Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.10 – The New Deal – Synopsis

The CW has released the synopsis for Episode 3.10 “The New Deal”. The show returns January 5th from holiday hiatus. So ready! Click “show” to view.

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  1. By the looks of the official synopsis of The New Deal is that Klaus will do whatever it takes whether it’s killing everybody that stefan has ever met or doing something drastic as not stopping until he get every single one of those coffins back !, in order to get his fsmily back from stefan who took them from klaus, which was not a smart move on his part, and now klaus is on a murderous rampage!!

  2. if Klaus do something wrong on he,s friends of Stephen stephen will ended theyre lives of the family of Klaus Sadly so he will be better prepered so is going to be very exciting for all of us i heard him so emotional by the first of Jan 5 yeessshh sir

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