Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.15 – Stand By Me – Preview

Tonight’s episode was sad and intense! Not sure what happened at the end with Jeremy, hopefully this promo for next week’s episode “Stand By Me” might shed some light for you guys. What did you guys think about tonight’s episode? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Wow. What an episode! I did not expect the return of Katherine at all!

    Although, I was wondering why they were not showing who Elena’s attacker was…
    I really hope that they find a way to bring Jeremy back ! I love him <3 and he and Bonnie were finally getting to a good place in their relationship. I love how he caught on so quickly that it was Silas who was manipulating Bonnie with the hallucinations. We don't really know much about Silas, but he must have been pretty powerful back in his time if he is still able to manipulate and control people while still defecating. Was he a vampire? Or some other immortal creature?

  2. Also, does anybody know if Bonnie survived this episode?
    In the preview it seems like Elena needs her to help revive Jer, but why wouldnt she have come back from the island with them as well… im confused. I hope she didn’t die! I dont think i could handle losing so many of them at the same time :(

  3. I think this will be elena turning off her humanity. She will feel so much hurt she won’t know what to do. Damon will be the only one to keep her in check that she will listen to because she is sired to him. Sired becomes a good thing! Them damon will fight for Elena’s cure so she can live a normal life. If Jeremy is really dead she will take the cure otherwise Jeremy died for no reason. But honestly I think Jeremy is coming back. Everyone will be seeking revenge on stupid Katherine now

  4. oh!…that was sad…
    Katherine is back…I guess she surprised us all…as much as I don’t want Jeremy to die but I can’t stop thinking about what Elina and Jeremy did in ep12.well that selfish part of Elina should learns how it feels to kill some body else’s brothers….I know that klaus won’t be in the next episode.but I love to see more Klaroline…:)
    and once again Katherine has a leverge….she got what every one wanted it.who knows what she is gonna do…we R pretty sure she does not want to use it on her self….!!!

  5. so firstly I would like to say dahhhhhh “the cure” I mean I saw that coming ….it’s singular when one puts “the ” in front of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO THEREFORE ONE……second Katherine really she wants to be human!!!!!! That would make her volunerable to just about everyone who hates her ie Klaus Damon Stefan Elena etc etc………third so now
    what about Silas is that over???? will there be no more Silas?????? And the other hunter with the galic accent which by the way was a bit disturbing BECAUSE I DIDN’ T UNDERSTAND A WORD HE WAS SAYING…….fourth
    really Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s been with us from the beginning he is part of the group WHAT ARE THEY THINKING WRITING HIM OFF…………….fifth Tyler ….again he is gone!!!!!!!!!!! Klaus is leaving Rebekah is leaving and shit Elijah who has not even arrived yet is leaving…………what the crap there is no one left on this show………..WHAT DOES EVERYONE ELSE THINK ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think never judge what is going on the TVD and think we understnad it cause the next episode will throw us for a major loop. LOL

    A lot happened in this episode. Didn’t love it. We did get a lot of questions kind of answered but the episode seemed I dont know just off to me.

    Klaus are Caroline were pretty great. There was no other way for Tylers character to survive and be able to come back without him running. There would have been no reason why Klaus wouldn’t kill him, so I get why they did this.
    Katherine being back and now being the one in possesion of the cure was a twist. I expected it to be KAtherine but didn’t think she would get her hands on the cure so fast. Smart lady.
    Damon’s stuff was boring, as was Rebekah. Except when she snapped Stefans neck.
    I thought for a split second Bonnie was going to be the one who died.
    But in true Katherine form she feeds Jeremy to Silas…..SO now Silas is awake I can’t even imagine what this means. And if there is only one cure dont’ you think they will try to find Katherine and try to convince her to give it to Silas so they can kill him? Or will we ever even see this new monster?
    Well it was an ok episode but again it felt kind of mellow dramatic to me..

  7. What happend with the Ring of Jeremy y isn’t that working oz i hope is working to the next ep to wake jeremy up coz it sure is gone Tayler or Jeremy coz Caroline was cry for futre death of Talyer so is a suspense here between Tayler and Jeremy coz Jeremy has he,s ring on him and tayler isn’t has a ring for him to wake him up from the death so is a suspense here between both of then and about this original Vamps who is Syles first is Klaus then Michael and later on is Syles what,s next frankinstein so what the hell is going on around here HU?!??!?!

  8. I think Katherine is a minion of Klaus. I think she’s there to bring the cure to him, for whatever reason.

    I think Jeremy is dead until Silus rises, but Bonnie is not dead. How could the only witch be dead? The witch with the tombstone is dead (thanks Katherine).

    Vaughn is dead and now Katherine will have the Hunters Curse until something is done.

    I personally think if an original gets the cure then it will cure their entire bloodline. There was rumor of a CW spin-off called The Originals where it was Rebekah and Klaus with appearances by Elijah on occasion.

  9. haha Liz, it’s not just a rumor it’s happening, but for now just the pilot, you can read all of the information about The Originals…here.


    We won’t know if it’s actually picked up to series, until May sometime, possibly a little earlier.

    As for Katherine, she didn’t kill Vaughn…she was going to, but Jeremy warned her about the curse (thinking it was Elena, mind you), I think he’s just knocked out for now.

  10. My question is, won’t Silas now have to deal with the hunter’s curse, since he killed Jeremy? If that’s really what is going on…Jeremy being dead. I’m anxious for next week’s episode that’s for sure. :)

  11. i hope Jeremy is alive from he,s ring like Alaric is back from the death Jeremy to like Alaric

  12. @Liz good point about Katherine being a minion after all he is a tricky bastard!!!!! He must have struck quite a deal with that little tramp!!!!!
    @ Ruthie another valid point about killing Jeremy and stuck with a curse but if this thing or dude or whatever this frightful demon is is that powerful then that curse is just going to make him more menacing…….I have seen a future trailer last week that shows a very black type of cloud rising in the caves (or rabbit hole) was I just dreaming or was that Silas ???? Or was it part of a scene that didn’t get seen…. you know that awful editing that is done so that none of the story makes sense??????

  13. I don’t think Jeremy is coming back because of he’s ring because he was supernatural now, like Elena when she was a doppelganger the ring couldn’t work on her

  14. @ Liz thank you for noticing what I caught on to last night! Of course Katherine is working with klaus, he has been way to cavalier about all of them going to get the cure without him that it figures he would have a plan to stay ten steps ahead of everyone else. Considering he knew the language on the sword tells me he deciphered it the moment he got it. And hello did we forget Katherine is on klaus’s death list!! She would do anything to stop living in fear!

    @ruthie are we sure that Silas even has to worry about the hunters curse considering we aren’t even sure he is a vampire!

    Where was Jeremy’s ring? You would think being one of the five he would wear it for added protection

    Not to comfortable with all the questions about Silas we were left with…. Wtf was that?

    I’m glad Tyler is gone, more time for klaus to win Caroline’s heart. So so sad about Jeremy, I’m not sure if he’s dead or alive or if Bonnie or Silas will bring him back but until next week, it’s a pretty hard pill to swallow, I like Jeremy and I thought he still served purpose on the show.

    What happened to professor Shane?

    As much as you want to hate her, you gotta love Katherine. The best surprise of the episode. She gets shit done regardless of her methods!

    When all is said and done (and I know people will respond to this) THIS WHOLE THING WAS ELANAS FAULT!!!! She decides to accept being a vampire when everyone starts getting their asses kicked. I’m so tired of that girl!

  15. Megan, in the promo, it shows Elena holding Jer’s hand, with the ring on it. The question is, does it even work anymore on him? Is he being a hunter considered “Supernatural”. A lot of people on Twitter, have raised that question.

  16. @ruthie, OHHHHHH you are so right, I missed that the first time. This brings a whole lot of new questions for me. It would really suck if Jeremy was forced into this hunter job and now all of a sudden his ring doesn’t work. Keeping all of that in mind, now i’m thinking he really is dead :(

  17. 1. Did Jeremy have the ring on that protects him from actually dying from such mystical creaturs like an immortal?

    2. Will silis have the hunters curse if Jeremy is really dead. If he has the ring and comes back to life silis would only have the curse until jeremy is back alive because there can only be 5 hunters and if he was alive again he would just take up the 5th spot again taking the curse off silis.

    3. Is that guest star hunter dead did kathrine just get the hunters curse (my guess is knocked out for now).

    4. Im guessing kathrine is simply using the curse as leverage to get klaus to stop hunting for her I doubt she would go human until she can freely live her life. (another thing I thought was dumb is any main charecter taking the curse would have to evac real quick or enemies would easily kill them and im sure they have made a few)

    5. The curse will 99.99% probably be used in a conjoined effort between Klaus and the gang to take down silis once they realize he is worse the Michael the Vamp Hunter or any other enemy and is gonna try and kill everyone.

  18. P.S Jeremy was always my fav charecter! Hope he get’s back he was just getting kick ass!

  19. BTW did we ever find out who summoned that guy to get the tombstone from professor shaines officec the one who bit off his own tongue than rammed a stake in his throat.

  20. @ Ruthie and Mike ….yep all those mysteriouse things that kept happening even on the island ….. mystery solved KATHERINE!!!!!!

  21. Definately Katherine. I can’t wait to find out how she got involved in all of this. From the looks of the promo, doesn’t seem like we’ll see much of her next week. But then again she just may pop up in the last 10mins of the episode again.


  23. @Ruthie I didn’t know you did a site for Carrie Diaries too. OMG your like my tv guru!!!! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into these sites.

  24. Awww Megan, thank you guys for commenting and all your support! Yes, I’ve let the Carrie Dairies site go though…still have it, just haven’t updated in a while. It gets tough! TVD is my passion though…so VDO will always be updated regularly unless I’m sick or something! lol

    I’m working on a post right now that will give some insight into why Katherine might be back and I think some of you predicted it! Check the site in a few! :)

  25. Hey guys, just just letting you know a one minute preview has been updated on the extended preview post, plus check out the home page for new preview clip and a Joseph Morgan interview! :)


  27. Thinking of both promo posters…Damon maybe uses the bond to make Elena turn off her feelings to keep her sane instead of Elena letting go of them on her own.

    Not looking forward to more of Elens crying and carrying on.

  28. This epi pissed me off with its stupidity and I never criticize.
    1st Bonnie and Jer go thru the opening that Bonnie spelled open and they left Shane with his broken leg (I get that), but then Elena goes down ALONE then Stefan went down ALONE and Damon just lets them go and stays with Rebekah instead of backing up his bro and the the girl he loves. WTFFF #1
    How bout using some vamp speed down there instead of wandering around like a lost kid Elena and Stef! Catch up! Again WTFF #2
    Once they realized there was only one cure then the ONLY option should have been to use it on Silas as Klaus could have probably been talked out of killing everyone somehow. And Klaus should have wanted it used on Silas as Silas in now the most powerful being on the planet! So WTFFF #3
    I know Bonnie was stabbed but WTFFF #4 is why couldn’t she used her “witchy woo migrane thing” while Kat was attacking Jeremy!!!
    Now the question I had was Jeremy’s ring should have saved him but after reading some other posts I suppose that a Hunter is a supernatural being making the ring not work for him so WAAAAA Jeremy was a pure and sweet kid and I loved him. His death was brutal and horrible and heartbreaking so I can understand why Elena will go off the frigging rails. I hope she KILLLLS Katherine herself (should be interesting to watch Nina pull that scene off!)
    Is Kat with Klaus or against him? I assume she has the headstone consisting of Ketsia’s remains so what will that be used for? What is the rest of Shane’s plan cuz I thought we needed another 12 sacrifices? Is Bonnie OK? Will I ever get Jeremy’s dead eyes out of my mind????

  29. PS When I say I never criticize…I mean full on hatin’ cuz I love this show. And I love this site! Thank you Ruthie!
    I just can’t stand the oversites and inconsistencies. Like no cell service on the island last week and this week we can text pics and make calls (WTFFF #5…but who’s counting? LOL)

  30. The cure was a d#%k tease. Shock, shock. But Elena will still end up with it because the whole of Mystic Falls believes she walks on water…..makes me puke in my mouth a little.

    Delena needs to actually happen for real because Damon has yet to have a single peaceful money on the whole blasted show. He is the scape goat for every plot turn. How lame and predictable. Why not write something new, guys?

    Jeremy’s dead. Yawn. Sorry, he was sort of a fill in anyway, never really fitting in the story lines, really. He was badly treated by the writers. An amazing actor, done wrong.

    And cliffhangers are only cliffhangers if people actually CARE what comes next.

    Oh, and Caroline is about as deep as one of Damon’s shot glasses. If she’s going to be with Klaus, someone needs to address that. He has layers, depth. She has designer dresses and a big mouth. Life is more than designer hand bags and Forwood sex. Yawn.

  31. One more thought for the night…When Bonnie cast the spell and Jer’s tatoo disappeared did he stop being a Hunter…hence he bacame “human” again (assuming a Hunter is a supe being) and therefore his ring should work? Oh pretty please let that be the loophole! :) Poor kid can’t be dead!

  32. That is what will throw Elena over the edge that’s all folks she’s gonna freak out and snap. After she obsseses over trying to bring him back of course then once she relizes he can’t be revived its all down hill from there.:( I so knew it was Katherine!

  33. Could Jeremy’s death be part of a deal between Klaus and Katerine? She would have to bring back the cure AND make sure Elena’s brother is dead, some form of revenge for what she did to Kol? She would have find the best way to accomplish this without being stuck with the hunter’s curse.

  34. Might it not be so that after Bonnie casts her spell and the mark disappears, Jeremy and the other 4 stop being supernatural hunters, so the ring might work now? If it doesn’t, there is a good amount of probability that Silas would be affected by killing a hunter; so he wouldn’t mind bringing Jeremy back. I see that it’s very probable that Jeremy is coming back really soon, maybe next episode.

  35. Minnie-I agree with you 100%, Steven R. McQueen is a great actor but they did him dirty and made him an emo puppy every season just tagging along after everyone else. The hunter thing was the most exciting storyline the made for him and even then it was more about how it affected everyone else and not really him

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