Vampire Diaries 2015 November Sweeps Spoilers via TVLine


Check out the latest spoilers from TVLine’s 2015 November Sweeps Spoiler Gallery for the upcoming episodes.

Oct. 29, “I Carry Your Heart With Me”: Mary Louise and Nora attend the “Heaven & Hell Ball,” which leads to as much “death and destruction” as you’d expect, exec producer Caroline Dries says. Meanwhile, Stefan and Caroline must face their own issues: “All he wants to do is grab his girlfriend and make out with her, but it’s like kissing a wall of vervain.”

Nov. 5, “Live Through This”:Damon and Stefan team up with Valerie “against her will” to figure out their Lily problem. “The three of them on the road is a funny dynamic because Damon just figured out, ‘Oh, this is V-Card Valerie, the one Stefan slept with!'” The other awkward pairing is Bonnie/Enzo, who develop a “funny, banter-filled relationship” in their conflicting quests for the Phoenix Stone.

Nov. 12, “Best Served Cold”:When Lily realizes she has everything she ever wanted excepther sons’ love, she throws a mixer with the heretics “to show her children they can live together peacefully.” But things get messy when Damon and Stefan show up with “a very clear agenda.”

Nov. 19, “Mommie Dearest”:Season 7’s “Thanksgiving episode” has a flashback to Stefan and Damon’s childhood before anyone in their fam became a vamp. “It brings the brothers together in an interesting way; I love seeing them both as children, which we’ve never done before.”


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