New Vampire Diaries Promos For “Know Thy Enemy”

The CW has released a couple of amazing new promos for next week’s episode “Know Thy Enemy”, that also includes some footage from other upcoming episodes. Some good stuff here, so check it out!


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  1. these promos make me scream just like bonnie!!! i dont really get it! what does damon have to say? and why is elena crying?? what did jenna find out? who is the one missing? so many questions and still one week to wait…

  2. OMG!! JENNA, MATT might actually start get interesting….I miss Tyler :((

  3. BONNIE!! *smishes her* Hope Damon steps up to protect her, cant’ wait for their scenes. Stefan is gorgeous and funny, when he demands to know where ‘she’ is, his gaze flickers to damons mouth. HAWT!




  7. sorry for my languages is just i can,t take this anymore and more if i heard that bonnie is dead that poor sweett girl :( ( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @Cyber-X *huggles* I love her too, but I think it might turn out more than okay for our girl. The suffering she’s going through, is too much of signpost to her being one of those leaving, and imho, the writers won’t hint at the true victims in order to make the finale a shocker! Bonnie’s gonna ROCK it, no matter what! :)

  9. well of course jenna is schoked because isobel is alive and i think damon is gonna tell elena that he loves her

  10. Kat G (Bonnei) said on twitter that she hacked ian s’s (damon) twitter. I am guessing he is still in atlanta so why would she be there to if she still wasn’t on the show hmm?

  11. @rosin, He already told her that… I don’t think she’s gonna cry when he tells her… someone’s obviously hurt

  12. jenna was shocked because rick told her and because of isobel being alive,
    elena may be crying with damon because bonnie is hurt….?
    elena has been kidnapped AGAIN?
    matt looked suspicous when he wanted to no more, caroline is right to be wary!
    that was my take anyway :)
    a bit upset we didnt see more of jeremy and bonnie!

  13. BONNIE!!!! At least I know that nothing (like dying) is going to happen to her, since she is in the next episode… As for “What have you done to her?” I’m putting my vote on Elena or Bonnie, since I don’t think Bonnie is ever going to be the same again after this episode… Have you seen Jeremy freaked out face?! Wonder if it’s because she’s in danger or because he won’t be able to handle it. So much to come! And that scene where Elena is watching Bonnie nose bleed. EPIC!
    And Elena crying, I think it’s about someone dying, because we already saw her face once when Damon told her he loved her, and she wasn’t crying that much.
    I think that IF they kill Bonnie (I would seriously be VERY surprised) she will die only in the season finale.
    I’m putting my vote on Tyler, Matt, Liz, Alaric or Jenna. And maybe even Elena, but we’ll see.

  14. Agree with Csaba, Marie and Charlotte – Elena looks WAY too upset already, for him to be confessing anything when she’s obviously distressed. Maybe ’cause of Jenna, or Stefan or Matt. Julie said “Bonnie’s importance in the final chapter of this season, which is the Klaus chapter, is monumental.” So she’s gonna be in the finale, whether she survives it is another story. :(

  15. Oh my god! I cannot wait! I also think that Jenna died and Damon is about to tell Elena that she’s dead. I don’t want Jenna to die!
    In the scene with Bonnie which her nose bleeds in … I’m not sure if it’s Elena or Katherine behind the door.

  16. I don’t think that it is Jenna who’s going to die because she’s in a still of episode 19 =]
    Where she is crying ;o

  17. OMG!!!! I LOVE Damon sooo much!! I really hope that he is telling Elena that he loves her even though i kinda agree that she wouldnt be crying that much( unless she really loves him too but has no idea what to do about Stefan as well…?!?) Oh well its gonna be AMAZING no matter what happens!! hehehe can’t wait!!! :) <3

  18. not for sure if damon tells elena someone is dead but i think instead that someone is hurt. it looked like elena looks through a hospital window at someone so maybe thats the person damon tells her about. if it is bonnie cause of the nose bleed i’m pretty sure its not fatel cause her witchy stuff is too important to the show so i cant see her goin anywhere. i’d like for her to stich around and be with jeremy. so i think she might be the one hurt but not dead. i just hope elena jumps into damons arms for comfort on what he tells her. get that relationship rolling.

  19. OMG, i can’t wait…, i like more the bonnie on the show than in the book, and i dont think she is going to die and don’t want her to. And also, like other comments, if he’s going to tell her that he loves her she wouldn’t be crying that much. Maybe it would be something like “if bonnie keeps doing this (magic, all that)…she is going to die” or something bad regards jenna, something like that.
    i hope elena starts liking damon a little more in this last episodes ^^, so the next season we can see (and enjoy) a true love-triangle jajaj…
    aaaaaaaaa so nervous.

  20. Maybe if it’s at a hospital something’s happened to Bonnie, Jeremy or Alaric? OR…what if Damon is either A. revealing his feelings to her minus compulsion this time or B. is realizing the only way to save her is telling her their last resort may be turning her?

  21. GOD i didn’t think that! if he turns her.. then ¡I will scream like Bonnie…
    but now i read this…maybe they have to turn Jenna, because she’s hurt 0.0
    Oh these comments and opinions are killing me, i wanna see the episode ASAP

  22. I just don’t understand why Damon would be so stone faced to Elena if he is telling her someone got hurt or died, I think it’s something that is inevitable that she doesn’t want to face. Like him or Stefan having to die in order to save her.

  23. It would be too selfish for Damon to confess his feelings, given the madness about to happen. Maybe Jenna has been Auntnapped, and she’s crying because she feels guilt about not telling her?

    Only thing is, if they turn her – it’s a death sentence for everyone she loves. Just ask Katherine when she pulled the same trick.

    @Jimena So agree about Judgey.. she’s a tad more stroppy and kicktooshy in the show, which I love!

    Agreed it could be about Bonnie. From her clothes in that scene, Jenna and her are both sobbing, so.. dunno. Ric? I think the window scene, she was in the 70s party dress looking through the school?window while Bonnie did magic and was bleeding. It might be a different scene to when Damon was gonna tell her something. So confusing!

  24. Hello Everyone,

    As sad as it is I believe the two people that are on the death list are either Alaric or John and for the following reasons.

    1. Alaric no longer has his ring.
    2. In promo pictures you see Isobel at Johns neck
    3. In promo pictures for the Klaus episode Jenna is crying and Elena is hugging her and even Andy comes to her aid.

    Another thing:

    I believe Damon is either going to tell Elena that she has no choice but to turn into a vampire or he will be the one that has to tell her about Alaric or John.

  25. I really hope Alaric doesn’t die… he’s like the only character I love 100% in that TV Show… I’m a Bamon fan all the way, but Damon and Bonnie can annoy me sometimes… I looooooove Alaric… T^T


  26. @Katrina
    ((hugs)) Hi. Like your thoughts!

    Yeh, agreed with you on Ric. Love his friendship with Damon, as much as Stefans and Damons. <3

  27. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t see them other than on tv cause i’m in Canada, REALLY CAN’T WAIT THANK YOU!!!!!

  28. It this not a mini teaser for all 6 episodes? How can so much happen in one episode? like theres so many outfit changes? I’m not saying its true, but sure it goes 6 new episodes at the start, and i seriously doubt Delena is gonna have a love confession were shes in tears, Damon be so stern (even though hes a dick half the time) when he finally mans up and tells her the truth.

  29. @Katerina OMG i totally agree with what you think Damon’s gonna say. Most plausible explanation? They all can’t protect her really at the end of the day, so she turns? could be an awesome Season Final Cliffy (we all love those xD)

  30. Just saw some promo photos for “The Last Dance” episode and that is when the 60s dance takes place. So the videos are showing clips from the next 6 episodes like YounMcKee said.

    So excited for the new episodes to begin and for Damon and Elena to make some progress : )

  31. Oh My!!!! Just when i think… I personally believe that Damon is going to tell Elena that something has happend to Stefan/Jenna/Jeremy… What do you think? Maybe Bonnie (as she did scream so… maybe hurt/dead?)Can’t wait.

  32. I can’t wait for this (Oh My)GOODNESS !!!

  33. @Mary
    *swats you grinning* Don’t say that! Bonnies of “Monumental importance” when Klaus arrives in the finale, according to Julie. Hurt, maybe really bad. Jenna devastated though, might have to do with Ric? Exciting!

  34. @Wahinetoa
    don’t get me wrong, I love Bonnie!!! If I had to choose between Vampire, Werewolf or Witch, Witch wins hands down (they are so cool). All I’m saying is that when Damon Tells Elena to prepare herself for what he is about to tell her, I believe something (don’t know what) has happened to Bonnie.

  35. @Wahinetoa

    It’s either Bonnie OR Jeremy… Kat Graham did mention in an interview that Bonnie and Jeremy would have BIG things to overcome in their relationship. The biggest theory is that Jeremy becomes a Vampire (maybe a werewolf that would be hilarious), but Bonnie having to sacrifice herself instead of Elena would also be an option, maybe Greta will have a change of heart in the end and take her place! :D

  36. @Marie and @Mary (((huggles))) It’s an intriguing situation, eh? I agree, I think Bonnies in the firing range and lots of drama abounds. Jeremy a werewolf would be awesome! If Damon thinks lill’Gilbert already annoying, he’ll be in for a shock. :D 24hours and counting.. !

  37. At last it’s 7!!! although i have to wait to see it online tomorrow ( in argentina they are in the first part of the 2nd season x.x ). i can’t wait till it comes here,sorry,.. i need to know what he has to say to her. @.@

  38. wow!!it was an interesting episode!!can’t wait to watch the next episode!!=D

    i’m really curious about what matt and sheriff forbes will do???????

  39. @sinka, yeah i’m pretty sure he’s NOT going to die… he’s apart of the main trio.

  40. i guess bonny will die…but on the other hand that would be too obviously…as long as damon does not die i am ok with everything ^^
    and YES alaric with that accent is veeeeery hot ;D

  41. I am so disappointed with this website. Several times a year this website just freezes meaning no updates are done, no new information on TVD when other websites are putting up boatloads of TVD news & info. The new episode has aire & we have new promos already for next weeks episode so where is the promos for at least next week episode. I already watch them from other web sites it just sad that this is one of my fav sites but can be from time to time unreliable for up to date information. Hope all is well. I am guessing somthing must’ve happen or you need more people to help on the site.

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