NEW BTS Video of The Vampire Diaries Holiday Episode via TV Guide

Thanks to TV Guide, check out this behind-the-scenes video from this Thursday’s Holiday Episode “Christmas Through Your Eyes”.


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  1. nice interview with the friends of Nina Dobrev for their nature of course in the behind the scenes yeah is nice but not so cool so is nice

  2. okay so on the bonus features of season 5 DVD set the cast sat there& tried to figure out how many times each character died & came back to life. Can y’all figure it out? Here’s my calculations…ill start w/ Jeremy he died & came back twice so far, Bonnie twice died once came back she’s still stuck in mystic falls ’91, Elena twice once wen Bonnie did a spell & Jon traded his life for hers twice wen Rebekah killed her, Alaric that’s a lil more tricky …lets see I can only remember the times Damon killed him then Esther there was a bunch more times he died w/ the ring on at the hands of other supernatural beings, Matt so far once wen kat was human & Damon had Jeremy & Matt playing “White nite” to her. Caroline once not counting how many times she’s had her neck snapped or died as a vamp… I need sum help on Stefan & damon but once as a human… anybody is welcome to join oin on my lil trivia game here:)

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