Damon & Elena “I Love You” Moment – TV’s Unforgettable Moments 2010

Check out this video of TV’s Unforgettable Moments of 2010 from TV Guide. The feature had been airing on the TV Guide Channel over the past couple of weeks and it has now been made available on YouTube. The unforgettable moment when Damon tells Elena that he loves her in “Rose” comes in at #11. Thanks so much to Sarah for shooting us an email to let us know it had been uploaded. If you have no interest in watching the entire video, you can fast forward to the 3:19 minute mark.


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  1. OMG yes he is created for her- see stelena fans- eaven the strainge looking TV guy knows it :P

  2. I commend Damon to hold his ground. He doesn’t want to really cause trouble betw Elena & Stefan. But boy, wouldn’t we all love to see it happen betw Elena & Damon; we can surely feel the chemistry!

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