NEW Vampire Diaries Series Finale Promo Teases Delena Reunion!

Check it out guys! Thanks to TVLine, we have a new teaser that shows Damon and Elena finally coming face to face. I have such mixed feelings about this! Are you guys ready?


Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 9 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever



  1. Oh my God!!!! I’m gonna die here!!! I need to see this episode!!! I’ve been waiting too much for their reunion!!!
    Delena forever!!! ❤❤❤❤

  2. Something is not right about that scene, Elena does NOT have on the right dress!!!!

  3. No no no..no delena anymore..i had a little hope for a stelena reunion till i saw this teaser…i have the feeling it will be delena endgame and it makes me so angry😤..stelena all the way

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