Vampire Diaries Episode 5.21 “Promised Land” Preview Clip #2

May 7th, 2014 | Posted by Ruthie in Vampire Diaries Preview Clips | Vampire Diaries Season 5 | Vampire Diaries Spoilers | Vampire Diaries Webclips | Videos

The CW has released another preview clip for tomorrow night’s episode “Promised Land”.

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3 Responses

  • Cyber-X says:

    my god 2 many complication y do u get a long just that

  • Cyber-X says:

    what kind of a fan staring to make this fifth season in to ridicules season cause hugg i m staring to dislike this patetic season and i m staring to get anccios since stepen Hellena and this Dumb girl caroline staring to dumb theyre selfe playing like a kids hugg give me a breake badly so i m with Demon all the freaking way for sure y the hell not hugg and this girl hugg arielle staring to get each day even more crazy for they patetic love hugg

  • samantha Richerson says:

    Ok my twitter is fucked up so here it goes! I knew one if the dopplegängerz had to die for mystic falls to stay around and well the show period. I still cannot quite swallow the fact that stefans 1 of the final deaths she was speaking of!? Its the beginning of the end of an era. But wen u Thnk about it really Thnk… it makes perfect sense . the show revolves around death so its fitting that it ends in well death doom & destruction. @carolinedries @julieplec I was just hoping they’d leave an opening so a film could be produced in the future!?

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