Vampire Diaries Season 3 Synopsis

The CW has released the description/synopsis for season 3.

Season three opens the door to learn more about Klaus and The Original Family as his motives for wanting Stefan on his side are finally revealed.  As Stefan sinks deeper into the dark side, Damon and Elena struggle with the guilt of their growing bond even as they work together to bring Stefan back from the edge.  The ghosts from Jeremy’s past have a powerful message they’re trying to deliver to him, not to mention the impact they’re having on his relationship with Bonnie. And as Caroline and Tyler grow closer, a war erupts between their families.

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Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 6 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries.



  1. yay damon and elana and i hope stefan gets better. i also want bonnie an djeremy to stay together.

  2. I just want to know “why Stefan?”. Klaus and Stefan are really what I can’t wait for next season, after that it would be the ‘ghost mess’. Though, the war with the Lockwood and Forbes will be quite something. As for Delena, everyone knows I’m a Bamon fan, so I’m not excited about the upcoming season but for the hope of getting more Damon/Bonnie scenes! :D

  3. season 2 was great although a little dissapointed with end.. not a cliffhanger as such…….
    looking forward 2 season 3 damon + elena r so ment 2 be…..

  4. As Stefan sinks deeper into the dark side, Damon and Elena struggle with the guilt of their growing bond even as they work together to bring Stefan back from the edge. GAHHHH!

  5. @Maria haha I’m a total Bamon shipper all the way! So yeah i’ll also be a little about Damons and Elena’s growing relationship in season 3. I’m one of those few Stelena fans lol

    ugh I’m going through withdrawals already…

  6. The end of season two was a perfect begining to what this synopsis reveals, and it’s everything I wanted to find out. The original family is intriguing and I can’t wait to find out more about them. Not to mention what the hell Anna, and Vikki are huanting Jeremy for. September is too long a wait, but VD never fails in making it worth it!!!! :)

  7. Agree with Marie and Essence.. totally Bamon fan, and hope for him and Bonnie rocking the TeamVitch/RescueStefan. I do like that DE will be friends, and hopefully he’ll EARN redemption, but yeh, not liking the direction.
    More of what Megan said with Anna and Vicki too. Drama, Karma and Katherine popping in for a chat. :D

  8. @Essence & Wahinetoa
    I love Stelena, so far anyway. And with what Stefan did I the end of Season 2, He has all my love for next season. He knew that by doing that he would pretty much give up Elena and give her up to his brother, but he did it anyway. That was just the best bromance moment and for that Stefan is my S2 hero!! :D

    No withdrawals for me LoL, there is only one series on this planet that makes me go in withdrawals and luckily for me it ain’t TVD and it’s still playing at this moment!!! :D

    I hope though, that they won’t go again and split the gang with Beremy and Alaric on one side with their own plot(Anna/Vicky). Cyler on the other (Hello Montague and Capulet) and Delena trying to rescue Stefan. That would be soooo boring. Just like you Wahinetoa, I want team vitch on the rescue mission!!! Because seriously, Damon and Elena alone to rescue Stefan when he’s with Klaus and on a rampage?! They will get killed.

    But my evil side wish for a faceoff between the two brothers where Stefan would say something along the lines of “Wow, I sacrifice myself and what do you do? Sleep with my girlfriend! Thank you Stefan for selling your soul! Oh no problem Damon, how’s Elena btw!”

    I’m crossing my fingers (all of them) for Stefan to be just as ruthless as Angelus was. We saw a tiny glimpse of what Stefan could say to provoke Damon (The “I will always have her respect” part… thought that may change in S3 LOL) Because I want to see Damon being outmatched in evilness. Klaus said it to Damon, he was the brother that never thought before acting and was too often rash in his actions. Seriously, I’m so excited about Stefan being the villain!!! :D Am I the only one?! Because when he will come back to the good side, it will be heart breaking. Imagine all the good work he did to be better and to change… he will hate Klaus with a new passion. And I wonder if they will let his character stay as compassionate as he was before or if they will play the resentment card with him when it comes to his brother. I hope not. What makes Stefan, Stefan, is that he is so compassionate with the one he loves. Understanding what is between Elena and Damon, will once more make him the more mature brother [again].

    And Wahinetoa I love your “EARN redemption”, I soooo love Damon, but this season he had it way too easy (okay before people start blasting me for that, read what comes next) Everyone paid the price for his mistakes this season and I really hope that they won’t just talk about his guilt over Elena, but over everything else. He needs to deal with the consequences of his actions, that for me will make me love him even more. Right now, he’s annoying the crap out of me (And he’s one of my fav characters(After Alaric, cause no one beats Alaric), so I don’t like that at all) At the end just as he was about to die, he was seeing his death as righting the wrongs he had done, but he was saved again.

    Ps: Long live Bamon!! :p

  9. Ohhh my! I love the fact Elena and Damon can spend some time…. I thought that Elijah was going to be a big help? and then he goes dead again..as for Jeremy I bet he will be able to also see his Aunt. Jena! UNreal! as for Stefan Im pretty sure he will be able to overcome. And Damon will come to the rescue!!! Hows Caroline and her Lockwood? will we be seeing another high bred? hahaha

  10. i cant wait for season 3 be
    cause im a big fan of
    delena because they make the show to me its more exciting.

  11. am i the only one excited to see more of elijah??? he’s soo hot ;)

    and i will always forever be a STELENA FAN!!!!!

    damon should be with katherine or someone else, but NOT elena

  12. I used to be a Stelena fan, but now I can’t decide. Delena is really starting to grow on me. I love when Damon has his sweet moments and Stefan is kind of annoying lately. Can’t wait for Klaus to bring up his dark side.

    September, come faster!! :)

    btw. sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes

  13. I’d like to see Stefan and Caroline together. I just watched (again) the S2 episode when Caroline turned . . . Stefan was so caring and gentle with her. He’s a “protector” and she needs to be protected. He could teach her so many things. They’d make a good tag-team.

  14. I want to know when it will be back on? If you know reply back.

  15. @Sara I’ve heard it will be back around September of this year-far too long a wait if you ask me!!

  16. Seriously!? Delena fan… Katherine might have been low to mention she had both brothers, but she has a point. Elena is nothing like Katherine, and that’s why we like her. Stick to one brother, remember what the one brother sacrificed. Damon deserves a second chance, we all do, but not with Elena. Stefen really loves Elena, and she him. These feelings only derive from some serious drama issues. Like the on going joke, when does she have a normal day… I am pro Stelena relationship. We all hope for those relationships to work out, we’ve seen too many relationship changes in this show. It would be nice to see one thing stay constant and real. Mark my words, she’ll be the key to bringing him back to the light and out of the dark side.

  17. To clarify, the feelings Elena has for Damon come from some drama issues.

  18. @Kimberly
    I think I may love you too! ;)

    I’m totally with you on Elijah, want lots of him and Bonnie working together and Damon being awesomeness and getting vengence on Klaus. Come on 3!! :D

    I’m right with ya bb. Stefans sacrifice for his brother is EPIC – reminds me of Bonnies love for Elena. Agree with you on not splitting up the teams, I find it’s too much cliches now and there needs to be a change, mix it up! Elena has Jeremy to worry about, she won’t be going on roadtrips. I think Bonnie should though, she could counter Damons rashness with a dash of her diplomatic side. LOL. Like your scenes, love to see Stefan confront them both if they betray him again. It gives her a bad reputation and for a supposed heroine, that’s unacceptable. They can be friends, but anything more is a betrayal on every level. Wait.. like Angelus? *trembling* Wow, now that’s dark! Love to see Damon try and stop that.. hehe. He’s about to be schooled! Paul said he reeaaallllyyy wanted to go bad, and frankly, he’s gonna smackdown every hater with his awesomeness. YES! Can’t wait.
    Nope, you’re not the only one looking forward to seeing Stefan in a more ruthless, yummier state of carnage. LOVE him as the protector/hero/peacemaker – hope he gets a chance to be so again – but having him as a dark prince to Klaus’ reign of terror is THRILLING. Lustful. But yeh, I think he’ll fight to get back to that man we all love, because that’s who he is. It will be interesting to see Damon step up and make sure that happens, because life for him would be easier to ignore it and go after Elena. Be dishonorable, unworthy of saving or being loved. But I think Damon is better than that now, hopefully. I want him to apologize to Bonnie over her grams, EAT his words to Elena about her because Bonnie did something he never could – put himself on the line to save her, instead of someone else. So fricken cowardly. And to make it up to Andie Starr too. Hated him for attacking her. Argh!
    More Bamon. More Bonnie, Caroline and Elena friendship. It’s getting a bit lovestory. lol. I hope there’s werewolves too makihg plans, as well as Kat. How cool would it be to have Kat and Bonnie in another faceoff? Or Emily pops in to say hello. :D

  19. I have just started reading the books to understand the true nature of who is the evil brother and who is the good one. Amazing how things are coming to light ……Stefan the true villan here…but his love for his brother holds no bounds to what he will do in season three. And yes Damon was the one who really loved Katherine not Stefan he saw her for the demon she trully was..coniving and all for herself to survive….so in season three if she sticks around Stefan will hurt her in a big way no remorse like a true vamire is….the only person who will be able to pull him out of the captivity that Klaus has put him in is the one who did it in the first place…but unfortunatly Damon killed her…..Lexi…Unless the writers can find a way to bring her back Stefan is lost forever in the world of darkness…yes my friends I am afraid that Stefan is gone for season three and perhaps season four……

  20. @Wahinetoa
    Ooooh yes like Angelus!! We saw only glimpse here and there of Stefan when he was ‘evil’ and obviously he knows his game. Damon only saw his brother with the blood parties, I don’t think he ever saw the carnage at the same level that Klaus spoke of. That reminded me too much of Angelus when we saw him in flashback with Dru and Spike destroying village, until he was cursed by the gypsy. And Paul will be amazing as evil, most people don’t really know him outside of TVD, but he’s so good when he’s playing the bad boy. He will be spectacular. It’s funny because in the books, Damon and Elena have to save him because Damon tricked his brother to go into an hell dimension (long story with Kitsune and Damon being possess).

    And like Lynn, I’m curious to see who will be able to bring him back. Obviously Klaus wants him to kill Katherine. And if we look at BtVs, Buffy failed at bringing back any goodness inside Angelus (were she actually succeeded with Spike) and now that Lexi is gone… I seriously don’t think Elena will do any better. Unless they play the card of “true love” bringing back Stefan. But it won’t be Damon that’s for sure. I really think that Stefan will be a more powerful Vampire than his brother in season 3. I can’t wait to see who will be his new voice of reason.

    I wish for more anyone, but Damon, Stefan and Elena. They have A-MA-ZING plotlines and they better use it. Vicky and Anna back… Romeo and Juliette (I mean Tyler & Caroline)… I seriously don’t know how they will manage to include so many story arcs in 22 episodes without screwing one. LOL They can’t make a third season like season 2 where some characters would simply disappear for 2-3 episode.

    They did mention the guilt in that résumé, Stefan was very blunt to Damon when he said “Like you being in love with my girlfriend!” Imagine the level of cruelty he will have toward his brother when evil. OMG I just hope that he will be truly evil and not “trying to double cross Klaus by acting evil”.

    Do you know what I was thinking in that crazy mind of mine?! Wouldn’t it be crazy if Klaus wanted Stefan was because Stefan was an hybrid too?! Like his mother would have slept with a Lockwood or even Klaus… OMGF That is so Soap Opera. But really, he seemed to be a lot like Klaus when it comes to his level of evilness, but Klaus doesn’t have bloodlust, Stefan does. He’s like a weapon of massive destruction when he’s in bloodlust.

    I would love to see Damon making amends, anyway, I don’t think he will really have a choice to do anything else. Having an evil Stefan around will be a reminder of the mistakes he has done and he won’t have a choice, but to deal with the consequences. I just hope they won’t redo a season 1, but with Stefan being the bad bro and Damon the good one. That would be booooring. LOL

  21. And Paul will be amazing as evil, most people don’t really know him outside of TVD, but he’s so good when he’s playing the bad boy.
    Exactly! Paul getting his badmojo on has consequences for all the players, a whole new chemistry and threat that not even Damon could match. This is a new dimension worth crving. I remember that Damon couldn’t hold off Stefan in bloodlust mode in S1 Miss Mystic Falls. Only Bonnie could do that – would be good to see her and Damon try together. Although, *rolls eyes* they’ll write Elena that role.
    LOL. Romeo and Juliet. Yeh, the romance hoo-hah is front and center for another season. You’re right about so many storylines in one show, without doing harm to either one. I’m thinking of Bonnie again, because she’s been mia for far too long (she doesn’t efen get a dad or a home, only there to do spells it seems, Want her and teh girls to get closer and they take care of her this time, not the other way around.

    OMGF That is so Soap Opera.
    ROTFL. So True, some fans think this is the Disney Channel, not tvd; where a good dose of bloodletting and grief are before breakfast. Damon reigning in his rash violent nature, having to be diplomatic will be hilarious. It’s gonna be a long fight. But they’re worth it. :)

    Marie, as always darling.. it’s a pleasure indeed!!

  22. I think Stefan will be back to normal in the episodes broadcast at the end of October (Halloween break), in other words, after the first seven episodes. He cannot be trapped for a full season, that would be horrible. In the meantime, I’m sure Elena and Damon will have reached a very serious love affair. I remind everyone that they kissed during the finale so it’s makes the story complicated now, woohoo.

    I look forward to see the first sneak peek !!! :)

  23. I don’t want stefan to be gone for the whole season D: i <3 stefan with elena and the bromance D: damon and elena better work there a**'s off to get stefan back after everything he's done for them. and i really don't want any delena D:< they're not a good couple at all damon should go with bonnie:D and i lovee caroline with tyler it's like romeo and juliet :D and lol there is still really kno storyline for matt…he seems kind of out of the loop xD

    oh and I really hope stefan doesn't go like angelus bad. plus buffy had to kill him before he could become good again and i really hope they don't kill stefan off D: even if they bring him back to life we would still have to go episodes without him D:

  24. i want stefan come back from the dark side…..i dun want him to be controlled by klaus…i want stefan and elena be together forever.
    looking forward to the season 3,there will be more interesting than season 1 and 2.i hope so.
    i support vampire diaries forever!!!!!!!!

  25. I’m a big Delena fan so, I’m excited for this season and Those ghost better not mess up the whole Jeremy and Bonnie thing because i think their really cute together. Then theres Caroline and Tyler which i think is also adorable ;D!!!!!!

  26. jeej i can’t wait :) i hope it all gets better with stefan…

  27. i got really happy at the end of season 2 when damon was just about to die, i really love stefan and he is sacrificing everything for damon (AGAIN) because damon always screws up. Damon and Elena should not end up together not after everything stefan did. stefan and elena have always made a perfect couple. i really hope stefan beats the crap out of damon in season 3.

  28. In the last season, Stefan traded himself to Klaus for a cure to save Damon from a lethal werewolf bite. This season begins with Klaus looking for Ray, a werewolf, and his pack to create more hybrids like himself. They compel a girl to invite them into her home, where her friend inside knew Ray’s whereabouts. Despite the help, Klaus commands Stefan to kill them, which he does in his signature way: blacking out during the feed and ripping victims a part.

    Back in Mystic Falls, Elena continues to look for Stefan, while Damon secretly tracks his brother, following Stefan’s signature and without telling Elena. Jeremy sees the ghosts of his dead ex-vampire-girlfriends, Vicki and Anna, but can’t figure out what they want. He and Matt turn to drugs to cope with their problems. Caroline and Tyler claim to be “only friends,” but the flirting and fighting ends when they hookup at Elena’s birthday party.

    Image courtesy of the CW
    Klaus and Stefan find Ray, who they torture with wolfsbane coated darts into telling them where his pack is. Klaus senses Damon getting closer to finding them, so Stefan gives Damon a warning by compelling Andie, a reporter Damon was “dating,” to fall to her death. Stefan pins Damon against a wall to make him helplessly watch her die. Klaus also kills Ray after feeding him his own blood, which will transform Ray into a hybrid.

    Damon returns to tell Elena the truth about Stefan, but she of course refuses to believe it. Stefan calls Elena, but doesn’t say a word. He holds back his tears, and even though Elena doesn’t know for sure that it is him calling (her phone says, “unknown number”), she tells him “ I love you Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go.”

    The episode ends with Caroline running into Mrs. Lockwood while sneaking out of Tyler’s bedroom. Mrs. Lockwood shoots Caroline with vervain darts after she reaches for her purse. Caroline is tranquilized, Klaus is getting closer to creating his army and Damon feels like his brother is a lost cause.

  29. I rly hope Katherine is the one that reasons with stefan to bring him back from the edge since she always loved stefan it’d be gr8 to see them end up together.
    As for delena would be gr8 together aswell.

  30. let me fill a little, after Caroline get caught by Tyler’s mom, she was took by her father, her father wants to neutralized her *vampire’s side*, by took her rings, burn on the sun and give the vervain..
    tyler knows about it ang then he took his mother to the cave that used when he transform. tyler’s mom said that he can’t be with Caroline because she is a monster, he wants to prove to his mother that he is a monster to..
    so, his mother know that her son is a werewolf.

    Caroline was sealed in one room , her mother took damon to take her back from her father and compeled her father , but it wasn’t…

    at the end, Caroline’s fine and her father move back from town..
    Stefan so wild, he’s a slave for klaus and there is one woman who fall in love with Stefan..
    many story between Stefan and klaus,,,

    so many things i’ve said, better you watch it :))

    happy watching

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