Vampire Diaries Spoilers via TVLine: Will Elena Be Back Any Time Soon?


Check out what TVLine shared from Julie Plec about Elena’s possible return in the future.

Question: Any chance we’ll see Elena back on The Vampire Diaries this season? —Ashley
Ausiello: Not if we’re lucky, Ashley. According to executive producer Julie Plec, the hope is still to bring Nina Dobrev’s character back for the end of the series, so “unless something catastrophic happens” (Plec’s words) and this ends up becoming the final season, don’t expect to see Ms. Gilbert in 2016. “I basically committed to Ian [Somerhalder] and Paul [Wesley] that when they’re ready to be done, I’ll be done,” she adds. “They could be ready very soon, or they could really want to stick it out. Right now, that’s up to them. I’m with them as long as I feel like I can keep telling stories for them.” That said, “there is still a chapter of [Elena’s] story left to be told,” so Plec says she’ll “take [Dobrev] for whatever she’s willing to do to tell that story.”


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  1. Omg yay they are awesome! I was wondering how they would end the series without Elena and now hopefully I won’t have to. As long as Nina isn’t too busy by the end of the series then they will be bringing her back for the end!yes! That woupd be a prefect ending to a perfect series!

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