Vampire Diaries Spoilers via TV Line Courtesy of Julie Plec

Handle with Care

TV Line has posted their Winter TV Spoiler-palooza, and including some scoop from The Vampire Diaries, courtesy of Julie Plec.

PREVIOUSLY ON… | Damon broke up with Elena so he wouldn’t change her, Katherine had a heart attack and the truth about Wes and Grayson Gilbert’s experiments came out.

COMING UP NEXT | The show hits the big 100 with surprises, tears, romance, nostalgic moments, juicy twists and maybe one or two familiar faces, executive producer Julie Plec previews. At the center is a dying Katherine, but she isn’t exactly surrounded by well-wishers. “She doesn’t have a huge fan base at the Salvatore house where she is, so Stefan is the person who’s there for her,” says EP Caroline Dries. The milestone hour will also be a “huge” one for Damon and Elena as the action picks up right after their split. “[We] see how they’re both handling it,” says Dries, adding that things between the pair are “still so tender. There’s still so much that is unresolved about it.” Another couple, Bonnie and Jeremy, will “hit some speed bumps,” while Caroline “needs some lovin!” the EP notes with a laugh. And did we mention Klaus and another Originals character will visit Mystic Falls?


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  1. oh no, tears is make scense it meanse crying fans with another tv show of the big season of the vampire diaries that is going to be very profoundly sad counting the tears stuff oh noo i better wait untill 23 of this month or wait and see

  2. i better be hanging on with my self or distracted in gallerias or in the damned mall before this going to be very emotionaly excited or so Sad dramaticly mother of GOOOOOD!!!!!!

  3. I can’t wait for the show to return I’m so excited!! I honestly wanna see Damon and Elena BACK together.. Bonnie and Jeremy to STAY together.. Stefan and Caroline GET/BE together it would be totally AWESOME :D

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