playing like a kids hugg give me a breake badly so i m with Demon all the freaking way for sure y the hell not hugg and this girl hugg arielle staring to get each day even more crazy for they patetic love hugg

  2. Ok my twitter is fucked up so here it goes! I knew one if the dopplegängerz had to die for mystic falls to stay around and well the show period. I still cannot quite swallow the fact that stefans 1 of the final deaths she was speaking of!? Its the beginning of the end of an era. But wen u Thnk about it really Thnk… it makes perfect sense . the show revolves around death so its fitting that it ends in well death doom & destruction. @carolinedries @julieplec I was just hoping they’d leave an opening so a film could be produced in the future!?

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